Guests Call For Disney to Remove “Insane” Tipping Practice

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Disney cruises make for the best vacations, with activities such as live entertainment, dining, and others all including that extra pixie dust that can only come from a Disney vacation.

However, one aspect of a Disney cruise that tends to be a little more of a drag is tipping. According to some Reddit users, this process needs to be updated in order to be less confusing and awkward.

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User 18_USC_1001 posted a new Reddit thread, discussing the more arbitrary approach to tipping onboard Disney Cruise Lines:

The tipping process is insane; Disney should pay its staff adequately and fairly.

With what the cruise costs and the inequality of only some customer-facing staff being tipped, it seems insane that this practice hasn’t been ended. What benefit does this awkward interaction provide to the experience?

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Users like GrrrArrgh joined the conversation, wishing that the tipping system was more normal and less awkward.

I just want regular tipping, not the weird tipping that DCL does where you awkwardly give envelopes to everybody. I know you can still tip and just not do the envelope thing (that is what I did), but that’s also awkward.

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Another commenter, 1_Bearded_Dude, provided some advice on dealing with the seemingly frustrating tipping process:

If you do nothing, you get charged the standard amount for tips automatically. No envelopes, no cash, no nothing.

If you want, you can put “receipts” in envelopes for the standard top amount and give it to your servers. It’s slightly more personal that way.

If you want you can put the recipes and add extra cash into the envelopes if you felt like they deserve more.

Its a big fuss over nothing. If it’s confusing, literally just do anything and you did it right.

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User su_A_ve chimed in as well with a different perspective:

You can just ignore the whole thing and the standard amount will be charged to your room. But if the servers or stateroom host go above and beyond, the envelopes make it easy to give them something extra.

You can also go to guest services and adjust up or down the tips..

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While some commenters agreed that the process is a little confusing, others pointed out that this tends to be standard practice for the cruise industry and that Disney may not necessarily have been the first to implement these methods.

To help clear up some of these questions, Disney Cruise Line has an FAQ page of gratuity best practices, some of which we will mention below. You can find the complete list here.

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Gratuities are not included in the cruise cost, but Disney recommends that Cruise Line Guests give a gratuity of $14.50 per night, per Guest, which can be pre-paid. The pre-paid gratuities are given to those that take care of your stay. including your dining room server, assistant server, head server, and stateroom host. However, those who stay in the Concierge Staterooms and Suites are encouraged to give a gratuity of $15.50 per night, per Guest.

For Guests who do not pre-pay ahead of their stay, they will be automatically charged the recommended gratuity amount. However, once onboard, Guests can adjust the amount of the pre-paid gratuities at Guest Services before the end of the cruise.

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Pre-paid gratuities do not include the following list of gratuities, which can either be on your bill or up to your discretion:

  • Extras added to rotational dining meals such as alcoholic beverages
  • Adult dining locations such as Remy, Palo, Palo Steakhouse and Enchanté by Chef Arnaud Lallement, which are not part of rotational dining
  • Food or drink in shops and outdoor or poolside eateries
  • Room service
  • Port Adventures
  • Senses Spa & Salon
  • Concierge Lounge Team—Guests staying in Concierge accommodations are recommended a gratuity amount of $8.00 per night, per stateroom Guest
  • Any other additional services

Additionally, any alcohol or spa services automatically rack up an 18% gratuity.

What do you think of Disney Cruise Line’s tipping policy? Have you ever gone through this process on a Disney cruise? Share your thoughts below!

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