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Disney Characters at Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Resort in California

Credit: Disney


  1. Since the pandemic, did Disney ever bring back their nighttime mechanics who would use the evening hours to make repairs on the rides? Perhaps why they are breaking down during the day.

    1. Dave

      Of course, that’s when repairs are done. Probably the redundant intrusion systems causing problems. Needed because of the intelligence levels of guests.

      1. Steve

        Sure, blame guests for Disney’s atrocious maintenance.

        1. Joel

          Former attractions host here. The fault is like 20% maintenance and 80% guests.

          1. What exactly did the guests do? Take a hammer and smack the ride till it breaks down?

            1. Never mind

            2. NOBODY

              listen Its okay

            3. Dawn

              Put their hands/feet outside of a ride car, drop something onto the tracks, use selfie sticks, spread ashes, vomit…. the list is LONG.

              1. Donald J

                Wokeness has broke Disney and it’s rides…..

            4. Angela Fishburn

              Seriously if guest are to blame for 80%of the break downs I feel we’re entitled to know what they’re doing! What getting irritated waiting in 4 he lines causes damage to the rides 🙄

            5. Waldo

              Yes..Lucky guess

          2. Sl

            Ha ha every ride at magic kingdom shut down but one last Wednesday

        2. Carhy

          Actually people are out of control and no.due to people being so unruly, entitled people, people with just no manners, and nobody respects or follows rules as we used to. This behavior started about 5 years ago where people don’t get it. Don’t follow rules we get things taken away from us. I don’t blame parks, concerts, pr any public establishment afraid of the liability we the people here have created.

          1. I don’t think we ever did follow the rules 🤷🏾‍♀️

          2. It’s really hard to find people to work these days and qualified ride mechanics that are going to work third shift not going to happen so most ride repairs often have to made during park hours whatever we like it or not and I just went in Aug to Disney and Universal didn’t notice any rides shut down at all.

          3. Joseph Womer

            I thought we were living in the United States?

    2. Linda M Gonzalez

      That’s what my friend says who works at Disney.

      1. Jenny Konrath

        That ISN’T new however is it?
        Undoubtedly guests do damage unfortunately. Part of doing business since they have been open. Revenue is down, along with equipment getting older.. Most likely not worth the cost it would take to over haul EVERYTHING.
        Not in this economy.

    3. Judy

      I was Disneyland for 2 days paid all the extras to get on rides. We got to go on 3

    4. Matt

      Yes they did. I was there in February.

  2. AT

    We go weekly and rides are constantly closed. Last week my husband bought a LL just to go on web slingers, ended up having to wait 3 hrs for their window to open up. When it finally opened up, the ride broke down before they could get on. It was 7:45pm at this point so they just went home. Tried to get a refund on the LL but no luck. I understand it’s non-refundable but not even willing to make an exception.

    1. Callie

      If you go weekly it’s no big deal that rides break down. When you’ve saved 10K for a week at Disneyland with flights and hotel for your family (like us) and that many rides are down, I’d be furious. If I can go every week, who cares?

      1. Marie

        Best to take the family to the mountains or the shore instead of this man made Disney disappointment.

    2. Sam


    3. David

      Don’t blame the guest blame the greedy corporate of Disney world the only care is taking all your money not matter what 😠

      1. Yearly

        Lots of entitlement here.

        One chooses to go. One chooses to spend their money there.

        I’ve been multiple times, wife is a Disney Nut.

        It’s been over a decade, I’ll never go back.

        The “Profiles in Excellence” experience is long, long gone.

        This is a first world problem. Most first world problems are solved by simple choices, refuse to pay the ridiculous, ever increasing prices and something will change or the parks will eventually go out of business.

  3. Stephanie M

    We were there this week and Indian Jones was broke down 3 out of 4 times we did LL. Cars Radiator Springs Racers was broke down for 1/2 a day plus it broke down after waiting in line 85 minutes. Other notable breakdowns were Star Wars Rise of the Resistance, Web Slingers, Incredicoaster, and Pirates of the Caribbean. We wasted a lot of our lightning lane times on rides that broke down.

