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  1. Bert

    Too late, Bobby.
    Remember: Corporations are People!

    1. Steve

      Nick, get some help.

  2. Elijah Abrams

    Good! Politics are why Splash Mountain is going to go extinct! Don’t let that happen!

  3. Jarvis

    Hey Zach, point us to the place in the seven page bill that states “Don’t say gay”. Thanks.

    Since you are continuing the lie put out by the media.

    1. Steve

      Leftists can’t help themselves. They have to lie. If they told the truth, they would notice they are wrong

  4. Jarvis

    Exactly Nunya. It must be a terrible job, if this is the only “contributors” they can find.

  5. Steve

    He is the one who started it.

  6. Stephen

    If “the phrase ‘go woke, go broke’ is sadly starting to sound more and more valid” (author’s words), then clearly there are more than “several” fans and cast members who think that Disney should stay out of politics. The biases of the reporter are one thing, but what’s with the need to minimize the amount of frustration with Disney’s political activism, as if it’s only coming from a fringe extremist group?

  7. Jayne1955

    Florida is hurting Disney by messing with the Reedy Creek Act, and it’s hurting certain Florida taxpayers, too. The biggest problem with dissolving the Reedy Creek Act is the bond debt that Disney/Reedy Creek currently has. Should the act be dissolved, the bond debt would be passed on to the taxpayers. Some of those taxpayers did not think that DeSantis had the right to hoist a big debt onto to them, so they filed a lawsuit. The first lawsuit was dismissed, but the suit was quickly refiled, and that one was not dismissed as fast because the dissolution move was correctly seen as retaliatory.

  8. Mickeymouse3

    Iger doesn’t say he will stay out of politics, simply that they can be distracting and he will do what he can to “quiet things down”.
    In other words, he will continue down the same path, he’s just going to be quiet about it.
    Good to know it will be the same ol, same ol for Disney.
    Hope Iger has staff that reads and advises on the various blogs. Maybe he will get to be an informed CEO, instead of an educated one.

  9. Constantine Bek

    Oof, this clown couldnt make it a month without going back on this statement. Just gave a speech about an extra responsibility to promote gun control.

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