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  1. Bob

    If demand goes up, the only fair thing is to raise prices. Otherwise you need to find some other way to discriminate and keep people away. No one likes high prices, but at least they’re open to anyone with cash.

    1. Lucille Mislivets

      This is “Corporate Greed”. Take from everyone to make themselves “RICH”.

      1. While it’s true that buying a longer use ticket will decrease what you’re paying for each day, not many people can afford a 14 day Disney vacation. Since they did away with their no expiration tickets you have to stay and use all your days on one trip. That gets pretty expensive with hotels and food.

        1. Beth W

          And very few people can take a 14+ day vacation, because they have work. Most jobs don’t give lengthy vacations. Besides, while a longer say makes the “daily” price of the ticket less, it certainly doesn’t reduce the price of food, etc., that is needed in addition to that ticket. You’re also paying for a hotel room for twice the time. Do these people think we’re made out of money, or do they just not care? Nevermind, I know the answer to that… Lucille was right..so much of it is corporate greed.

        2. Steve

          Can we stop and think about the absurdity of justifying ticket price increases to price gouge down demand with the availability of multiday discounts?

          If price increases had anything to do with capacity, multi day discounts should have been the first thing to go.

  2. Morris Fraser

    I had always thought that the best way to control numbers was to raise prices. Obviously, I was wrong. Even the extreme (in my view) increases of late don’t appear to slow attendance. So my No. 2 idea is to control ticketing. How about setting a daily ticket limit for each park? Never mind reservations, never mind price increases. Just print, say, 20,000 tickets for next Thursday. When they sell out, close the turnstiles. Dring the day, as people leave, reopen the gates to the same number of people. Place the total number of guests at a reasonable figure and attraction lines would be shorter. No need to make ALL the money in the World.

    1. PPP

      That makes no sense. Buying a ticket is separate from making a reservation.

  3. G M

    They’re not really trying to control the crowds. They’re just trying to find out how high they can jack the prices before it affects crowd size. This makes the exec’s bonuses bigger and makes the shareholders happier.

    If they really want to limit the crowds, all they have to do is limit the reservations!!

    1. Kelly Connerton


  4. Kurt

    I don’t buy it. The crowds are bigger than ever since the reservation system has been put in place. I think they’re using it to determine how few workers they can get by with.
    Open fully ( there are still restaurants and other venues closed), staff fully, keep the attractions running fully and the crowds would be more manageable. Instead of gathering at fewer locations.

    1. Diane

      I agree; they are overcrowded because they aren’t opening restaurants and attractions to full capacity – and maybe it’s because they can’t get enough staff. Or, maybe it’s because they save $$ by not having more employees and the guests end up in longer lines. Two days ago at EPCOT I noticed that rides were not operating at full capacity.

      1. Steve

        They aren’t using full capacity so they can charge extra for line cutting.

        No lines, no added income. It is in Disney’s interests to be overcapacity and that is why they are.

        Add in the more than doubling of hotel rooms since the last park was built and you have an anti-consumer setup bound to fail in the long term.

  5. Steve

    Increase capacity. Stop building hotels.

  6. Paula

    It’s amazing to me how much people are willing to keep paying this high prices knowing that there trying there best to keep hiking the price until you can’t afford it that’s there goal and your playing into there game

    1. Kathy

      Cheaper than a movie? Hilarious.
      If they truly want to control crowds reduce reservations. But then, they wouldn’t make nearly as much money.

  7. Let’s just be clear about something here!! DISNEY CANNOT CONTROL CROWDS!! They try, but ….

    1. Kathy

      Baloney. Just don’t sell so many tickets.

  8. DHC

    People have been turned away from parks at the 2 PM “Magic hour” when you can change parks under the reservation system. You only reserve the first park, not the second or third. Make no mistake. The stock has under performed and the rise in prices and the layoffs are Bob’s attempts to keep his job. The Board will not tolerate a second bad quarter in spite of the fact that he was given a contract extension this past June.

  9. TimW

    They keep raising prices. Grow up. They won’t ever reduce crowds because that’s never the goal. Disney increases prices just enough to get people used to it. People rush to go to beat the next price increase thinking they got a bargain. Parks are crowded!!! Works everytime. The time to actually go is the parks off season like September.

