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  1. Kev

    As bad as Chapek was, not all of it was his fault. Iger has some blame as well. They both should be gone.

    1. Ryan

      So you are okay with the price increases, Genie+, reservation systems? All that was part of Iger also? Yeah, don’t think so. If Iger was THAT bad, why bring him back?

    2. Tim

      No actually Chapek was the most to blame. He introduced a lot of the failures when he was in charge of Parks & Resorts and Consumer products. Which he was able to combine as one. He was able to institute his henchmen and women into the positions and kept the poor decisions going. He is now pursuing other interests with most likely a hefty severance package to boot. I am not sure that Iger can right the ship in two years but hopefully it will at least stop leaning so far over. I think that the board of directors are using this time to search for someone that has more of a Disney vision rather than the vision of money only. They are seeing big losses coming and a lot of it was caused by Chapek’s ideas. I would be happy with a Michael Eisner type in two years but he will need a Roy Disney type CFO to keep him grounded. No matter how you look at it though there are so many things to fix. I would recommend to Iger these things to do. First reverse the costs and the fees to a sustainable level where you can have volume (constant) profit rather than one time profit such as they have right now. In other words, instead of a $10000 profit from 1 family that will not return for 5 years if ever take in $3000 profit for each family that will return every year or more often, so in 5 years $15000 total profit. Bring back the entire entertainment for the parks this will help manage the crowds in the parks. Along with that get ride maintenance back in line. Stop the run till failure program currently being used. The best option would be to have the night shift back and do PM and other minor maintenance on that shift. The problem that I see with ride maintenance, every ride is going to require major refurb shutdowns to get them back to reliability.
      Second, the Studios. Stop the sequels and create new and invigorating releases. This doesn’t mean stop the franchises from producing movies and shows but make sure that with those you keep reference t the original characters and keep the cannon consistent. The biggest thing one can do is fire Kathleen Kennedy from overseeing two of the strongest franchises that Disney owns. If you can get the fans back to Lucas Films, you will make a lot of money. Just remember that the fans don’t want a rewriting of the original story line they want new material especially if you are introducing new characters. Tie them in but don’t make them the same as the original characters and stories. Also stick to the cannon.
      Finally, stay out of politics unless it deals with Disney directly such as property, protecting the business from taxes or labor laws but stay out of social laws. With that being said don’t make big deals out of including certain types of characters. If they fit in then good but if they don’t just put them in because a vocal minority is being mouthy. Because more than likely Disney will PO a large segment of the silent majority which results in less profits.

  2. PegH

    I’d rather have Iger any day than Chapek. I hope this results in good things for the parks. A hiring freeze is ridiculous when their service has deteriorated so much. Disney used to take pride in how clean the parks were. I hope Iger will realize that you can’t develop long term stability when you alienate your guests. Bring back that Disney Magic to the parks. That’s where the money is.

    1. Claurann

      Immediately sent emails out. Let’s hope their content changes so little ones can be part of the magic again without indoctrination.

      1. Jim

        As a long time fan and stockholder this is good news. Chapek was not good forcthe Disney brand. Hope Iger can restore some magic that has been deteriorating lately. No hiring freeze but hope for a price freeze.

      2. She


  3. This is the Best News in a long time. Perhaps my stock will recover!!!

  4. I love Disney

    What??? Why??? What happened to Chapek’s contract? Why did the board give Chapek a 3 year contract just this year and then make him leave suddenly? What a stupid board, they should be fired.

    1. Big Mama

      The board is EXTREMELY smart and if you liked Chapek at all…. you should be fired! 💣💥 He was the ABSOLUTE WORST thing to happen to Disney. It’s time to bring the magic back to Disney 🥰

    2. Ryan

      Um, they canceled his contract. I’m sure he’ll get some nice compensation package but how could they see what was going to happen? I mean come on! I can hire someone to work for me and then fire them two months later because THEY failed to show to work or not do their job. The board LISTENED to the people! People complained and the board saw that they were losing money so they made the right choice. You can give a contract and fire people. Happens all the time if that person breaks a contract. Had a teacher I worked with that was fired because she never showed up to work. A contract goes both ways and he failed on his end.

  5. Mine

    Best news !!! Was in Disneyland 3 weeks ago , could not believe how the park was ,the lines were longer than ever , rides constantly breaking down , not as clean was it used to be . The cast members were not as happy . We left thinking we’d never return as it wasn’t the place we’d visited 7 times before from Australia no magic , it was about money rather than the Disney experience . Hopefully Iger can reinstate the magic we experienced while he was CEO .

    1. Bob

      As a Disney shareholder and huge fan I am celebrating this move. Unfortunately we are leaving for Disney World in a week and will have to put up with genie+, lightning lane, and much of the other garbage created by Chapek.

