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Credit: @disney_with_bren


  1. Marty

    It will be a cold day in hell before Disney gets 1 cent of my family’s money. Get woke, get broke!

    1. Brian

      Lol, have you seen Disney Parks lately? Hardly going broke so I guess your protest doesn’t mean much. Why are you even following this company you disagree with so much?

      1. Tim

        Maybe so, but not getting money from those that don’t agree with their agenda will raise the prices for those that do go. Enjoy the gouging!!

        1. Mindy

          Some of us have good paying jobs that allow us to go. Poor people (especially the go woke go broke crowd) can’t go. They just use that slogan to cover up the fact that they can’t anyway. We can afford to be gouged, lmao. Maybe some day you’ll have a good job too. I’ll pray for you to have spending money this Christmas though.

          1. Ava

            We own our own business and make several six figures a year. I grew up at Disney, going at least once a year but sometimes several times a year and wouldn’t want my good memories to be tarnished by the current ‘herd ‘em like cattle’ mindset Disney has. We’ll spend our money elsewhere and give our kids an actual vacation that doesn’t include standing in lines for four hours or waking up at the crack of dawn to watch mommy and daddy sit on their phones, trying to make sure they can get on a couple of rides that day.

          2. Steve-O

            This is much better reasoning that silly politics. It’s too crowded and too expensive to spend a day waiting in lines for the rides that are actually working.

          3. Anonymous

            Pretty rude comment from someone who says they will pray for someone. Maybe you need to pray for yourself as well. Are you saying poop people don’t deserve to go? Are you better than the person you are saying you will pray for? You Mindy, are whats wrong with this world.

          4. So you’re saying poor or less than fortunate ppl or even sick dying kids dont deserve to fulfill their dreams to going to an actual theme park? Do you how many make a wish kids put disney on their bucket lists vacations? Like tons. Pretty cold and rude Mindy

          5. John C Bakkila

            On behalf of the less fortunate folks who might be struggling to make ends meet this holiday season. Thank you for your humble prayers.

        2. Steve-O

          lol the gouging was happening no matter what, since you obviously don’t follow Disney news unless you hear it on Faux. Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back for nothing…Your hate is insignificant.

        3. I’d ratter gouge on theme parks for fun family entertainment than gouge on monthly payments on platforms that promotes lies and disinformation

        4. Aaron

          Lol there’s no agenda

      2. Leon

        What was that?

      3. Chris

        I’m sure Disney doesn’t need you to be there Royal defender Brian. With the CEO waging war on yearly pass holders, let’s just say this new snowflake version of Disney is not the Disney I grew up on. I like when I used to give a dang about the customers. I am proud of the Muslim country for standing up against the libtard crap.

    2. Mindy

      Lmao, judging by their park crowds, their movies and control over several streaming services, some that you undoubtedly use, they’re not going broke any time soon. Keep dreaming though.

    3. Junebug

      You can’t afford Disney

    4. Ronni Mund

      Agree 💯

    5. People are stupid

      Thank God, one less Ahole in the parks!

    6. James

      LMAO, I don’t think Disney is missing your money judging by the crowds and how difficult it is to get restaurant reservations as a local. I don’t agree with TWDC’s politics either but giving them or not giving them my money isn’t going to change a thing so we continue to have annual passes and enjoy the parks as best we can with the crowds.

      1. Steve

        You are the kind of person destroying Disney.

    7. Aaron

      Being inclusive isn’t woke

      1. Chris

        Wow a lot of y’all are jumping to Disney’s defense like he was talking about your mom LOL. Do we forget about Disney CEO basically telling you really pass holders to go f themselves? I’m guessing you think that’s okay too?

    8. j

      I have no idea what you mean by woke, unless it’s the fact that they acknowledge all kinds of people exist.

  2. Brian

    Fooled me again, thought you guys actually had some real news. I need to learn my lesson and stop clicking on this nonsense!

    1. Greg

      Me too. Lousy article the way it just ends.

      1. Aaron

        How would you have written it?

    2. Aaron

      Well you didn’t know about it, so I’m it’s news

  3. Evan

    Good god, calm down. This is not a crowd surge.

  4. Mikey

    Go woke, get rich!

    1. jep jep

      It figures that a deplorable would be supportive of discriminatory practices. Thank goodness tomorrow is election day and your kind will be history.

      1. Dan

        God’s and invincible. I can’t laugh any harder. You keep grasping those straws tiny friend as they will be your last.

      2. Chris

        Jep jep just because people with common sense won’t let y’all sickos indoctrinate children does it mean they discriminate.

      3. Jayne1955

        Were you perhaps hoping for that red wave that didn’t materialize?

