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diners at Palo on Disney Cruise Line

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  1. Scott

    It’s only awkward and confusing for those that have never cruised before. It’s an industry standard, all cruise lines do this.

    1. Mindy

      Agreed. It seems pretty easy to me.

      1. Pebk

        As a European the whole tipping system is weird. It always leads to awkward situations. Gratuity should be incorporated in the price and staff should get an honest wage. The Cruise situation appears to be even worse. Another good reason to never go on a cruise.

        1. Jack

          It’s adorable that you think anybody cares how you do things in Europe.

          1. Chris

            Wow, it’s amazing how cancerous people are on random internet sites. Honestly sounds like Europe has it figured out. The tipping system is incredibly problematic.

          2. Steve

            Daddy didn’t give you enough attention?

          3. John

            It’s adorable how you think your ruined shamble of a country has a leg to stand on enough to just disregard the rest of the world.

          4. Bobb

            Enough about England, let’s talk about the US.

          5. Why


          6. Tom

            You are an idiot and the reason Americans are disliked around the world

        2. Brian M

          Then don’t go. That’s just more space for me.

        3. Jack Allison

          So stay on your side of the ocean

    2. Gary

      Scott,, you have summed up the topic perfectly. We have been cruising for 35 years and the tipping practice is standard throughout the industry. Gary

      1. Seth Schroeder

        Except it isn’t as Celebrity now includes tips.

        Glad we can make progress in society and not agree things that were acceptable 35 years ago should never change.

      2. Jenifer

        We have cruises numerous times and the gratuity/tipping has been in place on all cruise ships that I know of, so why should it be any different on Disney. I know that you can go to the purser’s desk and have the tipping amount changed, and then give tips to individual workers of your choice.

    3. Matt

      Except Virgin Voyages. Tipping is always included.

      1. Chris Wood

        Just check the box that to include tips and enjoy your trip. I personally don’t think the host or hostess should get any part of the tips. People can seat themselves.

      2. Buzz

        Look at the adults acting like junior high students.

      3. Marie Delrio

        Tipping is included in your virgin cruise in the price you pay

  2. Martha

    The tipping process has been this way for quite sometime. Back in the early years, they left envelopes on our dresser and you dispersed as you saw fit. These days everyone is in the tip pot. If I use your service, OK, more so or not, we are very simple people and don’t demand a lot, so I don’t feel the need to tip matre d’s, concierge, chef if I don’t interact with them. I also leave my cabin spotless, clean up after myself, so the steward only spend minimal time in there. Not that I’m cheap, but If I don’t require something, why should I be obligated to tip.

    1. Jacoby Ellsbury

      This specifically and in detail explains how cheap you are and how little you care if anyone else makes a living wage as long as you have the extra ice in your diet coke

      1. Chris

        No, what this points out is how stupid it is that service workers are not just given a living wage to start with. It is not my responsibility to pay your workers. It never should have been. A tip *should* be an OPTIONAL way to say “hey I think you went above and beyond serving me, thank you for the help.” But it’s now a way for companies to be lazy, pay their workers less, and extort customers to force them to pay their workers for them.

      2. Rick

        Oh relax. Get a life.

    2. Kate

      I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve cruised several lines and the one tip that got me was an automatic tip for the sommelier. I don’t drink so I don’t use a sommelier and yet I was paying for his services. Not only that, but it wasn’t a trivial portion of the totally automatic tip.
      I wish the cruise industry would pay a decent wage or roll the cost of tips into the cruise cost. But they don’t and tipping is kind of expected. So I don’t think of it as tips. I think of it as making the final payment of the cruise.

    3. Mark Buongirno

      I tip for extra good service. Why am I required to tip everyone just because they are alive? To be honest, most of the time the service is just acceptable.

      1. Mirer

        Because someone taught you the wrong way to look at tips on service dependant goods. Think of it as a service charge, there is a range, but there also should be a charge to ensure those services are available.

    4. Dori

      Because it’s usual and customary…that’s why… because they don’t get good wages and yet work their asses off for you… although it’s not usual in your country consider it maritime manners.

    5. Kay

      I hear what you’re saying and I agree to some extent. But look at it from the stewards point of view. They rely on tips. They make their living by tidying up your room and collecting the industry standard tips for doing it. If you people like you don’t tip, they don’t make money. That’s not exactly fair to them. I think that if you don’t want to pay industry standard tips, money that the staff relies on and often sends back home their families, maybe you shouldn’t be cruising.

      1. Ju

        Not true. Tips need to be incorporated with price of cruise People need to be paid a living damn wage which should be included as well. If you can’t afford your cruise then …oh well.

      2. Joe

        Screw tipping.. nobody gives me a tip after saving the life of of their loved ones in the ER after slaving away on trauma victims for hours on end.. your just taking my order and bringing me a damn salad hannah, your tipnis tell your boss your boss to actually PAY you and not have to beg people for charity..

