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Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) in Avatar: The Way of Water

Credit: 20th Century Studios


  1. Steve

    Creative accounting is going on.

    That means fraud.

  2. Elijah Abrams

    I doubt the film will flop. If it did, then Disney would be pressured to sell the former Fox studio.


    3D showings accounted for the original AVATAR to post those records. The appetite for 3D has since fallen so I doubt this sequel will succeed

    1. Jack

      Totally agree!

  4. Alan

    I’m sorry but unless you are pulling together a massive roster of actors, like Endgame, 2 billion to break even is just ridiculous

  5. David

    I couldn’t care less about this film. The first one was just a ripoff of Dune and Dances with Wolves. Most people will ignore it.

  6. Wtfm

    2 bill to break even!? That film had better be the triple threat in Spfx, storyline and acting talent in order to pull that off. Ridiculous statement and goal by the filmmaker.

  7. Mickeymouse3

    Very few sequels are as good as the first. I’m betting this sequel will be one of those that isn’t as good. I didn’t see the first Avatar on the big screen. I know I won’t be viewing the second in a theater either, especially with the ridiculous prices cinemas are charging, not only for the flick but the snacks too..

  8. Marcus the Skeptical

    $2B is a number that JC threw out in an interview. If anyone takes that serious, then they need to remember Cameron’s record on such things. He tends to exaggerate when he’s trying to impress people. I’ll bet Disney has their own financial projections for this movie and they haven’t made a peep about it. Watch this space.

  9. Shell

    Honestly, If it’s not an Avatar bending the elements, then I’m not interested.

  10. Eric94

    $2 Billion is the amount it has to make before they’ll report any tax liability.

  11. Jayne1955

    I didn’t see the first one and I don’t want to see this one.

  12. Steve

    The first movie was visually stunning, but the story lackedas it was just dances with wolves. The second will be an eco-climate change diatribe about how business and capitalism are bad, but living as primitives in loin cloths within a tribe is utopia. JC will get preachy while living in luxury and comfort that only 1 pct of the worlds population experience. I will not spend any money on this.

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