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  1. Mindy

    People aren’t required to go with family to a Disney park. If you don’t care for that sort of thing then don’t go. Nobody wants a wet blanket to ruin their trip. My parents even take separate vacations if neither is enthused about the other’s destination plans.

  2. G

    My husband absolutely hates Disney vacations. We live out in the country on a farm, he’s not used to crowds. All the people are a deal breaker for him. He also hates how expensive it is, but how rides need updating or break down. I mean, fair enough! I do see his point on that. I just like the other aspects of Disney like the ambiance and nostalgia. But the price increases are getting worrisome. He went with my 20 year old daughter and I this year to make us happy. But to be honest, I was so stressed trying to make it enjoyable for him. Going an off season time to help with crowds, only it wasn’t as off season as I had hoped. So then the crowds were stressing me out since I was so focused on it (when I wouldn’t be otherwise). I was hoping he would be impressed with the newer rides like Star Wars and Avatar, convinced that would change his mind some. I think he liked them because he was already there, but not enough to plan a trip back. He was a good sport and didn’t outwardly complain, and I appreciate him doing it for us, but it was obvious it wasn’t his thing. We agreed that Disney vacations from here on out would be a mother/daughter thing. Him and our 22 year old son (who also hates Disney, and unlike his dad, didn’t take one for the team and come, lol) are going to do father/son mountain biking trips when we do our Disney trips. We’re thinking alternating years. One year do mother/daughter Disney and father/son Mtn bike. Then the next year do a family trip to somewhere agreed on by all.

  3. Tman

    Disney vacations should be a solo thing. No sane person likes that place at all.
    If you wanna go cool, cya.
    We’re all going to do something that’s actually fun and doesn’t offer the possibility of murdering someone for cutting in line.

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