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  1. Em

    Short answer is Yes. Long answer is Hell Yes!

    1. Nancy C Fecca

      He should have been fired long ago. He is like a cancer for this company. If you don’t cut it out it kills you!

    2. Linda Marie Gonzalez

      Love your comment

  2. KC

    Waiting for that head on collision to happen. Can’t come soon enough. He must be fired & Disney returned to what Walt meant for it to be.

  3. Steve

    Pay Joe R. whatever he wants to replace Chapek.

    1. Baj

      Get rid of him already. Couldnt believe contract was renewed

    2. Will

      Absolutely. He has ruined the experience for passholders.

      1. Renee

        100% yes. He does not care about the consumer, his employees or keeping the Disney Experience true to it’s original mission.

  4. W

    Yer doin’ a heck of a job Chapek!

  5. jeffrey francus

    fire chapek get rid of bob chapek or more accurately bob cheapskate and bring back disney pixar marvel Star Wars and 20th century studio 3d blu-rays they weren’t harming anyone by releasing them and some people myself included enjoyed having the option to watch movies released in 3d int heatres in 3d at home heck even putting them in 3d on disney plus would be ok it literally is as easy as uploading a file since vudu was able to do so for years.

  6. Davey

    I actually think he’s doing an incredible job and am excited to see where Disney will be in 10 years under his leadership.

    1. Steve

      You must own Comcast stock. I can’t blame you.

    2. Geoff

      When you don’t know the greatness that was…. You can’t see the horror that is. Disney parks are not the magical place of old.

    3. B

      Under his reign there will be NO Disney in 10 years!

      1. DB

        Agree, B.
        He must hate Disney.

        1. Nancy C Fecca

          He must be working undercover for Universal!!

        2. Chris

          Very expensive for UK holiday makers now
          You pay more for a lot less at Disney world

  7. Cheryl C

    Get rid of him before there is nothing left to save. After going every year for over 20, I’m done. My last two WDW experiences were awful.

    1. Same here. We’re selling our DVC, and I never thought we’d do that. We had a great time at Universal, and I never thought I’d say THAT!

  8. Gayle E

    Please get rid of him, he is destroying everything we love. We are 20+ year pass holders, DVC owners and just huge Disney fans since the first visit in 1974. He has no idea what Disney means to anyone and now consumers are showing him with $. Time for him to go.

  9. George

    He should have been gone the first year. My advice, stop all projects and concentrate on bringing the magic back. That includes bring back fast past the way it was, 180 day fast pass selection and dining selection,
    cast members that know what they are doing and the great chefs, and the Grand Floridian Orchestra. MOST IMPORTANT BRING BACK THE MAGIC!

    1. Steve

      Fast pass was always a prelude to paid line cutting.

      Bring back one line for everyone. No one needs to be cutting.

      1. Marie

        Ummm…Fast pass was free….

  10. We can only hope……..He lost touch of fans years ago, now he’s losing touch with investors and thats where it really hurts him……

  11. DB

    Been saying it since DAY 1!!!
    And as for his contract renewal…I said they will regret it…
    Just takes time for it to be shown.
    My only hope, he doesn’t run Disney down where it can’t come back up.

  12. Norman Higgins

    Been going to WDW since it opened. Well over 35 times with and without family. My kids and their spouses, grandchildren and great-grandchildren number 48 (all former WDW fans) Several have worked there and a couple time shares have been established. Most of us agree that WDW is becoming a nightmare for the average family. It seems that the wealthiest visitors can purchase special privileges on their very occasional visits, while avid fans who repeatedly supported the growth of WDW are being priced out and made to feel unwanted and under-appreciated. Quite a few of my family and friends will not be spending our money at WDW as long as Chapek is mis-running Disney. Although most of us are very fortunate to be able to afford WDW, the feeling of Disney is not currently evident. Most of us agree that a couple weeks at a 5 star all-inclusive will give us more pleasure than a few days in the current WDW environment. We have fond memories of parties, anniversaries, birthdays, proposals, etc. At the real Disney before corporate greed took over. Your stock will continue to fall unless you remember your roots. We all hear about the Disney “dreams to come true” but remember, Dreams can only come trus if you wake up. Take note.

    1. S Nogg

      Well said. I agree completely.

    2. SD

      Well said. Our family feels the same.