    1. Can’t say

      I have friend who is long time night ride mechanic And he had mentioned to me that a lot of these rides have trouble getting replacement parts especially the older rides and that’s complicating the every day repair and maintenance protocols they have in place. Plus the fact the technical talent required due to the labor shortage of technical people in general also is a contributing factor.

      1. Tyler

        There’s plenty of trained technicians but d
        I was just looking at Disney tech jobs and they pay less than I make as an entry level mechanic and you have to live in a high CoL area. If dinsey increased the pay scale I’d gladly leave my aircraft job and go do ride maintenance.

      2. Deena

        Thank you, Can’t Say! I was getting very frustrated with all the breakdowns last couple of times I went thinking it was just Chapek cutting costs, but knowing this gives me a little more patience and understanding.

    2. Bruce

      Best not to go on the weekends, and not when it’s going to rain a lot! No refunds or rain check.

    3. RL

      Oh my gosh! Resolution for all you complainers! DON’T GO! Save your money. Wait until your kids are old enough to buy their own way in.

    4. Gin

      Disney World? We were there too and finally caved and bought LL Passes only for our times to get bumped because everything we picked kept breaking down! 11/6-11/13/22

  4. Michael

    So sad to hear this. My first visit was 1968, last was 2015. So many wonderful memories. Disney World too. The parks were so pretty, especially at night. On one trip in January of 1986, there had to be barely one hundred people there on a Monday. Well, goodnight Disney Parks. And thank you.

    1. Christineine

      Michael if your first visit was in 1968 then you visited Disneyland Disney World was not open then

    2. Lesley Winders

      I have never been there and never will be able to go I could never afford it.. I’ve always wanted to go but the normal blue collar family with average incomes will never be able to go due to the economy and price of living and park prices..

  5. billnyenotascienceguy

    Ahh, Nothing like Disney magic. Expensive and disappointing.

    1. Pug Kisses

      Prejudiced much? Really offensive comment. Shame.

      1. Steve

        OK Snowflake.

    2. Roxanne May Stewart

      …I just read Disney World pays 5.4 million to run each ride “a day” there light bill is 100 million a year folks…so that you can have fun

  6. Master WhiteX

    Likely as they let anyone with institutional knowledge go, during the pandemic and I’d imagine thats very important in this sort of work.

    Then likely as Disney only wants to recruit m1norities and qu3er o s3xuals now rather than just whoever can do the job.

    1. Applefan

      Someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about

    2. Fred

      Why don’t you apply?

      1. Derek

        Hahaha Fred wins the internet for the day!

  7. Jamie

    I think it’s a lack of maintenance employees and too many people allowed in per day.

  8. Jaime

    I went to Disneyland on Halloween and I witnessed the same thing including getting stuck on Big Thunder and having to be evacuated. My thoughts are that it was very strange because I’ve never seen so many malfunctions at Disneyland but I attribute it to Disney’s attention to detail and if the slightest thing isn’t right they stop everything for safety of the visitors. The fact that they do get the rides up and running in the same day tells me it’s not major issues. I think it’s just Disney taking extra precautions to ensure everyone who comes to the park leaves safely.

    1. Dan

      I think you are being way too generous and giving way too much credit to Disney. The fact is they’re going downhill, and can’t keep up with the maintenance. I went just a couple weeks before Halloween, and so many rides were down that we couldn’t even use half the fast passes they gave us for the inconveniences because when we tried, the other rides broke down too. I’ve been to small town crappy carnivals that were run better.

      1. Coleen Brady

        Same here. It’s unfortunately seen better days. Stuck on the carousel of progress for 1/2hr and listened to that damn song over and over ugh. Never going back, so outdated.

      2. Brian

        Never understood just WHY people throw so much money at Disney judt to stand in line for hours. Stupidity is rampant in this world!.

      3. Kat

        My daughter and grandkids, with friends if there’s any in Sept 2022, and almost all rides were up and running! The Characters all took out their time for the kids, which made them happy! They were there 3 days 2 nights, and we can’t wait to go back with them next year!! I have not been there in about 25 years. I heard and saw lots were changed and the looks as well, like the entrances and exits. So I’m trying to get myself ready for the major change, but still excited! They had the best time this past September

    2. Laura Sime

      I went in April, busiest time of year. A few rides had issues, but got free genie pass rides and rides got fixed, so actually got extra free rides. Was amazing as always! I want them to shut down rides for safety and they compensated; so no complaints here!

