New ‘Moana’ Ride Could be Coming to Disney World

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Have you been staring at the water for as long as you can remember, never really knowing why?

If you have, you’re likely a fan on the Disney Animated film Moana (2016), and you’re likely looking forward to the opening of Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana at EPCOT.

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Credit: Disney

The attraction won’t be a ride, but rather a walkthrough experience that will allow Disney Park Guests to interact with water in a way they never have before.

But, what if we told you that Walt Disney World Resort wasn’t done there?

Disney just recently filed a patent for a Boat Motion Simulator Ride that leaks eerily similar to what you’d see in Moana.

moana with ocean
Credit: Disney

In the patent, Disney says it envisions the simulator to “impart boat-type motions (e.g., roll, sway, heave, pitch, surge, and yaw) to a passenger boat.”

“The simulator or system is also configured to use buoyancy or buoyant forces to vertically support the boat such that the system’s components imparting the boat motions do not provide vertical support of the boat, which, instead, floats naturally in a volume of water provided within the simulator or system while or concurrently with motions being imparted upon the boat by a drive or motion assembly. The simulator or system may also include a display and sound system operable with this drive or motion assembly to display imagery and a soundtrack that are synchronized with the motions imparted upon the boat by the drive or motion assembly to provide a unique and realistic boat simulator or boat ride experience for passengers in the boat.”

Disney Boat Simulator Patent
Credit: U.S Patent and Trademark Office

While there is no confirmation that this will be a Moana ride, there are some signs to point to this being the IP that Disney chooses to use the patent on. There have been rumors of Moana joining Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the past, but it’s unknown at this time if this is what will come to fruition.

As far as Journey of Water at EPCOT is concerned, there has not been a confirmed opening date at this time. The expectation is that the attraction will open in late 2023.

Disney’s official description for Journey of Water, Inspired by Moana reads:

In World Nature, The reinvention of Epcot will include Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana.” This first-ever experience inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios’ hit film will let guests interact with magical, living water in a beautiful and inspiring setting. 

What do you think of the possibility of adding a Moana ride at Walt Disney World Resort? Let us know in the comments!

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