    3. Brussells

      Totally agree. We’ve just returned from our first visit in 4 years and cannot believe that they have done away with the Fastpass system. Now it is only available at extra cost- we had already bought park tickets, flown from the UK and had to rent a car and accommodation. It has now just become too expensive. This two tiered system is not what Walt Disney envisaged- he wanted all families to enjoy the park equally. When corporations come in, caring goes out!

    4. Linda Marie Gonzalez

      Love your comment

  13. she

    Fire Cheapskate, bring back classic Disney. This is not a political project; Disney was planned for families — a safe place to bring your children and make memories. The joy, excitement and wonder is long gone. Stuff Cheapskate in it, get rid of it and go back to the stuff sweet dreams are made of. Until then, you’ve lost your market.

  14. Carl

    The reason Disney has lost its special magic is Chapek can’t charge for that. If it doesn’t make money then he has zero interest in it. Cast members know he only supports chargeable things. If he could find a way to charge for the air you breath while there he would. Disney is just an over priced six flags and nothing more.

    1. Linda Marie Gonzalez

      Six flags is cheaper and nicer crowd!

  15. Deb

    YES, Fire Chapek !!!!!! He has turned Disney from the most magical place to the greediest place on earth!!!!!!

    1. Linda Marie Gonzalez

      Love your comment

  16. Diane

    Not complicated or difficult – YES, he should be fired.

  17. Bert

    45: Losing looser, losing.

    1. Bert

      Baby goes boo-hoo!

      1. Steve

        Nick, are you going to need a Baker Act again?

  18. Roe

    I can’t believe his contract was renewed. As an annual passholder this guy needs to go.

  19. Linda Marie Gonzalez

    Just for changing Disney’s special needs pass for people with autism Chapel should be fired. He destroyed our pro bono lawyers practice when he tried to get Chapel to reinstate the original pass for people with autIsm. His reservation system is a nightmare. The parks are overcrowded with angry hot people who just came to have a good time and not be treated like garbage. We need an intelligent, compassionate policy maker running Disney not Chapek. I have been going to Disney since it opened. My daughter and I have been annual pass holders since the 1990s. As long as Disney discriminates against people with autism and has an insane park registration system, we and everyone we know will never return.

    1. Linda Marie Gonzalez

      Chapek not Chapel

  20. Ramon

    We have been passholders for years, and we are actually considering not renewing anymore. Such a shame that the once great Disney magic has been lost. I’m in total agreement that chapek needs to go. The downhill slide started the moment he took over

  21. Linda Marie Gonzalez

    Because he destroyed the autism special needs pass. You obviously have never stood on a hot Disney line for 2 hours with a person with profound autism. Chapek’s new system forces people with autism to get a return time. So what do they do while they wait for two hours for their Avatar return time! They wait on other long lines in the meantime and have meltdowns that are not their fault! Have you been the parent of a child with autism having a meltdown in like because of Chapek’s cruel pass policy? I am a parent who hand to deal with a Chapek induced meltdown when my daughter with autism started to loudly cry because of Chapek’s abusive policy. By the way we left the line because Im the type of person who will not destroy other visitors good time and we’ll never come back

  22. Is he the reason Star Wars fans can’t get Action figures? If so, he is missing ouit on even more BILLIONS of Dollars.The last time I looked the Mouse likes money.

  23. Linda

    Never mind firing him- he should never have been hired in the first place! He has literally destroyed everything that Disney ever stood for all on his own! For God’s sake, he was booed at the D23 convention and those people are the biggest Disney Philes on the planet. I was a charter member but I quit after he came around.

  24. Real S1

    I love Chapek, I can’t wait to use his photo tonight for my daily sessions.

    1. Marie

      Well goody goody for you! Guessing you like to pull wings off of flies too….

  25. Joxua

    Yes. Please fire this dude and restore a sense of joy and Equality to the citizens of Disneyland.
    The current situation is unenjoyable because “favored” guests are Treated like VIPs right infront of your face and the “unfavorable” guests have to wait and watch and feel like lower class citizens because they don’t pay the extra fees

  26. Jim Slade

    Chapek followed a totally incompetent CEO in Bob Iger who focused on self promotion and built a house of cards. Iger accomplisted what seemed impossible: destroying the Disney brand. “Disney” used to mean “what you can put in front of your kids and not have to worry.” Iger completely wiped that out.