  10. Lori

    I boycotted Disney a long time ago. They kidnapp your children and sell them. They are involved in It’s so evil. Wouldn’t give them a dime. Go to Lego land instead.

    1. Shw


    2. Kathy

      Kidnap your children and sell them?! 😆
      I do hope you are speaking figuratively.

  11. Deb

    The prices are ridiculous. It’s greed. People save for years to go, once the time has come, they can’t afford the entrance into the parks. So dissapointing. SHAME on Disney.

  12. Dennis M Witz

    Chapek needs to be removed – ridiculous rules – overpriced food – reduced portions – constant increases & now this. Uncle Walt is rolling in his grave. Disney has lost it – no more magic!!

  13. Deb

    Only Europeans, who often get 4 weeks vacation, can afford to stay for 14 days, and they get special deals.

  14. sscain3

    This is ridiculous. “Control” crowds. There has never been this talk before. You control crowds by deciding WHAT capacity is – then you quit selling tickets and taking reservations at that point. A movie theater runs out of seats, no more tickets are sold. Period. It’s harder to judge with a theme park because people are moving from place to place, but you can tell if it’s “full” or not. They’ve raised the prices crazy high, they’ve made making reservations crazy complicated, they’ve made planning a trip crazy impossible, and still they need to “control” crowds and have stupidly long lines? Why aren’t they complaining? Because they’re making money hand over fist from people’s inconvenience in a place that shouldn’t be inconvenient and confusing.

    1. You’re not exactly wrong, but the problem is that when they DO limit attendance, quit selling tickets, taking reservations, etc. people STILL keep demanding more, MORE, MORE!!!!. How many people try to sneak past closing time to attend special, limited, ticketed Halloween and Christmas events?
      How far in advance will people make reservations? Not just for their vacations, but for LUNCH???
      Remember that little window, at 7am eastern, 6 months before your trip that you could TRY to get a reservation to Cinderella’s Banquet Hall? What happens when ALL tickets, hotel rooms, park reservations, etc. are snapped up that fast?

      A prime tenet of capitalism is that one raises prices to meet demand. One SHOULD also pay the employees commensurate with those price and demand increases, but sadly, that seldom happens.

  15. Kim

    I love Disney but the wait times and higher priced tickets are making it no so Magical. Maybe I need to find somewhere else to go

  16. Beth W

    Nope. If they were really trying to control crowd size, they wouldn’t continue to build more and more hotels/timeshares at Disney. Chances are pretty darn good that if you’re staying in one of their hotels, you also plan to go to the parks. It’s just pure unadulterated greed!

  17. Darlene

    My vacations involve a beach, sand, and drink with an umbrella in it and no people to talk to, no phone, no noise and just vegetate on my beach chair lol

  18. Greg

    Disney was created to be for the average American family could afford and enjoy. That was Walt Disney vision. Since his passing they have turn it into a place only for the rich and elite. The poor and average Family can’t afford to go there. So much for Walt’s vision.

    1. Lynn

      Absolutely spot-on!

  19. Kevin B

    Brilliant…control the crowds by raising prices. This will only allow rich people to visit the parks and not the average family like Walt Disney was catering to when he built his parks.

  20. East

    Lol! Cheaper the longer you stay, right? Looks like you’ll get on that ride later than sooner!

  21. Irene

    I visited Disneyworld in Nov 2022. The cost of park tickets is currently overpriced and the magical experience severely lacking. Paying $150+ for a ticket with 2+ hour lines is a toxic customer experience supported by corporate greed. A customer based ground roots team should be formed to implement action plans to improve the experience. Example is a ridiculous ratio of rides per park guest. Root issue is every park should have at least 10 more rides. Reservations obviously are not monitored as crowds are dangerously high. Safety protocols are also lacking. Limited benches for the elderly to rest. Magic kingdom after hours includes streets with no lights other than a glow from rides resulting in falls and children separated from parents. The list of needs improvement is so concerning. Leadership should take young children and visit the park on a crowded day and walk through every experience as a guest without special privelege. They will quickly realize that they need to refill the Pixie Dust!

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