Could Neil Patrick Harris be the Toymaker?

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Two Toymakers

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Is the Toymaker behind this reincarnation?

David Tennant coming back as the 14th Doctor was quite a surprise to everyone. This is the first time that a previous Doctor has been reincarnated into a later Doctor.

David Tennent Doctor
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A core belief of Doctor Who has always been, nothing is impossible, just a bit unlikely.

Some odd things happened during the regeneration from Jodi Whittaker’s 13th Doctor to David Tennant’s 14th Doctor.

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First, the 13th Doctor stepped outside of the TARDIS. Normally the regeneration happens within the TARDIS, destroying it.

What’s more is that the Doctor’s clothes changed during the regeneration process, which is something that doesn’t usually happen.

These things could easily have something to do with an original villain from 1966 called The Celestial Toymaker.

NPH Doctor Who Villain
Credit: BBC

The Toymaker, or The Crystal Guardian was a powerful being who ensnared sentient beings in seemingly childish games, with their lives at stake.

The trailer for the next season teased about a new villain played by Neil Patrick Harris.

Despite appearing in various spin off media, the character has only appeared in the actual television show once. However, that appears to be set to change with the debut of the 60th Anniversary specials.


With the first promo revealing new insight, fans have begun speculating over which character Harris would be. The Toymaker has been a consistent guess based off an apron that looks like something he would wear.

After time, more hints popped up that solidified that guess as well.

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There has been a reoccurring shopfront with the name “Mr. Emporium”, and it has signs in the window that says the store sells “fun & games” and “toys & tricks’.

Add to the fact that Harris has been spotted on set wearing a top hat and tails.

NPH Doctor Who Villain
Credit: BBC

There was also a prop in Bristol that read “Toymaker of the Year”.

With The Toymaker loving to play tricks and games, it only makes sense that a former Doctor regenerating again would be right up his wheelhouse.

The Doctors clothes changing could also be because of the Toymaker. In every other regeneration, except for the first one, the Doctor emerges wearing the previous Doctors clothes.

David Tennant Doctor
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There is also the chance that the TARDIS landed in the Toymaker’s dimension, allowing him to play his tricks.

Whatever the reason, fans have made some pretty solid observations that Neil Patrick Harris could very well be the Toymaker.

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