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Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney


  1. DisneyFan

    If Bob Iger was smart, he would listen to the 94,000+ people against the change. There’s no reason why a new PATF attraction couldn’t coexist with Splash Mountain, especially in WDW.

  2. S

    There will be no retheme. Disney is telling a big lie. Splash Mountain will still be there in 2046 for WDW’s 75th and in 2055 for Disneyland’s centennial long after all traces of the two Bobs have been erased by the Make Disney Great Again movement and Disney is run by an owner who brings back the “What would Walt do?” mantra to make decisions.

    1. Dodger


      1. S1

        It’s the truth. You’ll be shocked to know I’m speaking to you from the future and we can talk to people in the past including our past selves. And who is it who’s going to make Disney great again? That would be moi. You know what will really be adorable? Watching you woke undesirables be turned away from buying tickets because you can’t provide proof of fandom and the parks basically becoming private clubs much like the Augusta National Golf Club, home of The Masters.

        1. Dodger

          I’m not remotely shocked because, as a fellow time traveler, I just happened to return from 2025 where I witnessed your adorable three-month run come to an abrupt and ignominious end as Scarlett Johansson took over as CEO, relegated various pieces of Splash Mountain to a new museum built on the grounds of the former Augusta National Golf Club, added special new hard-ticket events like Mickey’s Very Merry Kwanzaa Party and Horace Horsecollar’s Happenin’ Hanukkah Hoedown, and officially decreed that every day would be Gay Day in a new park called Rainbow Kingdom. The future is looking quite fabulous indeed.

          1. Dodger

            You had me at “You keep believing those lies.” LOL

  3. M

    Nobody wants this re-theme. The fact that Chapek is gone shows Disney sees the writing on the wall. They are losing millions and to waste millions on a re-theme no one wants will not anger the fans more & Disney will lose even more millions. Leave Splash Mountain alone. #SaveSplashMountain

    1. Gary

      Hopefully Iger will get busy now & on the right track which is the Walt Disney Track!!!

      1. Gary

        I sent an e-mail to Eisner to get his thoughts but I have no idea if he will respond!

      2. Robert Kirker

        If you’re going to retirement, why not do it at just one park? That way the parks are different that it would promote visitors to go to both.

        1. Robert Kirker

          I ment retheme, not retirement. Dang autocorrect!

    2. Steve

      If they saw the writing in the wall, they wouldn’t have brought back Bob “Activist” Iger.

    3. Bill

      I wouldn’t mind seeing the attraction changed. Not that I have a problem with Splash Mountain, but maybe 20 years is enough. I think Disney should change more attractions. Keep the park fresh. I guess that does run the nostalgia factor for some.

      1. Dodger

        Amen. Everyone has nostalgia for things that can’t last forever, for whatever reason. Change is inevitable. Go with the flow and don’t let it ruin your life.

        1. S1

          Change is not inevitable with my life or my kids. I’ve been the same person for decades and my kids are my clones. When I get my hands on Disney, I hope you enjoy a theme park preserved in amber and run by people with brains stuck i n the 20th century.

        2. Steve

          Change is the altar the woke losers worship at because they have no history, no values, and no clue.

  4. Yvonne Montgomery

    I don’t want Splash Mountain re-themed. They need to leave Splash Mountain alone and make the Princess and the Frog their own ride. Also bring back Annual Passes and the dining plans and get rid of park reservations!

    1. Beth

      Park reservations help with staffing… highly doubt they will change that. It allows them to see daily demand and can adjust staffing based on those projected number of reservations.

      1. Steve

        You mean cut costs and provide a worse experience.

  5. Elijah Abrams

    Iger, the BLM problem is starting to fade away. I think you should leave Splash Mountain alone.

    1. Mason

      You can Thank a documentary made by Candace Owens, and a proxy war between Ukraine and Russia for that.

  6. J

    He is even more woke lol. Be careful what you wish for

    1. Steve

      He is the original woke. All these people happy he is back obviously weren’t paying any attention.

