Comments for Disney Character Escorted Out of Parade After Giving Emergency Signal

Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade resized

Credit: Disney


  1. AR

    I used to be a character performer, (not at Disney). The signal he gave usually means that whatever headgear they use in the costume fell in front of his eyes and he couldn’t see.

    1. Dakpluto

      This exactly. Nothing serious here, skull cap came over eyes and he couldn’t see.

  2. Fantasy

    I used to be a stripper. Usually that sign meant my tassels got tangled up.

  3. Mike Hunt

    I used to do this…It usually meant that I had to take a crap and there was no time to waste

  4. Uncle Bunkie

    I know this sign. It’s the same one I use when someone is telling me a really boring story.

    1. RevelryInTheDark

      And yet you’re commenting on it

  5. Linda Beckwith

    How about telling us a heartwarming and uplifting story of the beautiful side of Disney such as a man enjoying Disney for the first time with his seeing eye dog,a young girl whose wish was to meet a princess,a family reunion ,a once homeless woman living out her once not in reach fantasy of enjoying the streets of wonder rather than the streets of her past ….

  6. Alc Oholic

    I used to do character performance art. This sign usually means I passed gas into my costume and I puked into my mask and I’m going to pass out.

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