Comments for Guests “Infuriated” By Disney Merchandise Hoarders, “They Bought 18”


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  1. mmitchell

    Proof that a fool and their money are soon parted…

  2. lorraine

    I think there should be a system in place where they have to scan your ticket/ annual pass, or licence and it should go in the computer so people cant go from place to place to buy items or buy more than a couple of them………….the merchandise so far has been so skimpy when we have looked. I dont know if its because of resellers or by people that sell them on ebay or something………..Something has to be done about this. Even when they had the 2 limit on items people could go from shop to shop to buy them………I dont want to put reshopers out of business, but there has to be a way to stop the hoarding by the greedy ones and other greedy people.

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      I DO want to put resellers out of business. While the insane consumerism that drives people to “need” the latest thing annoys me, I do understand wanting a special item. I like your idea of linking purchases to a guest’s ticket. That won’t stop those who have an entire family buy the limit, but that’s less common than one greedy (fill in your favorite expletive here) waltzing through the resort and buying all the ears/spirit jerseys/backpacks or whatever is the latest trend.

      Resellers, get a real job. You are just as big a drain as “influencers.”

  3. Vicki

    If idiots wouldn’t pay two to three times the original price to these “scalpers”, the problem would go away! Personally I think Disney would be better off selling the popcorn buckets (sans popped corn) on their website! I would have lived a Figment but I live in NH and can’t afford to fly to FL just to get one! Sell on live and I’m in!

  4. Mar Mar

    I have gone and several friends have gone to Disneyland and can’t get any of the character popcorn buckets because they have sold out early each day. I wish they could track how many are being bought and sell them online. At least have enough popcorn buckets each day

  5. BJS

    Disney could care less how many you buy. Their goal is to sell out. At their outlet in Orlando, people walk out with 20-30 bags of stuff. Some have to leave bags behind and come back later to get them. Putting a limit on things would slow it down, but those hoarders would come back 10 times to get their stuff.

  6. Paul W

    What’s ironic is that whatever is bought, whether directly or from a reseller, most likely ends up just sitting on a shelf or taking up space, completely forgotten within a couple of months at most.

  7. Sabrina

    REVOKE THEIR DAMN PASS! that would hurt

    1. Tinker Bell

      If they aren’t using their annual pass discount they aren’t doing anything they aren’t allowed to do. When it comes to popcorn buckets, annual passholders don’t even get a discount anyway. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  8. Sierra

    They should scan their annual pass each time a popcorn bucket is sold. Everyone knows the scalpers are just APs who come every day to buy these. Even if they don’t get a discount just make everyone scans their pass/ticket who wants to buy limited edition merch.

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