      1. Dodger

        I was paying attention and I’m still happy he’s back. Can you see me, Steve? I’m waving at you from the woke train as you continue your flustered pacing on the station platform. You might wanna bundle up. It gets a bit chilly at night. See ya!

        1. Steve

          Sure, the bridge is out. Have fun.

        2. S1

          Too bad the woke train is going to be derailing and crashing like Casey Jones in the 382.

    2. Jayne1955

      I have no idea what people mean by woke, unless you mean acknowledging certain people exist.

  7. Trudy mitchell

    Splash mountain is one of our favorite rides just the way it is. Disney is far from the happiest place on earth these days. Our experience there in March 2022 was the worst and we’ve been going since 1990! Employees were miserable and rude. Took our 9 yr old grandson and he couldn’t even get a pic with Mickey which is all he wanted! We have one day left on our extinct forever passes. I could care if we ever go back!

  8. Darren

    I won’t be finding anything on the new ride. I refuse to ride it. It offends me that they are ruining my favorite ride, but my feelings and a lot of other peoples don’t matter I guess.

  9. Morris Fraser

    Retheming happens on minor and major levels. I respectfully request retaining the name Splash Mountain and let the ride theming take care of itself. Betcha only a few diehards will actually boycott.

    1. Steve

      It will be as empty as the Finding Memo ride or the Imagination ride post-“improvement”.

  10. Beth

    Dear lord. We were all up in arms when Iger lead the change for tower of terror to become guardians and guess what- the ride became better. Rethemeing happens- get over it. I love splash mountian but the characters are irrelevant. Walt said Disneyland would keep changing, get onboard or don’t go.

    1. Steve

      Brainless woke take.

    2. DisneyFan

      Walt Disney also said “I love the nostalgic myself. I hope we never lose some of the things of the past.” Splash is iconic and nostalgic for many. Do you think Figment is irrelevant because kids don’t have an IP to relate to his character? Your argument is weak.

    3. S1

      Walt is dead and the idea of the parks changing died with him. Disneyland was finished with the opening of Indiana Jones. Guardians is a horrible ride and you have a horrible taste. Tower of Terror is coming back after Disney gets broken up by the DOJ and Marvel is taken away from them which means no more Marvel in the parks. When I get my hands on Disney in a hostile takeover Disneyland will be locked in place, frozen in time in the 20th century where it belongs catering only to the purists.

  11. Roger Stevens

    Disney execs do not give a Damn what fans want. There nothing wrong with Splash Mountain. No racial slurs or negitive sterio typing. Just some group whining .

    1. Roger Stevens

      Disney execs do not give a Damn what fans want. There nothing wrong with Splash Mountain. No racial slurs or negitive sterio typing. Just some group whining . I have been goin to the parks since 1977, but these days I don’t know if I would continue with my Great Grand Kids.

      1. Dodger

        Thankfully, your grandkids and great grandkids will be able to make that decision for themselves, with or without you. I bet they will be educated enough to make more informed decisions, or at least educated enough to spell “negative” and “stereotyping.”

        1. S1

          His grandkids and great grandkids will not be making that decision for themselves. They will be his clones with brains stuck in the 20th century. Thanks to the Make Disney Great Again movement, you undesirables will be boycotting all things Disney and won’t be missed. Disney is not for anyone like you and the parks will become private clubs for members only.

  12. Christa

    When Disney went woke, that was it for us. We have been pass holders for years and have spent mega dollars with this company. I worked for Disney in CA. This was the first year that we didn’t renew our FL passes. The woke broke us. I’ll be watching Iger for his stance.

    1. Dodger

      I already know what his stance will be: Arms akimbo with one foot on DeSantis’s neck.

      1. Jayne1955

        I certainly hope so.

      2. S1

        Not a chance. DeSantis will be holding Crooked Bob upside down by the ankles and make him do what he says. DeSantis has people in his pocket much like Al Capone.

        1. Dodger

          Thankfully Crooked Bob is not CEO anymore now that Iger took over. Baaahahahaha!

          1. S1

            DeSantis still has every right to tell him what he can and can’t do. DeSantis is king.

