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  1. Steve

    Oh yes, pass holders are special. That is why you made fast passes pay to play, so you can scam us out of $15+ per visit for what used to be included. That’s why we only get a discount on table service and cheap Chinese junk, instead of flat discounts on everything like the competition. That’s why they want to keep forcing pass holders to use the idiotic reservation system even if they should have never implemented it.

    Everybody knows Disney treats pass holders like dirt and sees us as lesser. That’s why I will be renewing at Universal instead. Maybe when the tourists dry up in the Biden Recession I will consider a heavily discounted annual pass again.

  2. Sue

    Yay right bull
    Crap. We r the ones don’t get anything maybe a little discount on stuff made in China. We still
    Have reservations so what are we getting that we r treated so special.

    1. Chilidog

      A delicious nothing burger. Yawn. We know passholders are actually treated as less important. The silly “passholder” entrances are silly, I would absolutely bet money that a single day ticket would activate it same as the others.

  3. Why do you care

    Special treatment?!?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!

    1. Steve

      A punch in the face is special treatment if you are the only one who gets it, I suppose.

  4. Joe

    Lipstick on a pig is still a pig. Those gold readers change absolutely nothing about an AP holders park experience.

  5. I have appreciated that only Passholders can use the Passholder entrances now, and others are told to go to another line. It’s not a big thing, but you can enjoy the little things. I love being a Passholder!!

  6. Arielle

    There was nothing in this article that defined the word “special” for passholders. Waste of time.

  7. Ed

    Raise the price and get less, what a perk,

  8. Mike


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