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Disneyland Guest Jumps On Ride

Credit: @_Disney._stuff_


  1. Jayne1955

    Stupid thing to do. I hope they got a lifetime ban.

  2. Billie

    First of all: WHAT video? There was nothing to see in this article. I clicked on all photos and nothing. There was nothing in the actual story itself that described the guests antics. All in all this article is a pointless waste of my time. Do better.

  3. Mickeymouse3

    Hah. Hah. Hah. Really great tik tok video.
    I hope this yahoo gets a lifetime ban, but I’m willing to bet it won’t matter to him, or his “cinematographer”.

  4. Fay

    That attraction has dropoff ledges and steps which could throw someone into moving machinery. Below the ride, made of plywood, someone could easily fall to their death in the dark. It takes a very ignorant person to jump out of a moving ride.

    1. Greg

      Then they sue Disney and then Disney required to use shoulder restraints on all its rides.

      1. Liliana

        There’s nothing to sue. Each ride warns you to stay in your seat. Plus it’s supposed to be common sense.

    2. Crystal

      EXTREMELY STUPID! That person should be banned plain and simple from the Disneyland Park. It’s clear that this person has no manners.

  5. JMR


  6. John

    If that idiot got hurt, I’m sure it would’ve been Disneys fault for faulty restraints. The jerk should get a lifetime ban, as should all who do stupid things on rides.

  7. Lance

    Such a ridiculous thing to do. The blatant disobedience! And he is one of our “leaders of tomorrow” -> the result of the immature brain. Social media creates the opportunity for such loose conduct, as another commented “just for the likes.” Parents and others should hold him accountable. I think a band from that ride could suffice, maybe not all the parks, after all covid and lots of other factors play a role in the delayed brain development which impacts decision making.

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