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  1. Jstnlg09

    He didn’t leave he was fired, get your facts straight

    1. Bob

      These guys wouldn’t know facts if it hit them in the face. The desperation to defend is amazing.

    2. Luke

      Yikes. Why the hostility. Even if you’re fired, you’re still leaving. Doesn’t matter if it’s by choice. But seriously…why do people think that being on the internet means they can be as rude as they want to anyone they want? There’s a person behind this article. You might not like that but this person has feelings. Be respectful.

      1. GT

        I think it’s because CEOs like Hollywood are WAY overpaid.
        Do it good or Bad they still get the pay snd MORE!?
        i.e. I worked for a company abd the CEO did a HORBILE job. …….He was let go with sn exit if $4M!!!?,?

      2. Paul B

        The author has the responsibility to get the facts straight.

    3. Theresa Allison

      An exit is an exit..fired, walked out or otherwise

    4. MeNotYou

      “Disney shareholders on the hook for a $23 million golden parachute for Chapek”
      When you walk out the door with an extra $23 million, there is still going to be a smile on your face. No matter what others want to label it.

  2. Happy Camper

    The only thing a Disney cruise does better than the rest is drain your wallet….and that’s without a casino!! They can keep their overpriced “Magic”!!

    1. Morris Fraser

      We’ve done two week-long Disney cruises. Ticket prices certainly are above those of other lines but consider that expense vs. a week’s stay in the parks. On board, lodging, food, entertainment, on-shore excursions are included; at the parks, just ticket prices and lodging for two are about the same as the entire cost of a cruise. Plus, if you reserve a day at Magic Kingdom and want to visit Epcot in the afternoon to see other cultures, it’s even more. Value, thy name is Disney Cruise Lines.

      1. SayWhat?

        What Disney cruises have you been on that included on-shore excursions? We’ve sailed 6 times with them, twice for 14 nights, and all excursions cost something.

      2. Theresa Allison

        Totally agree! And you save all the drama of standing in line for 2 hrs, or purchasing Genie passes, kids hot, tied from walking, etc. Best way to experience Disney!

    2. Jonas

      You don’t sound that happy.
      Some people don’t understand the concept of value.

      1. Patrick

        If everyone reads this article closely…. there’s a hidden Mickey of SARCASM….the Fact that Under Chapek….. investments were made in light of Travesties & this shows us that he’d blindly buy into undisciplined Ventures. If it meant saving a few dollars.

  3. Bob

    The gaslighting is amazing.

    After running the company into the ground (even killed the value of the DIS stock) this guy got : parting gifts, multimillion dollar bonuses, and a golden parachute.

    Yes, he was fired. He severely damaged the Disney brand. And worse yet, they will bring this clown back in 2!years after Iger leaves again.

  4. Legion

    Chapek merely carried out Bob Iger’s agenda with far less diplomacy.

    Bob Iger is good for the stock price and profits. He is NOT good for diversity. His 15 years reign as CEO tacitly endorsed the likes of John Lassiter, Ed Catmull and other misogynists until it was no longer profitable. Also the Disney Studio participated in price fixing and collusion to keep wages artificially low for decades. What Bob Iger is good at is being a politician that has other people do the dirty work much like the Execs at Marvel Studios Animation who have yet to tell artists what their the end dates are in next few rounds of lay offs. The first one just occurred with 1 week notice letting artists go just before Thanksgiving.

    I cannot support a company that treats employees so poorly while claiming to be morally upright.

    1. Goofy

      Legion, I’m about 5-7 years from retirement. I have accumulated about 2500 shares of Disney over the last 20 years and will continue buying them so I hope you’re right!! I used to go to Disneyland several times a year but like everyone else, am tired of Disney catering to the new “woke” crowd while ignoring the majority of us die-hards that made Disney what it is.

      1. JS

        Woke! Woke woke woke! I watch too much TV, all set to one channel…

        1. Mickey

          I don’t watch tv but the woke comment is spot on. Your childish response is exactly what everyone is so sick of. Always blaming someone or something else for why your politics suck so much. Try so humility, you’d have to be a complete narcissistic ego maniac to call yourself woke while implying the rest of the world is asleep. It’s no wonder it’s a view popular with the under 25 crowd which ironically the brain doesn’t fully develop until 25.

          1. Nope

            Insulting people doesn’t make you mature. And the sheep comment comes from the conspiracy theory world.

            It takes a certain type of person to not just treat people the same and I’m guessing that’s you.

      2. Albert

        The woke crowd is the majority.
        Biden got the most votes.

        1. Ch r is


        2. Patrick

          Ahhhh..Al, just because one voted for Biden .. doesn’t in anyway make one an Air Head….Wokes make up for a lot of Followers who have little to no adherent knowledge of what really has transpired through the decades.

      3. Patrick

        Geeeez…might have well used that same WOKE…reference in pertaining to ALL of AMERICA…Few ..if any of them contributed to what has made this Nation. Unfortunate Facts.

  5. Bill

    I just hate all the pop up ads on this site. I’m out of here

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