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  1. Steve

    I wish Eisner would come back.

    1. lovesdisney

      Mr. Eisner in my opinion was always the magic, it seemed everything got better and more magical because he was there.The Disney Empire was operated very clean and happy under his watch.Mr. Eisner has always been my favorite for Disney.

  2. Sherri

    Being back Eisner. Disney has some major issues right now. Number one issue is how they are treating their guests and their employees. Over the last couple of years they have treated both badly. Once you have lost a customer it is almost next to impossible to get them back. Plus for every negative comment or experience it takes 100 positive to correct the negative experience. Disney has for lack of a better term pissed of it base. Aka the parents. Just look at the movies they have come out with lately. I have to watch all their movies first before I can let my grandkids even watch it. I never had to do that when my kids were little. They need to start producing the magic again and provide it so the average family can enjoy it with out having to take a loan out. They need to stay out of politics and any new social experiments out there. They just need to produce good family oriented products at an affordable price.

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