  6. Rachel Opie

    Let’s hope the dreadful and totally divisive system of paying to skip the lines is now scrapped and a free system accessible to all guests is reinstated. Please get rid of the reservation system too. Bring back the spontaneity and FUN and make Disney the place it was – happy cast members, spotlessly clean parks and a relaxed atmosphere.

    1. Stephanie


  7. Marianne

    Clean Parks Happy Cast Members that are polite and want to be at work Genie Plus needs to go away tickets are high enough
    Bring back the true Disney Magic & people will come
    to make wonderful memories

  8. Don

    The Disney way of days before is gone . The Disney experience for double the price is lackluster at best. If you cannot bring back The magic has seen through the eyes of a 7 year old that the parents can afford and the experience that the whole family will remember forever you will never regain what was. Quit pandering to the few woke and focus back on the magic for the kids.

    1. Jayne1955

      I have no idea what you mean by woke unless you mean acknowledging that certain people exist.

    2. Ryan

      So you don’t think Iger can fix this mess? That’s what I’m reading here. Iger did a lot for Disney (as did Eisner who many want to come back and help). Sounds like you have no faith.

  9. Gayle

    The people have spoken. This is what happens when we all with one voice and pocketbooks let Disney know we are unhappy with the way they are ruining the parks. Hopefully Iger will bear that in mind when he takes over. We all want the old magic back. Parks, food, resorts, everything back to the old magic.


    Oh happy day!!!
    I’ll be singing all day!
    I haven’t had so much energy now that I heard the news!
    It is the season of miracles !
    God is good!
    Mr Iger has a lot of work ahead of him.
    Prayers and pixie dust for him to guide Disney back to where it belongs!
    OMG I’m doing cartwheels!
    This is the best day ever!!
    Welcome back Mr Iger! God bless!
    Walt can finally get some rest!

  11. Dwhit

    I’m thrilled Chapek is gone! Now I want to see what changes will be made!

  12. Jayne1955

    I thought no one could be worse than Iger until they got Chapek.

  13. Mark

    I am stunned and amazed that Disney would actually listen to their base for once and make a decision that may actually benefit supporters. I am, however, also very realistic in thinking that it is too late to reverse, or even change the terrible policies implemented by Chapek simply for a cash grab while claiming the entire time that it was “for customers benefit.” If you think that parking fees at resorts are going away, ticket prices will come down, fastpass will replace Genie+, more employees will be hired, and for DVC members(like me) –your resort rooms will stop being sold to paying customers reducing the space available to you—you are probably sadly mistaken. The genie+, as they say, has been let out of the bottle and can’t be forced back in. I do think, though, that they should bring back the Magical Express. This was a wonderful perk to all of those spending so much already on a resort stay or who have personally taken a stake in DIsney by joining DVC. We will see what, if anything, Iger decides to do. I showed you a small part of my list, but I am not hopeful that any meaningful beneficial changes will be made or perks restored.

    1. Ryan

      Vacation points are nothing more than YOU being able to get a hotel room when YOU want. It’s no different that me going and staying at YOUR hotel and paying. YOU just get to go whenever you want. I can rent YOUR room whenever I want as long as their are reservations. Do you not know how it works? We did vacation rentals before and looked at the hotel we had points for and the rooms that we could rent were MORE than what we could stay at regularly as just travelers. Same rooms, different prices.

  14. Cindy

    Hopefully the “MAGIC” will return. I loved Disney, last 2 trips were very disappointed.
    Looking forward to seeing what happens next, like get rid of Genie and go back to free fast passes.

  15. Kris

    Bob Chapek made us forget just how bad Bob Iger was 🤣

  16. Patricia

    As a DVC member for 20+ years, and so much magic gone, thoughts and prayers to Mr. Iger. I know it will not happen over night, but excited to see the upcoming changes! Will be at Disney World in 6 days! Very exciting news!

  17. She

    Here is hoping that Iger goes back to the traditional family fun that made Disney great. Get out of politics, leave the woke baloney behind. This is not the place for it. Bring back the magic!

  18. Maria

    Today’s a day of independence for all Disney lovers and their descendants!!!

  19. Paul W

    Cautiously optimistic. We shall see if Iger plans and executes any actual changes that enhance guest experience and bring it back to its previous levels. I absolutely loved my 2014 trip with the magical express, resort delivery of purchases, dining plans, and annual passes. Hope all of it comes back but I’d be happy if just one of them does!