  5. Nadine

    Too funny, people on here are either angry, jealous or just privileged.
    Have ridden this ride 8 times. It is pretty easy to get the virtual queue and the ride is truly amazing. Best ride Disney has ever done. I’ve never felt trapped in the red tunnel.
    Go, enjoy yourself. Stop being such a Debbie downer about Disney. With the right perspective it is the Happiest Place on Earth.

    1. Otter

      I’m with you. Like, full disclosure, I was pissed that Marvel crap was put into my favorite park, because I’m so freaking tired of that IP. But my friend got me to ride it and I will eat humble pie all day. That ride is freaking amazing and I wish I could just hop off and right back into the queue again, lol.

    2. Chris

      Nadine what does privilege have to do with having a problem with a ride? You know I’ve got Friends in poor countries? They laugh at americans. One of my friends said to me y’all over there really spend time arguing over who’s more oppressed and who’s more privileged and freaking america. He said I’m begging all of you spend a month in a third world country and tell me how oppressed you are.

  6. Crazy knarf

    My late father remembers that Walt Disney created the parks so it could be affordable to everyone.

    Now it’s going be affordable to the ones that can afford it. Meaning only the wealthy.
    Disney Corp has changed and just got greedy. Even the people that work at Disney need two other jobs to make ends meet.

    My entire family can not afford to go to any Disney park at all. There are a lot of people that can not afford a $200 fee to get into the park. And pay extras just to get bigger perks. Pay extremely high prices for so so food.

    Disney parks have become tourist traps. Remember can’t bring outside food into the parks. Not even a bottle of water.

    If I want to go on rides, I enjoy Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ. Included their water parks. Getting a wristband will get you free UNLIMITED rides on the Wildwood Tramcar until 5:30 PM.

    In New Jersey most beaches you need to pay to get on. You have to buy a beach badge to get on. However, beaches in the Wildwoods are Free! The widest beach in all of NJ.

    Check out the Wildwood boardwalk and it’s beach. The beach got so wide, their is a beach taxi to get you to the water.

    1. DVCpro

      Thanks for the info! We live in CT and have never made the trip out to Wildwood. (AC, yes, but not Wildwood) Anyway, we’re also veteran DVC members who are NOT going to be spending our vacation dollars at Disney World for now. So, thanks for the tip! A nice drivable vacation location is sounding pretty good these days!

      1. Steve-O

        Don’t you give them your money anyway, being DVC members? You pay maintenance fees whether you use them or not, right? I’m not a member, but that’s my understanding of how it works.

    2. Kk

      Yes you CAN bring food and bottles of water into the parks. I’ve done it many many times.

  7. Deren

    I was in this line when it happened. No one panicked. We waited patiently for about 10 minutes and then it cleared out extremely quickly. I have been on this ride 54 times and I am so happy that these anti-Disney people will not get to experience the thrill and joy this ride provides. Stay miserable and uninformed and uneducated. It’s better for the rest of us!!

  8. Sarina

    First of all, you are not trapped. It is this way on a few other rides or shows. When is the 3-D show Mickeys philermagic in Magic Kingdom they shove you in shoulder to shoulder. Disney needs to allow people to keep space between people but instead they shove you in shoulder to shoulder to make room. Just because the Covid scares over there are other viruses out there and it’s called giving people personal space. Disney is notorious for seven people and shoulder to shoulder when it comes to waiting lines. But I’m saying all of this, people were not trapped lol let’s not exaggerate.

  9. Alin Rose

    For two years people were not able to visit the Disney property(s), this includes the employees. It would have been the perfect time to do maintenance. But what did they do, they kept everyone home. Once the parks were able to open the “Company” had to take a “longer than normal” (re)opening procedures.

    All that extended “DOWN TIME” took a toll on their pocket book. Right now they are trying recover lost revenue. Not all Disney employees were effected by the loss of a paycheck. Bob “Paycheck” should be required to be payed the same pay rate as a regular hourly Cast Member for hours actually worked. A 40 hour work week. Travel on commercial airline (no company jet). That goes for all, off property, Office Managers. Let’s see how this impacts “their” cost of living.

  10. Annoyed

    Luke, if you’re actually a Disney world guy… you know better than this. How disappointing. You know there are doorways out right behind where this video was taken. Incredibly disappointed. You’ve got to be better than this.

    1. Michael

      I don’t know who needs to hear this, but if your reaction to a blog entry about lines at Disney World is “politics”, you really should come to terms with the fact that you are completely brainwashed LOL

      And this applies regardless of whether you prefer the blue kool-aid or the red kool-aid

  11. Ryan

    Just rode that ride twice last month. You can clearly see in the vid they’re not packed that tightly at all.

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