        1. Lovely

          My tip is work on your grammar and editing if you’re going to be out here blasting people like a keyboard warrior.

    6. David L

      Yeah. It actually means you are cheap.

    7. Jack

      If you have to point out you are not cheap, it’s 100% certain you are.

  3. T. Casey

    I have a trip with DCL in July and the thing that concerns me is that alot of cruisers are saying they’re being harassed to give a bigger tip at the table. I tip 20% at restaurants so I’m fine with tipping I just don’t want to feel pressure.

    1. Siyan Lumas

      Not true with Disney Cruise line. They absolutely do not ask or try to urge you to give more. You don’t have to give any. You can simply change the amount to zero if you like. The gratuities aren’t really all that much and are well deserved. I find it hard to believe that as many times we’ve done DCL as well as my travel clients, none of us have had this happen. We were just on the Wish a few months ago. This is just typical cancel culture. DCL is far from cheap so if you’re complaining about the meager gratuities, which are no secret, maybe it’s not the cruise line for you.

      1. Brian M

        Maybe you haven’t encountered this, but that doesn’t no one has.

    2. Tina

      We have done several cruises and prefer DCL. We just came back last week from an 8 day. Each persons daily tip is split among the cabin host, head server, server, asst. server. With 4 people in the cabin, they give $5 to the head server that visits the table for 3 minutes at dinner, $19.50 for ther server that tKes your order and carries all of the trays and serves you, $15 to the asst server for getting your drinks/specialty drinks/ bar drinks and cleaning/clearing the table. Cabin host gets $19.50 and does 2 services per day- around your schedule. They come back multiple times and wait until you are out of the cabin to clean. Even if you just do 1 dinner that is easily a $250 4 course meal, the total daily tipping (unevenly split 4 ways) is less than what you would pay if you tipped 25% for the dinner meal. Never once do they verbally request or pressure for tips although they will ask you at the end of the meal if their service was satisfactory to you and at the end of the cruise if you can fill out the comment card to rate their service.

  4. Mary

    I will cruise for the first time next year and I’m preparing to be generous in topping for service. I just don’t want to feel pressured to make up for what the cruise lines neglect to pay their contracted staffers a fair wage.

  5. Natalie

    I was raised that you tipped everyone and you overtipped… i don’t like the handing of the envelope thing. I rather tip separately as my interactions with Disney employees bc it would be hire then what the add to your bill.. I have never been on a cruise but is there a way u can just take care of all the tipping yourself??

    1. Jr

      I have been on cruise lines that there no tipping as it included in the price but the service is not as good or personal. I much rather tip very well and reward those that give great service a little more. I am so thankful they are working and we can cruise again.

      1. Bailey Dog

        Tip envelopes have existed for a long time on Disney, this automatic amount just makes it easier to not have to deal with the recommendation s that have always existed, i like it and actually added extra cash to both main server (we had same one on 2 cruise’s a week apart due to the way we rebooked fue to covid and asking the head server to set it up during the 1st cruise) and the cabin stewards because of service we got based on my wife’s health issues, use and room furniture arrangement due to her electric scooter. in previous cruises we removed head waiter tip because we didn’t feel it was needed. we have no problem with how Disney is doing this and find it SO MUCH easier. We also love rotational dining vs other cruise line dining styles and options.

      2. Sherri

        We have cruised with Disney many times. I think the tipping process helps assure we receive better service throughout our cruise. I do think the sections on the comment card should be separated out. The servers vs the kitchen. The amount really is minimal if figured out per day. The envelopes are a great tool to either use or not. If you just leave everything in your room all crew will get the standard amount. If you would like to give extra to someone who really made your cruise special then you can do that by adding to the envelope and hand it out personally. I hope they keep the envelopes.

  6. Kathy

    This is the norm on all cruise ships. If you feel it’s awkward to personally hand a tip, Disney will just add it to your cabin at the end of the trip. What they DO need to change, is servers pressuring you to leave a 5 star review saying it effects their evaluations, even if the problem was with the kitchen, not them. THAT’S uncomfortable and awkward. Let us rate the server and kitchen separately.

  7. I don’t think it is necessary to tip someone you have no interaction with. I took clean up after my self, I strip the bed, keep all trash in one trash can, pull all towels to a neat pile on the floor. As far as dining I tip based on service.

    1. Jack

      Spotted the tight wad.

      1. Me

        You know you can just not prepay gratuities and tell them at the service desk that you would like to tip everyone personally, right? Then you’re only spending the money on people you know were helpful and they get the whole amount instead of a percentage. Also, most cruise automatically add a 15% tip for every drink so anything you tip is extra you didn’t have to pay.

      2. Me

        Didn’t mean to reply to Jack. Thought I was posting at the bottom.

