Comments for New ‘Star Wars’ Show To Air On ABC, FX, Freeform, and Hulu

Luthen Rael riding with Cassian Andor

Credit: Lucasfilm

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  1. Royz


    It does appear that airing the two episodes on network and cable channels is being done for two reasons:

    1. to get new subscribers for Disney+
    And Or (yes thats a Star Wars reference)
    2. if the viewership numbers and ratings are favorable to extraordinary on network and cable this would prove that there are much larger audience bases that want to see these new series.

    Streaming services, though have millions of subscribers, is still asmall percentage when compared to airing in tv, cable network or theatrical release, considering those who arent subscribers are being excluded from some really good series and movies.

    Why Not?….Because Streaming is a Small World aafetr All….
    Why not air older seasons/episodes (at least one year after the first airing) of Disney+ series on network/cable? It would gain more advertiser revenue, plus more sustainable veiwership/ratings numbers. Or a dvd release of the seasons aired.

    It may take some time, but the beginnings of a shift away from streatimg to network/cable, and theateical release making a come back. You know the good old days.

    Dont forget as we saw Blockbuster, Hollywood Video decline and disappear(redbox too, kinda) there are new generations that discover things that were older vintage and make thwm cool again and ask, Why did they get rid of this? Case in point, vinyl records, were where its at back in the day, then ohased out by cassette tape, and dvd, but now a comeback popular amongst the younger generations and the older generations that remeber back in the day.

    Trends come and go, they dont die, they sleep hidden, until they are discovered again.
    (Except disco and 8 tracks, OMG…)

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