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moana journey of water


  1. mark

    I counted no changes. Just what did Disney change in this unopened under construction attraction?

  2. Marcus

    I doubt this is a highly-anticipated attraction. I wish Disney would consolidate Moana into Epcot. They should build the rumored Moana attraction between the Land and Nemo and Friends Pavilions not in Animal Kingdom.

  3. Jeff

    Does anyone else feel like the Moana “attraction” is a well-themed queue line for an attraction that won’t exist? I suspect you will go straight from the queue line to the gift shop, with a Moana food kiosk next to it.

  4. LL

    Changes? You must have left that part out of the article.

  5. Delmar Shortt

    What you are calling “one of the most highly-anticipated new attractions” used to simply be called a “cue line”. It is really sad that all we are being given by Imagineering now is a fancy cue line. That truly shows just far Disney has really fallen.

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