    3. S

      Sometimes it’s even as simple as maybe one element of the ride is not working properly, and they will shut it down so as not to ruin the experience for everyone else throughout the day by having faulty effects or animatronics. Frustrating certainly, but Disney is big on maintaining good “show” in these cases.

  9. Greg

    And Disney has the nerve to charge the prices that they do…..there needs to be some accountability here….Chapek needs to be FIRED!!!!

  10. Linda M Gonzalez

    Their reservation system and new park policies are causing people to become hot and angry waiting on these
    Long lines and now their rides don’t work! Disney is now only affordable for the rich. I happen to be rich but until they change their policies especially towards people with autIsm, they will never see a dime of my money. From what a lot of people in Florida tell me they will no longer go to Disney too.

  11. Dan

    I went to California adventure on October 14th, and it was hands down the worst experience I’ve ever had at any park. My son and I got stuck on the incredicoaster for 40 min, and then it was down the rest of the day. Toy story mania was only open for a couple hours the entire day. Spider-Man broke down while we were in line and we bailed after 30 min of sweating in a hallway with 4 kids including a toddler. Monsters Inc bridge down while we were in line. Grizzly River run was down almost all day. We went on little mermaid like 4 times because my 4 year old daughter loves it, but every single time it stopped in the middle of the ride for at least a few minutes, which just ruins the experience anyway. Luigi’s thing was closed half the day and at the end of the day we decided to just go on goofy’s coaster since we had 5 fast passes to use, and guess what broke down while we were in line? Yeah, we were done after that. Unbelievable that they charge more than ever, and you get less than ever. There were no parades, no fireworks, no show in the Hyperion theater like in the past, just give us your money, roll the dice and hope you get to ride what you want, and get out. We are done with Disney until they figure out how to be a theme park again.

    1. Todd M

      Rises like Little Mermaid and Haunted Mansion slow down and sometimes stop to allow guests in wheelchairs to get on it off the ride. The other problems I have no clue.

  12. William

    One would think that when the Disney parks were shut down from the pandemic, the engineers would have lots of time to refurbish every ride inside. Sad that there’s still breakdowns.

  13. DeLaunhardt

    …so much for “Disney Magic”…..

  14. Sharon

    Chapek is pocketing the money rather than use it for Park maintenance.
    Bring back Michael Eisner. Things were perfect then.

  15. Rick

    Just looked. Friday Nov 11. 13 rides are down at 3:00 at MK in DW.
    That’s stupid. Just close the park. Or refund everyone’s genie +.

  16. Rob

    Nov 6-Guardian broke down in am and escorted out with a free ticket to use by the pm
    Nov 7 Frozen had a short hiccup
    Nov 11-Nemo stopped midway -Cancelled with no apology
    Maintenance issues for sure! Rob

  17. Jennifer

    In 1979 and threw 2000. That best time to visit my whole family would go spend all day in magic Kingdom and epoch. Now days the change in rides not same at first time I went .I was 5yr old that was magical! Now days every thing changed. Not for the better. Now everything is woke. The change rides. We use to walk on rides now days you have wait . Or Disney fast passed. I cherish when my family went to in 79 and 80’s. That was magical times!!!

  18. Lori Halderson

    Maybe hurricane Disney will blow in…

  19. Dr. M

    It was like this in Magic Kingdom back in February. Not only was it overly crowded for a weekday in early February, but the rides kept breaking down. Space Mountain (twice), Buzz Lightyear, People Mover, Pirates, It’s a Small World, Thunder Mountain, Jungle Cruise, and those are the ones I am aware of, there might have been others. Haven’t been back since (on purpose).

  20. Melanie

    After 10 years of true magic my family has decided not to renew our annual passes (magic key my ass). Very disappointing reopening after the pandemic. It is very obvious that the higher ups at Disney are only out to make money. They are not in it for the customer experience any longer. The rides breaking down are only a small part of ALL of the disappointing changes that have occurred. The park is not as clean as it used to be, the food is no where near the quality it used to be and the portions are MUCH smaller and MUCH MORE expensive. Most cast members are no where near as friendly as they used to be (due to being treated badly by the higher ups). Every Disneyland trip was more expensive for less magic and now the magic is gone! It’s so very disappointing and Walt would be appalled. Shame on “the higher ups”!

