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Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort


  1. Steve

    I hope Universal has plans for more parks. Not being as overcrowded as Disney is a huge part of their superior quality and they will be overtaking Disney soon.

    Probably best to start on the 4th and 5th parks before they finish the 3rd.

  2. PPP

    Disney has only themselves to blame. Disney’s 2nd to 4th parks are half day experiences that barely have 10 rides each. Universal will blow Disney out of the water with Epic. Each Universal park has at least 20 rides each. You get more for your buck at Universal.

  3. Jarvis

    I don’t think of those parks being alike except for the umbrella of theme parks. It’s probably both good and bad that they are located in the same city. Walt put Anaheim and Orlando on the map.

  4. Clifton Brewer

    Well, so far Universal is a small fraction of the cost of Disney, and they put a pretty big dent into them once they opened the whole Harry Potter theme park.

  5. Mickeymouse3

    Chapek chapped a lot of guests asses during his short tenure, to the point they are seeking alternatives to Disney.
    It would not surprise me in the least if Universal overtook Disney, as they are quickly becoming the new king of theme parks.

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