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Town Hall

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  1. Paul

    Biggest question, will they return to the original standards that was set forth Disney+ when it first came out? G and PG content only, while their connected streaming service handled the R and above ratings? Second question, will we return to the original Disney look standards at our parks as originally established by Disney himself?

  2. Michael

    LOL!! I told you when you posted about Jim Cramer that Chapek would be gone by end of month! You talked about his Contract! THE BOARD GIVETH and the BOARD TAKETH AWAY!! Igor and Chapek both are terrible! Both have rakeed profits from the Theme Parks to cover Massive Losses at Disney Plus, ESPN, ABC and other Stupid Moves these two Clowns pushed!

    Remember Igor bought up Chapek! I love this BS about a TOWNHALL!! Sure Igor tell us one INNOVATION you bought to Parks from an Attractions or Hotel Angle? NONE ZERO ZIP NOTHING! His big thing was the Disney Bands and Virtual and Disney Genie…what did Igor build???NOTHING! Remember that over 400 Million for the “NEW FANTASYLAND” in MK? That Joke that included just the Snow White Ride and a Gigantic Dining Hall with a BABY CASTLE??

    Igor is a disgrace! He treated Cast like Garbage, allowed the Parks to fall into disarray! They are dirty, custodial is cut way back, the rides break all the time and Disney has INVESTED NOTHING in the Parks to compete with Universal which when EPIC OPENS it will DETHRONE Disney’s Orlando Dominance which is already dwindling! They build Crappy Carnival Rides, have no Unique Features…(see outside of Guardians which is the Universe of Energy with a Robot) and so many Venues are cut back, no staff, character appearances are rare (due to bad Staffing and terrible pay) and all Disney does is raise prices!

    They are NOT A FAMILY COMPANY! The Chapek Debacle with Gov DeSantis cost DISNEY big with Floridians who more and more avoid WDW. They care more about WOKE then the Traditions that made them successful! Bearded Cast Members, Tattoos and more and the Cast looks like a Mall Store! Gone is so much of the Magic and GUESTS notice it and the Internal Scores show it!

    Igor will be gone in a year IF HE DOES NOT SELL TO APPLE which is the word on the Street that is really driving Igor! Watch out because APPLE EXECUTIVES have NO CONNECTION to Disney Lineage nor History!

    Disney has lost its way under Igor and Chapek! Igor will not turn the Stock around! He has no Vision and is an Arrogant LA Elitist with no care about Disney Park, Animation, Guests nor Imagination!

    1. John

      It was more Chapeks’ doing then Igers’. Iger regretted the appointment of Chapek with several costly decisions that not only made a park visit much more expensive but driving stocks/company value down. Along with making the company woke. Change is coming soon.

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  4. Rachel

    Golden era is over Disney can’t move into streaming profitability parks will continue to be expensive and dirty

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