“Chapek Has to Go!”: CEO Continues to Drive Disney Under

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Analyst Jim Cramer on CNBC recently called for Bob Chapek to be fired due to the recent losses in Disney’s stock and financial standing.

If Disney fans have been keeping up with recent developments in Disney’s media, Parks, and plans, they know that Chapek hasn’t been doing himself any favors with his controversial statements and actions regarding the company, and Cramer isn’t the only one that thinks Chapek should get the shaft.

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As of writing, Disney’s stock has reached a multi-year low at around $88 a share and Chapek has clearly lost touch with both his audience and consumers. Needless to say, the CEO has been the bane of many dedicated Disney fans with his recent decisions and choices regarding the company.

Although his contract was recently renewed, Disney’s board is likely regretting that decision as the company’s stock value and reputation continue to plummet. That all being said, it’s not just about the money or the financial gain. Chapek, as Abigail Disney so eloquently put it, has “lost the plot” and has completely fallen out of touch with his consumers.

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Along with balling the company up in a political scandal with the “Don’t Say Gay” bill and the discord with Governor DeSantis, Chapek has made recent remarks concerning Disney’s fans tastes and preferences that continue to miss the mark with everything the company and studio stands for. With talk of a Disney Metaverse and an “interest” in an R-rated Disney project, it seems like the CEO is sending the company to Hell in a Mickey-shaped handbasket.

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The question on Jim Cramer’s and every dedicated Disney fan’s mind continues to be “should Disney fire Chapek?” Given the most recent data, news, and financial reports, signs point to yes. However, things are never that black and white in the realms of big business.

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At the time of writing, Disney is facing some severe backlash regarding everything from the theme parks to Disney+ to the treatment of employees and Cast Members. The truth of the matter is that all roads lead back to Chapek. Although the argument can be made that there will never be another Michael Eisner, Roy E. Disney, or even a Robert Iger, the evidenced stacked against the current CEO of the Walt Disney Company is tremendously high. The stocks and financial troubles are just the tip of the iceberg, and Chapek is heading straight for a head-on collision.

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