      3. Steve

        Desantis won 60% of the vote. Iger couldn’t even bump the stock for more than a day. Another clueless wokester.

  13. Bert

    Oh brother! Get over it people…! It’s just a log ride, sheesh….

    1. Dodger

      Yes. This. Exactly this.

      1. Steve

        Oh, Nick! So now you are posting under the name Dodger, too?

  14. Jayne1955

    It would have made so much more sense to put it on Tom Sawyer’s island, and tie it into the riverboat. That could have been majorly cool and Tom Sawyer is even worse than Song of the South.

  15. Tim

    The problem is that under Chapek and crew the ride has become a complete failure and needs to be completely refurbished. My guess is that the retheming may take a different route and may not be a Princess and the Frog retheme at MK. However as much as I don’t like the reasoning for the current retheme plans a Princess and the Frog retheme at DL would make since being that DL has New Orleans Square. The problem with the people that are upset about Song of the South is that they don’t have a clue what the movie was about or any of the lessons taught by the stories. The biggest problem that some have is the voices, but you know something those voices were how people spoke at the time, they were a combination of southern English, Creole and African dialects/languages. It is not a sign of someone lacking intelligence it was just a different type of accent. We see this today with our Amish and Mennonite communities, our Spanish communities, Creole and so on. People fear and make fun of thinks that are different because it is how humans cope with it. No different in other countries either. I think that by erasing these differences under the guise of calling it offensive we create a greater divide among the people.
    Song of the South actually shows a post slavery time and the struggles that people had with moving on after bondage. It also showed the hope for the future that many were seeing at the time. Even deeper. the stories of Br’er Fox, Br’er Bear and, Br’er Rabbit was partly showing that the slavers can be defeated and there is hope for all. Many of Walt’s movies almost always had the theme of Hope for a better future. Unfortunately, different groups don’t want people to have that feeling as that is what beats the evils of some trying to control us.

  16. Mason

    Bob Iger is catering to the 0.1% of Disney Fans on Twitter who find Splash Mountain offensive.

    1. Dodger

      Your post is catering to the 0.1% of people who don’t bother fact-checking statistics.

      1. S1

        You check the stats. NOBODY finds Splash Mountain offensive and it IS staying as is. Maybe you need to accept that Disney was not created for you and some aren’t worthy of enjoying Disney theme parks much like Salazar Slytherin said some weren’t worthy of learning magic. Only pure-bloods were.

      2. Steve

        Oh god, a wokester posting the “fact check” meme.

        We don’t want you.GI back to Twitter or wherever you people are now.

        1. Dodger

          Why would I leave when it’s more fun to stick around and push your buttons? Which is VERY easy to do, by the way. I know because I looked it up. Muwahahahahaha. #WokesterFactsFTW

  17. Sam

    I’m so excited about the re-theme. I adore PATF and the attraction could use an update. The actual ride will be the exact same. It’s so empowering to take away an IP that’s racially insensitive towards black people and replace it with Disney’s first black princess. Love it and can’t wait!

    1. S1

      It is not insensitive towards black people and it’s not happening. It’s cancelled. Disney is lying. Tiana doesn’t deserve any representation and nobody likes that movie. My kids are forbidden to watch it. Splash Mountain will still be there in 2055 for Disneyland’s centennial and that is a fact. Not like keeping Splash Mountain will cause a black boycott and make Disney lose most of its black clientele.

    2. Steve

      You aren’t even black.

    3. M

      SOTS takes place after the American Civil war and abolition of slavery. It’s about Uncle Remus telling Br’er rabbit tales to kids. The ride itself has no humans in it. It’s about a rabbit outsmarting a bear and fox. You probably didn’t even see the movie. You’re just one of those twitter crazies that want to get rid of everything. You want to get rid of Soarin? It’s got Pyramids. Those were built by slaves? You want to get rid of Haunted Mansion because you believe it supports suicide?! If your gonna go into a Disney park and something wrong with the theming of the ride, your the one that got the issues, not the ride.

  18. Doug

    What is the point of this non-story?

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