      3. Ssm

        Spotted the realist. Do you go into every restaraunt or place that accepts tops and tip if you never had service from them? Blame the buisness not the customer. Jackass

  8. DHC

    I have been cruising with Disney for quite some time and I don’t find it confusing at all.
    Interaction with castmembers is not the only reason that you tip. There are many activities behind the scenes performed by the castmembers to make sure that your cruise goes off without a hitch.
    I never liked that Disney would not allow tipping of the castmembers in the Kid’s Clubs. When she was young, my daughter spent more time with them than she did with me, allowing my husband and I to do things that we would not have been able to do.
    I enjoy personally thanking the castmembers for making my vacation special, and showing my appreciation with a tip.

  9. Eric

    You shouldn’t have to tip anyone, why do we have to pay the rest of their paycheck when Disney and other companies already make more than enough to pay their employees? We pay more than enough for vacations why should we have to pay more on top of that? Pay a fair wage instead of making customers do it for them.

    1. EdnaInes

      I just paid my gratuities today for my wish cruise. I also like to add a little extra if I have great service. I like how they have now added that add gratuity options on the website. In the past we had to call to prepay them. Sorry folks but I am A firm believer you get what you pay for don’t like Disney go on a carnival…you will have way more to complain about I’m sure 😃.

    2. Martin

      If they paid a “fair wage” you’d complain because their prices are to high. We’ve cruised for 20 years, Princess, DCL, Norwegian. We like envelopes and enjoy our interactions with staff.

      1. Ssm

        So again… problem is the business…

        1. Bobb

          Nope, the problem is you. You make a choice to use the business which has a well known business model that some agree with and some don’t. Just because you are in the camp of “don’t agree”, that doesn’t make you right. If you don’t like the business model, you are free to go elsewhere. You are not free to demand everyone bow to your will and do what YOU think is right.

    3. Graeme

      Eric, you are absolutely correct. Staff wages are the responsibility of the employer, not the customer. Then set your prices accordingly so we know what to pay in advance.

    4. Jack

      Another whiny deadbeat.

      1. Ssm

        Lol another crapy server whining they dont get enough tips for crappy service

  10. Kelly

    The tipping doesn’t bother me, but when we cruised, the last two days of the cruise the server kept bringing up the comment cards and telling us to make sure we marked the excellent for his service to us. He kept saying that over and over and told us he didn’t expect less that that rating because we hadn’t told him of any issues. I am sorry, but if you are providing good service, you should not have to tell someone how they need to fill out the cards.


      Don’t be sorry, it’s wrong and extremely embarrassing.

  11. Yaz

    This practice is old stuff.
    You pay 15.00 dlls per day per person, and this is added to you bill. You can pay this w the deposit is held on your card at check in( same process they do at hotels). You dont have to tip everyone that you interact w on the cruise. Of course if someone is going extra mile is up to you for extra tipping. Non travellers are the ones that don’t have a clue. Always ask your travel agent for advise.

  12. Mindy

    I’ve cruised with Disney several times. I’ve had great service, I’ve had mediocre service (after the industry reopened) and I’ve had service so good I cried saying goodbye to my servers. I never felt pressured to tip a certain amount. I think they cared more about good reviews on the surveys. Definitely tip though. These guys are amazing.

  13. George

    Obvious that whoever wrote article is a first time cruiser. At least 98 % of people serving you on a cruise boat are not USA citizens. Most are also supporting their family back home. They work long shifts and not being US citizens, they aren’t paid minimum wages. All cruises do this not just Disney. Walk a mile in their shoes before criticizing their extra work to get extra tips.

    1. Cyn

      This reminds me to never go on a cruise. Tip culture has gone way over the top. There is a component of begging in tipping I feel comfortable with because it reinforces a class system between the haves and have nots. I realize tipping is part of this part of travel culture but entitlement creeps in when expectations are not met. It’s better to up the prices and pay the staff well. That being said, I tip appropriately at full service restaurants and donate generously to local charities who help the needy.

      1. PaulG

        Hey people. Some cruises and countries dont have tips and gratuities.
        Its not a worldwide thing. Eg some cruises in Australia and NZ are sold as all inclusive. The fare is higher but its still there. Why? Cause we dont tip as employees get paid. Its then not so.pushy. But the crew still bug the hell out of you selling things.

        1. Bobb

          The very same people demanding they include everything….. are the same people who ignore TRUE all inclusive because it’s too expensive for them.

  14. Carol

    That’s why we prefer cruises where the tipping of everybody is included. Much less stress.

