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Woody (Tom Hanks) in 'Toy Story'

Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios/Disney Pixar Animation Studios


  1. Trudy

    Nudity is completely unnecessary in this, and most, film.

    1. Nunya Bidness

      Do you find the nude human body somehow offensive? You’re probably a Christian. Poor thing.

      1. Sarah

        I don’t think it has a thing to do with the human body being offensive but that a naked behind shouldn’t be in a ‘family friendly’ movie on an app with the Disney name with the words heartwarming and yada-yada in the description. The fact that it was edited out and then put back means even the company felt off with it. If cours, lately the way they went “woke” about everything BUT kids and family, you’d expect them to remove edits once a group of and for parents praised it. And stop putting words in other people’s mouths. That’s where Disinformation comes from or didn’t you know?

  2. Sarah

    Of course they’d remove the edits when a bunch of parents praised them for it. Disney STARTED YEARS AGO as a CHILDREN’S story and cartoon publisher. Now they’re more concerned with keeping every demographic you can name happy except for parents who don’t think raising children who know what genitalia look like before they can sing there ABCs is an acceptable way to raise decent humans that can focus on things that are not sexualized to death.

  3. Charlene

    I’m a Christian Minister. Bare butts??? NBG – No Big Deal‼️‼️ More than that, would need some Serious discussion.
    We’ve seen bare butts forever even in advertising ; The young Coppertone Girl❣️, all over billboards, for one, until the Dirty Minded Patrol finally got to them.😡It showed the Playful Innocence of Youth❣️Completely innocent; Except for Those with Dirty Minds‼️‼️😎

    1. RM

      I TOTALLY agree. Dirty minds will see the nudity as a distraction while others a thing of beauty from God’s art. There’s offensiveness in nudity but not homosexuality? People need to quit worrying about what offends one but not another. And, oh yeah to Nunya Bidness above, I’m a Christian too. Not only that, a white, straight, married Christian to boot.

  4. Sarah

    Disney started out as a company for CHILDREN’S entertainment. So why the need to unedit the edit? I guess they weren’t “woke” enough. You can’t blame Disney for pushing trashy (naked rear ends in a “family friendly” & heartwarming movie?) expectations on kids when parents let their expectations go all so Jr. won’t have a fit. That slipping is what has led to it being okay for kissing, cartoon characters, and somebody’s tail bared for everyone to see on what was a kids app

    1. Paul W

      Well gee..I’ve seen same-sex couples hold hands and give each other quick peck kisses all the time at Disneyland, very similar to the quick peck in Lightyear. None of the kids around what was going on cared one whit about any of what they saw. Never once heard anyone complain about the affection display to a cast member or asked them to stop. And maybe more importantly, have never seen a story posted here about any guest complaining about such light same-sex PDA happening in the park.

  5. John Grigsby

    I think that, while the nudity may have been gratuitous, it really wasn’t that offensive. We all have butts and most of us have seen them naked before. If you’ve somehow missed the experience, take a look in the mirror after your next bath or shower. People will say, “Well, I don’t want my children exposed to that!” News flash: Unless your child is homeschooled and you control their every move on the Internet, they’ve already seen that and worse! Sex is prevalent in our society (and I personally feel that the reason is that so many people have made something beautiful into something offensive, but that’s not relevant to the discussion). You can either (probably unsuccessfully) shield your children from it, or you can sit them down and *gasp* talk to them about it!

    1. Brian

      I agree and would add that anyone concerned about their kids seeing that short scene from Splash should NEVER, EVER take their kids to a water park!

  6. Mason

    I have never seen Splash but the fact Daryl Hannah was perfectly fine with being naked some parts of the film is disturbing.

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