Comments for Search and Rescue Underway After “at Least Four People” Die at Sea, Disney Ship Halts Voyage

US Coast Guard rescuing people from the ocean

Credit: USCGSoutheast Twitter


  1. Steve

    Just illegals. No need to stop.

    1. Jayne1955

      It is a tradition at sea not to leave human beings to die. Treat others as you wish to be treated.

  2. Walt

    Migration vessel? Give me a break – it was illegals trying to enter the US. TRAGIC LOSS OF LIFE. And this column used hype to minimalize their loss of life

  3. Christian

    A Disney cruise stopped to stay out of the way and help……. You Disney zombies write like morons.

  4. Gail

    This is straight-up sensationalism. You have zero integrity. If you print misrepresented crap like this, people won’t pay any attention to anything you right- starting with MYSELF. Let me guess, your previous job was with the National Enquirer???? Idiot.

  5. Smarts

    Maritime Law requires all vessels within distance to aid in search and rescue.

    1. Jayne1955

      THANK YOU!

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