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  1. WellBattle6

    The more expensive tickets are, the more guests will trash the place as they feel entitled to do so. The longer Disney waits to raise wages, the fewer cleaners will work there.

    1. Brandon

      Do you not understand that rasing wages doesn’t work. So you pay Disney workers $20 an hour. Now you have to pay everyone that made $20 $30. Then $30 employees have to make $40! And on and on. The problem is inflation and how much money the government spends. You notice today we don’t use change much but back in the 50s you could buy a hotdog,, popcorn and a movie ticket for 5c. So raising wages does nothing if you don’t fix the reason why you need to raise wages in the first place! Once you set a large minimum wage, EVERY wage needs to rise and then co panties have to make a choice. Do I raise prices significantly or do I fire people? And then again this continues the cycle. Understand?!

  2. You talk about the theme park being filthy, you should see the parking structure. Cars pull in and dump all their fast food trash and dirty diapers right out of their cars. There are trash cans all over the place. Disneyland may seem expensive but obviously enough to keep the trashy guest @ home.

  3. Trickster

    You wouldn’t have seen this type of behavior when I was growing up. It’s all the people that feel they are entitled you know, the ones the Karen’s,and let’s not forget the Gen Z. They have no respect for stuff because they don’t have to deal with it.

    1. Keis

      You are 100 % correct. People have no respect for anything or anybody any more.

    2. I haven’t been to Disney theme parks.
      I sent my grandchild 3 years ago. I read these post on ITM and would not even consider visiting or sending my younger grandchildren.
      I tend to lean on the side of… the quarantine messed up humanity & common decency.
      Going to Disney was like striking Gold in the 49er Gold Rush.
      It was the vacation you looked forward to for good behavior & grades.
      Now it’s a place where people go to push the envelopes… keep your hands and feet inside the rides for SAFETY reasons. SEEMS reasonable enough, but here WE are reading this and that person/family asked to exit for rule breaking.
      Your not proving a point to the MAN/MASSES; You’re hindering enjoyment… WHY?!?!
      Let us take a moment and think about this??

  4. Jon

    Line queues?

  5. Andrew

    This is indeed a very serious problem. Yes people feel entitled now and they feel that someone else is paid to clean up after them. There are plenty of trash receptacles at the parks. Look at the lakes and beaches….people literally will have a birthday party at the beach and just walk away from their mess and trash. This is the attitude of wealthy people who simply feel that someone else will handle it. Humanity is in for trouble

    1. This behavior is unfortunately becoming commonplace NOT only with the wealthy

  6. Idontcare

    Maybe all the executives could take a pay cut and they could hire competent personnel to keep the place clean and enforce the rules.

  7. SW

    People suck. We were in Disneyland over the weekend and some slob guest threw their banana, peel and all, on the rocks in Splash Mountain.
    The parks were not like this 10 years ago. Very sad.

  8. Chris

    The covid has effected people’s brains.

  9. Aaron

    Do you ever give positive news?

  10. Veronica

    Dont go to the Disney Parks in the US. This is why you go to Disneyland in Tokyo and the companion park Disney Sea. Clean, the cleanest Disney Park I have ever been to. Orderly, orderly lines, polite park goers and staff. Excellent food. Japan is pretty much almost completely open…not sure if the Disney parks are open yet, but yep, when they are go there.

  11. SeaPea

    The popups are so many & incessant that’s it’s impossible to read a whole comment. Let alone making a comment. If you can’t fix the non-spot popups this site is TOAST!

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