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anna and elsa from frozen on parade


  1. Gary

    If she did she should be fired immediately!

    1. Chris

      She did not. Read the entire article. It is the angle and low quality of the video.

    2. Torq

      Sounds like Gary was the one who got flipped off after making obscene gestures to the princess….

    3. Gary

      My first word was if, I could not see it either.

    4. Chris

      Looks like the bird to me! Maybe she’s float raging.

  2. Name

    I once saw the 7 dwarfs gang bang Snow White. So awk.

    1. Torq

      I saw that too!

    2. Ryan

      Guess that makes all of the m Happy instead of just one.

  3. michael

    Welcome to the new WDW! She’s also probably one of the employees who complain about how their pay, sexual issues, & union suck! LOL! Great job you’re doing there Chapek! Inspire those employees. What’s next? Reward them for these acts & allow them to have face tattoos?

    1. Aaron

      Oh shush. You’re being ridiculous

  4. Frank Bryce

    I wish we could be as cool as you.

  5. Kate

    She’s doing the pose that Elsa does in the films when she produces a snowflake just above her fingertips.

  6. Askamemaw

    My husband was flipped off by Donald F…uhm Duck back in ’08. We didn’t report it bc we didn’t have video. I wish had, but we were tending our child who has autism. It kinda took the magic out of that $14k outlay.

  7. Mike

    Let it go

  8. Obviously she was doing the I Love You sign and as the float turned it shows only one finger up in the video.

  9. Debbie

    I’d guess it was the princess “pinkie up” hand gesture. If you do this and look at it from the side, it would resemble throwing the finger.

  10. Master White

    Hopefully, it was to a minority or queer o sexual trying to assault her

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