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Universal Orlando

Credit: Universal Orlando


  1. Nora

    That’s one of our favorite rides there, that and the Jurassic park log flume, but I’ve always liked that one more. Very sad if they keep it closed, our family has wonderful memories with that ride. Especially for whoever didn’t do it, and would watch you and then use the water guns on you at the end. Genius. Please bring it back!

  2. Chris

    Hmmm. Oh I know, they should just close down Toon Lagoon altogether and replace it with something relevant that people actually like and doesn’t smell like stinky cheese 🤔.

    1. PoppaMike

      This is THE BEST flume, ever! Our fam looks fwd to it every trip, almost as much as Hagrid’s Motorbike, Velocicoaster, Bourne Stuntacular, and Horror Make-up Show!

      1. PJ

        Hmmm……I heard they closed down one water ride several years ago because snakes were in the water.

    2. Yaniel

      Noooo that’s my favorite ride it nostalgic and vlfun sooo many great memories noo universal don’t close it plzzzzzzzz.😊😔😔😔😔😔😭😭😭😭😭👍

    3. 312D

      I like the ride a lot but you’re right it does smell like stinky cheese inside. Lolol

  3. Can’t ride it its only for tiny people if you are tall or weight more than 100 lbs forget it

    1. Tobias

      I’m over 200 lb., I rode and liked it on my last trip.

    2. Scott

      Not true. They have a “swan” you can ask for which is bigger.

  4. Jj

    It feels like aliens write articles for this company

  5. Tobias

    I loved this ride the two times I rode it over the last few years. I really hope they reopen it, my daughter was too small to ride anything last time, now she’s old enough to probably ride everything they have.

  6. Jackie Davies

    Love ripsaw falls although the queue is sometimes ridiculous. Popeye and Bluto’s bilge rat barges is the best raft ride ever

  7. Unown

    You shouldn’t report on stuff that you know nothing about. Do you work there? No I didn’t think so.

    1. Chop

      Worked there.
      Would not go anywhere near that water 🌊

  8. Chris

    That’s not true. I’m 6’1 200+ and I would ride it all the time

  9. Kim scott

    Please please please don’t close it just fix it and reopen please I love this ride

    1. Stephen

      They do this LITERALLY every fall for refurbishment of their water rides, didn’t know that they would drain the water though…

  10. Michelle

    Was really looking forward to ripsaw falls as great fun so have been really disappointed that it’s out of action for the time we’re visiting, but on a happy note the other rides great!

  11. Bruce

    Broke my hip on that ride working 3rd shift as a ride and show tech back in 02. Took a fall at the sawmill drop from about 25 feet up. Eventually had it replaced in 03. Don’t know how to really feel about this as my experience was more intimate than most people. Oh well.

  12. Michelle

    We were in the park yesterday and they filled it back up. The water was flowing bur the ride was not operating yet.

  13. JoeNYWF64

    Impossible not to get wet on Dudley’s water ride – lot steeper drop than on Splash Mountain as well. I wonder if they would allow you to ride this wearing a bathing suit – there’s only so many changes of clothes one can carry. lol Oddly, i’m terrified of big roller coasters(forget expedition everest!, etc.) but not the final drop on this water ride – i could ride it all day – in a bathing suit. Go figure.
    Is there anything “controversial” on this ride like on Splash Mountain? I hope not.

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