    Iger did big deals like Marvel and Lucasfilm that worked at the start but are fizzling out. Iger is not not unique. Jack Welsh was probably a bigger self-promoter, whose house of cards crashed at GE. Stanley Gault was lauded over increased profits a Rubbermaid for his successors to discover he had actually destroyed the company.

    After the Iger debacle, Disney needed someone who could pick up the pieces after the Iger disaster—that sure isn’t Chapek. After the Florida Anti-Grooming law fiasco and Chapek’s subsequent hostage video, Chapek no longer is in any position to provide LEADERSHIP to a company that desperately needs it.

    What Disney needs is hard to find. That is a CEO who can put on a friendly face and make the company appear family friendly again who, as the same time, can ruthlessly purge the company of the forces that undermined the brand. They need a CEO who can do more tan squeeze blood from theme park customers.

  27. Mickeymouse3

    I can’t stand Bob, the 2nd O is silent, Paycheck and what he is doing to disney, but……
    Who would replace him? D’Maro? Uh, no!
    Would prices go down if he was replaced? No.
    Would quality, magic or CM’s return? That remains to be seen.
    The Disney board will not give up their scapegoat just yet. Ultimately, the shareholders have to dictate to the board what they want, and they also need to replace the current board. Apparently the stockholders are still willing to let their share value drop more before saying, enough!
    But again, complaining on this site means nothing. Complaints must be filed directly to Disney. That is the only way they will hear their base.

  28. Tamara Koenigsberg

    Fire Bob Chapek asap!

  29. Tina Sedlacek

    Absolutely yes we were just there after not going for 10 yrs due to a move and health issues we were annual pass holders before that and it was the worst experience ever in part due to cutbacks on things and price hikes with no added benefits I love Disney but maybe not so much after this trip

  30. JP

    My opinion as Disney shareholder: FIRE HIM.

    My opinion as a native Floridian: FIRE HIM

    My opinion as a local living just outside the gates of Disney: FIRE HIM

    My opinion as a parent: FIRE HIM

    My opinion as a (now former) longterm passholder: FIRE HIM

    My opinion as former landowners of what is now part of Disney World: FIRE HIM

    My opinion as a (now former Disney Plus member: FIRE HIM

    My opinion as someone that has spent over one hundred nights at various Disney resorts: FIRE HIM

    My opinion as someone who misses the MAJIC that Walt created: FIRE HIM

  31. Gary

    Well the sooner he is gone along with everyone who supported him and all the Woke folks then things can happen to get Disney back on Walt’s track. The first thing is to hire someone who is very similar to Walk in how he did things and felt. This person also needs to be as similar to Roy & Walt’s wife Lillian who had input on things. Then hire people to help him who are good at what they do who think the guest is very important. Now on the business end which was Roy’s thing it is important too but the Guest comes first so their needs to be someone who is like Roy. Then when things start turning around to where it is supposed to be then hopefully some or most of the long time Castmembers who left because they were fed up will come back because they loved it there. And maybe all the breakdowns will lessen because of some off them leaving. Thats what I think and hope will happen.

  32. Kathy

    Definitely! He is destroying Disney

  33. Steve

    Bob Cheapskate and Bob Ignorant destroyed Disney.

  34. Marie

    Exactly! I have…well had….been going to Disney World since it opened. From childhood to adulthood. I have not stepped foot in the park for almost 3 years now, and will not until it goes back to being Disney World…not the Chapek World Disaster.

  35. John S.

    Most definitely, just found out Disney+ are now requiring age and gender for subscriptions.

  36. Absolutely! He should never have been selected as CEO in the first place. I have lost thousands in stick value!!! Yet he raises ticket prices! He has to go NOW!!!!

  37. Rod Kurihara

    The only thing that will convince the board to fire Chapek is the price of the stock. If they see the potential for it to recover, it will be status quo. No amount of bad press or public outcry will change their mind. Unfortunately they are blind to first principles and tradition. They only see the price of the stock. It’s recent decline was inevitable in this economic climate. The question is, do they see this as Chapek’s fault or the general economy? Do they take into account cast and guest comments? Probably not unless they see it affect the financials. Unfortunately too many people still see nostalgia and value in the company, and so they come to parks despite price increases validating Chapek’s decisions, see movies of questionable value and pay the price increases
    of online entertainment. Change will not happen until the consumer sees the value declining.

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