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Boy's foot crushed on Universal Studio's E.T. ride, seeking $15,000 in damages

Credit: Universal Orlando


  1. Brandon

    I’m on the ride, this second. It’s a new smell and you can tell immediately when walking inside. Staff told me they have a new pine smell in the que and another new smell on the ride. I also notice a strong wood fire type smell once you first hit ETs world. The employee said he had been getting complaints for the past two weeks since they changed it. I have to admit I miss the old smell. It’s iconic! Some people even sell candles with the old smell it’s that popular!

    1. Cuyo

      So it is no longer that nice watery forest-type smell from scent air? I cannot believe this!

    2. lola

      Is this literally all people have to worry about, good god!

      1. as

        I know, in your little brain, it is impossible to worry about more than one thing at a time, but I’m positive this is not the only thing they’re worried about.

        1. Jerome

          Lmfao Damn

        2. Will

          I think what they are saying is this is such a first world problem to worry about

    3. JJ

      That smell was mildew and mold in the walls of the old building. They got rid of it because it was a health hazard. Y’all wildin, nostalgic for mold. 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Linda

        JJ with the TRUTH!! I’ve always thought this ride smelled gross like mildew. Thank God they did something about it.

      2. Liliana

        THANK YOU!!!! People wildin over mold!!!

  2. Chris

    I initially thought someone was literally crushed on the ride, but this is worse.

    1. Bryan

      Kinda feel like that’s what they were hoping for making that title

  3. John

    1st world problems much?

  4. Rc

    I agree, the smell is gone. I just came from universal on saturday and took a ride in E.T the smell is gone. Hopefully it comes back. They may take that ride away is my thoughts.

    1. Brad

      They will never take the ride away due to an existing contract with Steven Spielberg

  5. Stuart

    I rode a week ago. The whole place smells like farts now. Terrible new sent. I thought the person that I was riding with had stomach issues!

  6. corey

    I hope it never goes away but this ride is in such a need of a refurbishment!

  7. Lisa

    They need to get rid of the name cards. They hold up the line and your name is always 3 vehicles behind. I don’t care much for the ride itself either, though I still love that cheesy movie. It’s definitely time to send this alien home for good.

    1. Kelly

      Every time I have given a name card, it has worked. My BF has a pretty distinctive name, so I can be confident it’s not just because we both have as generic of a name as I do.

  8. Matt B

    I think they are gonna tear it down and build something new. That whole area there needs a refresher…

  9. Bryce

    Lol, this news site is a joke. Never up to date on anything. The scent company they used closed up shop and have since found a new local company (I believe) to start manufacturing the forest scent. It’ll be back. I swear insidethemagic is nothing but propoganda.

    1. arnold

      you are a genius. this old company didn’t close up shop though, the ingredients for the old scent are just hard to get. i promise the old scent is still in the building and will be back sometime in the near future.

  10. Joknows

    Those woke, communist, anti-freedom Demoncrats at it again. First Splash Mt and now ETs forest smell. Those groomers have no shame!!

  11. Meg

    At least your favorite ride still exist. This should have been one of the first to go long ago. Out of all the old ones this was the only ride I disliked as a child.

  12. Natasha

    I have no clue what smell anyone is referring too? Guess I haven’t ridden it enough to notice any differences. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. CT

    Some of the parks have been problems with certain artificial scents causing their rides attractions or rides to break down. This change doesn’t bother me if it helps them keep the attraction running smoothly.

  14. Alex

    If you want that old ET smell just go to your local Target or buy the fake snow for Christmas trees I realized that they were the exact same smell after my 35th time on the ET ride back when I was a kid 😆

  15. Abe

    They didn’t remove the smell. They
    just called in a company to clean. The smell that you’re missing was mold and mildew which was EVERYWHERE.

  16. HaitiLady39

    ET ride needs to come back

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