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Katie & Spencer of Best Life & Beyond smiling in the dark at Disneyland.

Credit: Screenshot via Best Life and Beyond on YouTube


  1. Linda

    I was sick at the same time I also frequent Disneyland. I definitely had 3 positive covid 19 test. I watched the reopening of pirates on my couch.

  2. Emmody Spense

    Thank you so much Jess for drawing attention to these two.
    I truly hope Disney bans them, they are an absolute disgrace and Walt would be turning in his grave.

    I know Liz well and she is a decent honest person, I believe her version of events 100%

  3. Kunty Slockbowser

    Jess Colopy is the hero we need! 🙌🏼

  4. Monica

    I appreciate Liz speaking out! These two are selfish and inconsiderate. The park was packed that day and they could have infected many! Disney really does need to ban them. Please, if you haven’t signed already please sign the petition

  5. Jarli A.

    Wow! Great follow-up report with this.

    We talked about this as a family after dinner tonight. Once my children stopped crying, saddened by how selfish Katie and Spencer were during a Pandemic, we discussed if the lifetime ban is necessary.

    Our conclusion is this: Once ToonTown reopens, Katie and Spencer should go on a full trial in front of a jury of twelve randomly selected beloved characters.

    If found guilty by the jury, they should both be publicly sprayed with Judge Doom’s Dip.

  6. Kris

    Definitely unfollowing that page at this point. Thank you Fresh Baked for coming forward with this.

  7. Tina

    Thanks for this article!

  8. Mason

    Okay this is kind of psychotic. Having COVID-19 doesn’t mean you have the plague or leprosy.

    1. Rick Schweikart

      But it does mean that while you are infected and contagious, you could spread the virus to others. The issue is more with the fact that Katie lied about not having covid and planned to visit Disneyland. This goes against their policy.

    2. drh3b

      No, you are psychotic, thinking it’s OK to go to a crowded place like Disneyland with Covid.

    3. Josh

      Correct Mason. Going to a crowded public place while sick, especially with Covid, and potentially knowingly and willfully infecting others is kinda psychotic.

  9. Rick Schweikart

    Well, there you have it. She had Covid and was planning to attend the pirates reopening. Thanks Liz for getting the truth out there.

  10. Melissa

    Thank you for following up on this! Even though KT didn’t go while having Covid she still asked for others to lie that she had it, that’s the big issue.

  11. Jose Sanchez

    They should be banded for life, they are reckless, selfish and don’t care about no one else. How do you go to Disney knowing your daughter KT has covid and been expose, something is wrong in there heads to think its ok.

    1. Steve B.

      How dare so many people are trying to ban these folks from a park because they look sick. Shame on all of you.

  12. Jackie

    Not surprised by anything these two idiots do. They are so selfish and narcissistic they could care less about anyone they infect or hurt.

  13. Lucifer

    I hate these entitled idiots.

  14. Saharah

    Lifetime bans please!

  15. Mason, my husband has had all his shots and other treatments, but has cancer. Does that mean he can’t visit the parks because some inconsiderate lamos want to go with Covid? Think long and hard about what they did!

    1. Rachel

      I was just in the park in mid September and came home with covid. Someone decides to go to the park with it and spread it around. Thankfully, it was a mild case for me, but how many others got sick as well, and are they all okay? I would never go yo a public place and spread covid. I know nothing about the health of others and, as an adult, it is my responsibility to know the difference between right and wrong.

    2. Julia H.

      You are totally right. To not think of those who might not handle covid well, or at all, is awful. They lost me after the Columbia incident. She recorded all of it and from what i can guess made a false police report against that poor guy – who is a husband and a father. Getting tossed out in front of your family for a lie, she is something else.

  16. Walt

    I just watched their Besties Live and did not mention this topic once. Sounds like they are 100% guilty to me. They seem like the kind of people that would dispute this if they were innocent.

  17. Matty Bower

    I’m really not surprised.

    This woman has always been a manipulative, lying and deceitful human being.

  18. A

    Did not care then, do not care now.

  19. Jayne1955

    Wonderful! Ban all influencers. I’m so sick of their whining and self promotion. I’d be more than happy if these types of idiots weren’t walking around filming everything, talking to themselves and getting in everyone’s way. NO INFLUENCERS is fine with me.

    1. Jose Sanchez

      i agree with you ban them all…..hate walking around with them bumping into you, talking loud recording on rides…i pay a lot of money for these jerks to ruin it..

  20. Julia H.

    Did ITM cover what she did to that man and his family on the Columbia sailing ship at Disneyland? She was livestreaming and he made a remark under his breath that she is a grifter (that’s all they used to do was livestream for superchats inside Disneyland; which is against Disney policy right?) She then turned to him – and she recorded all of this – calling him an a-hole, serial killer, creep and later lied to Disney security stating that he assaulted her. This poor man was then escorted out with his spouse and child because KT lied. The footage is still on YouTube under Disney Vloggers Exposed and also the Captain Dee videos. KT and her boyfriend, not her husband, she’s still married after 5 years to another guy – are at the park about every day. They treat it like a strip mall and clogged the reservations, mobile orders. Just what Walt intended – for his magic place. Two people who don’t want to work so they profit off the back of Disney, begging for money. They so do not care about other guests that they were going to attend the Pirates opening while positive, with juicy coughs. They’re really distasteful.

  21. Charlie

    You really think its the only time they gone to the park sick? Nope. This is just the only time they were caught or called out about it.

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