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Guests riding on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. Royz

    The simplest solution…put the Genie back.in the lamp. Discontinue this automation which has caused confusion, clutter, and stress on guests time at WDW and DL.

    Why not have a system in place where guest services in the parks , or the Disney resorts hotel concierge do the same tasks?

    Old school is the way to go. Fast pass Im not a fan of either but if it reverts back to that than the better. However better yet is old old school. Unless you have a mobility / special needs, then there are two options regular queue, or mobility/special needs queue. Thats it no more no less. More of a fair system.

    Going old old old school would be the old papaer tickets that used to be purchased in zones by letters of the alphabet. If Disney still wants to charge premiums for access to bypass standby queue and or premier attractions, go this route.

    To reduce costs discontinue magic bands. Though a great ideal for innovation, production costs, maintenance of software systems, etc. yield high costs. Go back to simple plastic key card (like a credit card) type of access for park admission, room key, purchasing, dining, etc.

    Cost savings in these areas would allow for admission ticket prices to be brought down.

  2. Steve

    Get rid of line cutting.

    If you want people free to buy cheap Chinese products from the stores, give everyone 1 return time at a time and effectively make the normal line the disability system. They can do it, they just want that Genie money.

  3. We are a family of four and each purchased the Genie+. That’s $80 for each of the five days at Disneyland. We still never got to ride the Cars ride as it was always booked out till the end of the day, even when we got there early. At least with the fast pass we got to ride it once or twice for our five days. We only got to ride Splash Mountain once and that was just before closing. I liked the photo part of it, but one of the photographers didn’t even put anything in our photo, even though she had us pose like there was going to be something added. The rest did turn out good. It’s getting to the point where we can’t afford to go very often. Just too expensive.

    1. Daniel

      Totally agree to you, we went last 11/22 paid for Genie+and was able to used twice, not worth it for the money, I hope Disney get sue

  4. Richard Sweeney

    I have used Genie+ at both Disney World and in Anaheim. One issue is that it demands that guests ride hop from land to land. This was also somewhat true of FastPass. However, because FastPass was free, there was not the urgency there is with Genie+. Instead of immersing yourself in a land and enjoying that area to its fullest, you are now forced to run from one end of the park to another, just to get on a ride. Because you are not there for an extended time, the wonder of a particular land loses its ability to amaze & captivate.

    1. Angela Lackey

      Could not agree more! Recently ay Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios after a 5 year hiatus. This was not the magical experience my family and I remember. It was wasted rushing from one line to another to avoid 2 hour waits. I feel as if we missed the greatest aspect of the parks which is exploring within each area.

    2. Robert Dexter

      Thats not entirely true, in fact I will disagree with you. My & my husband went to WDW for 7 days, Geni+ for all of them & had no issues whatsoever. I think even if we had not been there for that length of time things would still have been fine. You do not have have to take the recommendations that Geni+ gives you. We did a lot of walking around, but VERY RAELY did we do the “land-hopping” that you noted.

  5. Chip

    I can live without Genie or Genie+

  6. J

    I wouldn’t waste money on Genie + again. It was definitely not worth it. We purchased it for our last trip because we wanted to finally try Rise of the Resistance and thought that without it we wouldn’t be able to get on. (the letdown of that ride after all the hype is a whole other story) Anyway, I wouldn’t bother to purchase it again. On a side note, weren’t we supposed to see the return of the dining plans by the end of 2022? Here we are almost to the end of the year and no word at all.

  7. It’s Disney there way not making wishes come true .
    anybody remember KATIE PERRY song ?????
    well 🙌 $$$$$$$$$.
    My entire family has dropped our annual passes. And I’m talking a huge family $$$$.
    At Which We would go once a month 5 to 7 days. Never again!

  8. Ashlee

    We used genie+ in may 2022. It is definitely a stretch money wise. But I think it made it worth it since you can only book one ride at a time. So you wait in line for one ride and then can hop on the booked ride immediately just like the fast passes were. I think the extra surcharges for popular rides is asking too much. Another $20 per ticket to ride a popular Star Wars ride after paying $25 per ticket is ridiculously money grabbing. The biggest issue we ran into is that having everything be mobile now, our phones were dying so quickly. So we had to invest in portable chargers and even then it seemed like our phones were always dead making it stressful to use genie+ and order our food.

  9. Jules

    Just went with the family (of 4) to DL on Sunday. Genie was worth it. Only needed to use regular stand by lines on 4 rides while we waited for scheduled times. Maybe we were lucky as the times seemed to work out and we moved through the park. Genie is much better than Fast pass. Did not have to go to that land and get the fast pass and return later.

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