  15. KDS

    I’ve cruised many cruise lines, including Disney, and they all basically operate this way, as others have pointed out. North Americans are used to it— Europeans, not so much. I will say that I once took a really long cruise on a small ship, and on these types of itineraries, you get to know the crew because you see them when they’re not working too— they’re just like other passengers except they also work. I was having a conversation with many of them one day about tipping, and they started talking about how unsafe it is to be given extra tip money — said there is a Filipino Mob working on cruise ships, and any extra tip money has to be turned over to them. I thought they were joking till I got home and looked it up. It’s a real thing! So, I never had give real cash as a tip, nor do I give anything extra. They said if you don’t reveal that you’ve been given extra tip, they’ll beat you up, and sometimes they’ll have someone beat up your family members.

  16. Diane

    To be fair cruises that go from and return to Australia so not require tipping so I do think it’s confusing for anyone from a country that isn’t the USA. Tipping in general is not expected in most places, America is the exception so please be a little kinder to others as we don’t all hail from where you do.

    1. Mike

      I have no problem tipping on a cruise but what always bothers me is that the people you tip are only a fraction of the people running the ship and making things great for you. It seems like a silly practice to tip. A large portion of the crew is not tipped but that is okay because those non-tipped positions get a reasonable wage. Seems more like tips are a way to make people think the cruise costs less than it really costs to bolster sales.

  17. Hoi Pilloi

    An article in tipping on Disney cruises? Avg weight of commentors: 320 avg age: 72

    1. Bobb

      Not everyone is like you, stop protecting fatty. That may be why your here, but not everyone is like you.

  18. Barbara

    I think people that take cruises should be able to tip whatever amount they want to. They shouldn’t be forced to tip certain amount. Plus they shouldn’t have to tip for every single thing.they want to do or want to go and do.
    You should be able to tip what you want to tip regardless.

    1. Jack

      It’s tough being poor and broke.

      1. Ssm

        Get a better job like most of us do and you wont be

        1. Ree

          Yes because you can easily get a job that pays well with the job fairy.

  19. Tom

    First time I meet my Stateroom host I give them $10.00. They also get a tip at the end. This is to get things going. They can’t do enough for you after the starter tip.

  20. Leigh Wood

    How do they know who you tipped and the amount?

    I haven’t been on a cruise since the early ’90s. Back then, tipping was optional. However, if I remember correctly, envelopes were provided and there were recommended amounts.

  21. Janice

    We’ve taken many Disney cruises and we DO NOT follow their “suggested” tipping. The dining room host get nothing. Sorry but he doesn’t wait on me. We decide what others get at the end of our trip never before.

  22. Me

    You know you can just not prepay gratuities and tell them at the service desk that you would like to tip everyone personally, right? Then you’re only spending the money on people you know were helpful and they get the whole amount instead of a percentage. Also, most cruise automatically add a 15% tip for every drink so anything you tip is extra you didn’t have to pay.

  23. I pay my gratuity ahead of cruising so there’s no surprises at the end. I also give my room attendants and waiters/waitresses an extra tip on the last night of dining. The people on these ships work very hard and don’t see their families for months at a time. They deserve it! Oh and no I don’t have lots of money I’m retired with a small income.

  24. ALCM

    Stating that a server should be tipped because companies don’t pay them enough is insanity.

    It’s a stupid argument and if people are so passionate about it, they should use their energy to pressure companies to pay fair wages, not shame the public for not supplementing income.

  25. Scooter

    If it’s mandatory it’s not a tip. Call it what it is…a fee.


    Well I’ve decided I’m not tipping anymore. Ever. It’s my money and I’ll give how much I want. When I want. Tipping is from an Era where the employees had respect, real respect, for customers. Now the FIRST thing the lazy asses say Is “there’s an automatic 18% gratuity included on your bill. B**** , you don’t even know the definition of gratuity. Talking about the bill you haven’t even taken my order yet. Oh no. I’m not feeling bad cause you choose to be “10-years a slave.” Broke ass

  27. Claire

    Or they could pay them properly and not force guests to pay their staff for them.

  28. Ree

    Honestly, a lot of cruises have the option to pay tips up front. Some cruises like Virgin… Roll in the tips with the fair. I just pay that nonsense up front. A lot of cruises pay salaries with tips in mind.. Even European cruises.. Cough cough.. Norwegian.. It’s not just an American practice it’s the standard. If paying during it is it in advance. Tipping is not the end of days. Cruises also throw in rip off drink packages, gambling, shopping, exclusive dining, excursions, access to cabanas.. The whole cruise experience is designed to take your money so make sure you budget for that

  29. Andy C

    The issue with tipping culture is that if “someone” doesn’t think you tiped enough or if you decide not to tip due to service or even if your a non tipper, your called cheap, that you don’t care about the workers.
    I tip only if my server earns a tip personally.
    It’s not my job to pay their wages, im already paying more for things than I really should.
    So I don’t go out much any more, don’t use services if I can help it.
    Not being cheap, but I’m not made of money either.
    Choice of tipping or getting a full tank of gas…
    I’m only one person, but I’m not alone, more people avoiding going out equals less tipping for all of you.

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