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Disney Wish Hyperspace Lounge

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  1. Morris Fraser

    It’s been a few years since we sailed, on the Fantasy. Never did mind the drill and cannot understand why anyone would not like it. At least, we knew where the lifeboats were and how to behave in the case of emergency.

    1. Chris

      There are those with crowd issues that don’t generally have a problem anywhere else, except at muster drill.

      There are those with limited mobility that can’t stand for the length of the muster drill, obviously that isn’t an issue if your station is somewhere with chairs, but for those whose muster is outside on deck or elsewhere without seating, it is a problem that never gets addressed.

      There are those with service dogs that risk getting trampled during muster drills (I have seen it happen).

      Not to mention having 100+ people crammed into a small space that is each muster station isn’t exactly something many welcome today.

      The new system still showed how to behave in an emergency and showed you where your muster station is, but in a way that was much friendlier to the situations above and is just a smarter way to handle muster drill. Disney’s system needed some tweaks, but would have been just fine.

  2. Jayne1955

    I have absolutely no problem doing the drill.

  3. Never been on a Disney cruise, but if you have a problem with an in person muster safety drill, then I would NOT want to be on the same ship with you in an actual emergency.

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