  21. Robin

    They should shut Disney and all of the other parks to get the rides fixed demolished whatever then reopen. Instead what do they do…..raise the prices . Not what it used to be when walt was alive. The people in charge of disney now should be ASHAMED at how disney is falling apart around the visitors.

  22. Vivienne

    My family went on Nov 10th. Jungle cruise broke down, then eventually 2 boats were functioning. During the same time my husband and son got stuck on Indian Jones for half an hour.

  23. Ihatestupidpeople

    Wow I wonder if those poor people got a refund damn sure as hell doesn’t make you feel safe about going on the rides does it

  24. Absolutely noticed the breakdowns, even repeated stoppages well on the rides. We were there for a week right after Mother’s Day. With some people who have never been to the park before. And as a lifetime patron it was embarrassing. I have countless visits to the park with little to no memory of any ride being shut down once it’s opened. Plan refurbishment and shut down sure. But being someone in the service industry. It’s like the old crew that knew the machinery is gone and a lot of newbies are trying to run stuff not knowing the nuances. 😉 Scott.

  25. Robert

    Probably lost so much on their crappy woke movies and TV series that they can’t afford proper maintenance on their rides.

  26. Nicki Brewer-Mann

    I have been to Disneyland back in 1982. I was 17. I still have fond memories of going there. It saddens me to hear of all the problems happening at the park. I was wanting to go back someday but reading about all these people being so disappointed. I am feeling half and half about going again.

  27. Michelle

    We were there in February. On our last day, the first day splash was reopening, splash, thunder and space were down. Pirates and mine train were up and down during the same period. It was a few hours.

  28. Noslen

    There is no such thing as rides@disneyLand. Only attractions
    ,No longer a attracting.

  29. Sad

    Disney has lost its MOJO —— they care more about you know — than taking care of its infrastructure. It’s over for Disney the middle class can no longer afford to go that’s the truth

  30. Bob

    How many homes could be light on that much power? How much coal was burned to power it?

  31. John Q

    I have taken my children and grandchildren children to various theme parks since I retired to Florida. Spending $1,000/ day in expects top notch service. Until it gets back I’m not going to them. CEO make tens if millions of dollars per year. Pay qualified mechanics 3rd shift premium pay and positions won’t be vacant.

  32. J

    We’re at Disney several times a month and, sadly, breakdowns and closures have become an annoying and way too often regular occurrence.

  33. Simple. Close all the parks. Take a vacation to a REAL park.

  34. Louise

    I sent an email to Customer service complaining about the rides being randomly closed all day, all over the park. Over the past year we attended 9 days and it was the same everytime. There is no excuse for it!

  35. Tina

    Yes, I went to Disneyland in CA mid Sept. Everything keep breaking down. I absolutely could not believe it. Indian Jones, Pirates, the Haunted Mansion, Space Mtn., and the Matterhorn was closed all day. Pirates broke down while I was on it. Space Mtn when I was in line. They just didn’t break down once they were breaking down intermittently throughout the whole day. We lost so much time and didn’t have the pass to cut in line. If you wait 49 min. and the ride breaks you should get a front of the line pass. I will not be returning anytime soon. This was the last straw, I’m done with Disneyland, it has now officially become a rip off.

  36. Darlene Luna

    Without JESUS everything is falling apart! Sad how misunderstood this truth is! Darlene

  37. Erwim

    Refurbishment is always in January, so who cares!

  38. Erwim

    January! Refurbish Rides!

  39. I feel very badly for those who cannot ride the rides that we all fell in love with. A lady brought up a good point. Did WDW hire their pm mechanics back after Covid? I feel badly for those who book their trips only to find that their favorite attraction has been closed. Due to mechanical issues. After making your reservation at the park that has that ride. Get rid of making a reservation thing! Also, at check in they.should give you a list of which rides are being ” refurbished”.

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