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Jack Sparrow as an animatronic.

Credit: Disney


  1. Brooke

    Animatronics are being removed because Chapek won’t pay to fix them. Splash Mountain has a serious leak, and maybe half of the effects on Indiana Jones are working. It makes me nervous to ride anything with observable maintenance issues – imagine if the effects are working, what else isn’t working that you can’t see. Not until someone is hurt or worse, will Chapek be fired. Paul Pressler 2.0

    1. Walt

      Chapek is no better than Iger. they both SUCKED royally. Oh and their attitude is “F” you I got mine. while destroying the company with their crap woke ideology. Splash is a classic and when you do NOTHING to maintain it are you surprised? Funny how all the other classic rides around from the opening can be maintained but not splash. I am ALREADY not setting a foot in that mentally sick world of the woke ideology.

      1. Bert

        Don’t be a baby.

        1. b

          I’m proud of you Bert. Keep telling yourself these things and one day you may become a strong man. Not likely, but I admire your persistence.

      2. Kevin

        Couldn’t agree more

        1. J

          There Disney go ruined for woke crap ! Me and family loved it in 1976 ! So magical. That why I never go back !

    2. Sora

      That’s very concerning. I’m pretty sure they might know about these problems already.

    3. Family just got back. Glad I did not go. Waste of money. Reservations only for food that was over priced and served cold. Cast members with no manners. And rides that are broken. I won’t be back!

  2. Annyomous


  3. Mason

    This is a non-story

  4. JDrules

    Wow! A non negative Johnny Depp comment. Someone should take the writer’s temperature.

  5. Barb

    How could you misspell the famous theme song here.
    Yo ho,
    Yo ho

  6. Kevin

    We need Johnny Depp back asap he is the face and heart of POTC, without him potc will never be successful again,

    1. S

      You realize that ride was built when Johnny Depp was a toddler, right? He had nothing to do with it.

  7. Brandon

    I’m not sure why anytime we have a simple update of a ride, we need the full history of the attraction. Do you think “non-Disney parks fans” are reading this? Just give us the update without the history lesson.

    1. SK

      AMEN! I was thinking the same EXACT thing!!! Get to the frickin point already!!! 🤬

    2. Nate


  8. Chris

    Figures are being removed everywhere for maintenance this time of year. Most can be done in-place but the more involved rehabs need removal to the shops to be stripped down and completely rebuilt. It’s not just Disney.

    1. J

      Yeah, the dog was out for a long time awhile ago, my coworker worked on his coat, takes a long time to sew one together and make it look perfect to the standards that Disney has, plus the refurbishing of animatronic skeleton, they do the whole refurb all at once.

  9. Jesse Locastro

    There used to be an animatronic pirate chasing a woman around in circles.
    A long time ago they changed it to a woman with a broom chasing the pirate. Probably because a little kid asked why he was chasing her.

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