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Fantasmic! at Disney World

Credit: Walt Disney World Resort


  1. Wong

    Well, I’ve seen this type of ending before on YouTube and it was before the pandemic. Usually it was a failsafe in case something went wrong with the boat ending. Hopefully they’ll get the boat back.
    FYI, Fantasmic started in America and the one in Japan was the one which its developers decided to make use of the big waterfront.
    Walt would like this show (I’ve seen it on YouTube before), so thanks but no thank S1, I like everything about it, it’s just that we may need a better dragon (I mean it’s good and all but the dragon may need a little upgrade).

  2. Wong

    Still enjoyable. Walt would have liked this. I’ve seen this change before 2020 and it was still enjoyable. It’s only a failsafe if the boat has issues. Scenes are still engaging though we may need a little upgrade to the dragon (IMO).
    BTW, Fantasmic began in America, so thanks but no thanks S1. When I want your advice, I’ll ask for it.

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