    I hope his ego is Ok, this is a tough time for him, I am sure of that.
    Not all jobs are created for all executives, I’m sure he’s very good at other positions, and hopefully he will remain on staff at some capacity.
    Let’s get people OFF THEIR PHONES FOR EVERYTHING first off.
    Please/Thank you

  21. My name is User Name

    Iger is the person that set Disney on its current path, Chapek was just picking up the baton…

  22. Tim

    I think there was a change in some board members recently and they looked at the spread sheets and saw major losses coming and no way of stopping them or at least make them not so impactful. My guess is that we won’t see any significant changes till after the New Year for the simple fact is that from now to January third is the busiest time at the resorts.
    Here is my list of items in the order they will be eliminate:
    1. park reservations
    2. Hiring of Maintenance staff
    3. Hiring of entertainment for the parks
    4. Removal of Kathleen Kenedy, Replacing the President of Parks and resorts.
    5. Restart of Traditions Training and putting staffing through a refresher.
    6. Possible return of fast pass or free genie plus for everyone with actual real limits on tickets like old Fastpass system.
    7.Less reliance on use of your phone
    8. Less forcing of IPs into the parks.
    9. decreasing prices to reflect actual costs and profit expectations. Most companies look for a 40 to 50% profit margin on things. Which is why they can mark stuff down and still make money and when they sell the last two or three items at say 75% off that is 100% profit as they had already bought and paid for the item with the profit made on selling at full price.
    10. Working to Reinstitute the Reedy Creek District.

    We will see if any of this happens or not.

    1. Stephen Smith

      Hi Tim, What is an IP? You appear to be a cast member that has inside info about which most of us don’t have a clue. If Traditions training is what I’m guessing it is, then YES! I have noticed a DISTINCT drop-off in service from CM’s and company in the past 15 years.

  23. J

    None of the “nay sayers” probably ever actually ran a “real” company before. Try it yourself and then let’s see what you comment about…oh that’s right…you will never have a real basis to criticize. I am not a fan of Chapek but mostly because he has no backbone to lead…not because of his other decisions…and yes…I have run “real” companies.

  24. Mickeymouse3

    Genie+ granted us the first wish…..
    Chapek is gone!
    Genie+, for my second wish…..
    I wish for the pre-covid era of magic to be restored to all that is Disney.
    Genie+, for my third wish…..
    I wish you to be free

  25. Carol

    I’m not going to hold my breath that Bob Iger can change all the damage that’s been done, but hopefully he can get things going back in the right direction.

  26. VMC

    Wish it was Eisner returning actually, but Iger knows EVERYONE IS WATCHING!!
    He better make changes IMMEDIATELY or the people will speak up again!!!

  27. Lawrence Brian Schwartz

    Chapek is gone. Good. But don’t think Iger is gonna make ANY difference in saving the Mouse House. He cozies up to the communist country China, leveled the amazing studio 20th Century-Fox and brought the company to their position in the first place. Disney is on pins and needles with what to do to turn around their losses and Iger will not do it.

  28. Jarvis

    Keep the employees left wing, dangerous politics to themselves. No more woke bull sh!t

  29. David M

    It is about time, thank you Board of Directors.

  30. Stephen Smith

    If you think prices will go down to what a family can afford now that Chapek is out, you are sadly mistaken. I used to take my family for a three-day weekend every month because my son is autistic and he responded so well when there. He spoke his very first words at 4 1/2 years of age after getting off the Goofy rollercoaster, “Momma, GO AGAIN!” He is now 15 and constantly asks to go to Disney.

    Yesterday I bought four 3-day Florida resident tickets for the weekend before Christmas and they cost the same as two annual passes used to cost just a few years ago. We were annual pass holders for 14 years, Sadly, we have been priced out of our Disney Destination. We can’t even afford to eat there any longer. I average about 1-1.2K/day when there. We are now lucky to get on 3 or 4 rides all day long. The hotel costs are ludicrous compared to the wages in Florida! So sad what has happened to a really good thing for so many people.

  31. Claudio Grande

    Glad to see Chapek gone and maybe now Izer can change some of those ridiculous changes that Chapek instituted like the Genie+, park reservations, park hop, excessive increase in annual pass holders renewals, remember that passholders are your loyal guests that go many times through the year and spend lots of money in the parks, restaurants, etc., stop charging the additional $99 for the photo pass when you are already charging over $1,000+ for the platinum annual pass. Start giving the Magical Touch to your loyal guests and see how your profits will gain by us spending our money in your restaurants rather than leave the park and eat at any outside Disney restaurants for half or a third of what we pay in a Disney restaurant.
    Start appreciating your guest more and delivering a better atmosphere for your guest and you will see how your profits will go by two fold.

  32. Linda M Gonzalez

    I hope the new CEO brings back the previous pass system for people with autism.

  33. Mallory

    I hope Iger keeps the reservations and Disney Plus. As vacationers we want less time in line and lower crowds. The APs can wait in lines since they come back every week. I’m totally willing to pay more to get more time in for the 10K we drop for a week at Disneyland.

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