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Universal Unveils The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man Update

Credit: Inside Universal via Twitter

It doesn’t seem that Marvel characters will leave Universal Orlando Resort anytime soon.

Universal Orlando Resort is home to many iconic attractions at both Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The attraction span from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter to Jurassic Park River Adventure to the Jurassic World VelociCoaster to Revenge of the Mummy to E.T. Adventure Ride, and everything in between.

Credit: Universal
Credit: Universal

However, one land that has been subject to many rumors over the last few years has been Marvel Super-Hero Island at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

The island features The Incredible Hulk Coaster, The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Storm Force Accelatron, and Doctor Doom’s Fearfall, as well as many shops and eateries, all themed to Marvel Comics.

But, there have been rumors– especially lately– that Universal might be willing to part ways with the now Disney-owned property. Universal’s contract with The Simpsons– which has been a staple at both Universal Studios Floridaand Universal Studios Hollywood— reportedly comes to an end in 2028, and there have been several reports that Walt Disney World Resort might finally have the leverage it needs to pluck Marvel from Universal Orlando and create an Avengers Campus at the Disney Parks in Orlando.

Universal Orlando Islands of Adventure
Credit: Universal

For those who are unaware, Universal Orlando Resort currently has a contract in place with Marvel Comics that gives them theme park rights for an indefinite period of time, essentially blocking Disney World from having the Avengers Campus and several other Marvel attractions in its Orlando theme parks.

However, recent construction work at the Universal theme park would indicate otherwise.

Twitter account @bioreconstruct shared photos of construction work that’s happening right now in Islands of Adventure. For several months, Universal has been refreshing Marvel Super-Hero Island with construction walls up around several different buildings.

Seems like this area of Marvel Super Hero Island will be repainted soon. Areas adjacent the purple wall are protected with plastic.

With more work slated to be done, like new painting and much more, it would seem that Universal is expecting this to be a part of its portfolio for quite some time. This can also be seen in new merchandise being marketed, as well.

While Disney fans may be hoping to see an Avengers Campus in Disney World, it doesn’t seem that they will be moving on this plan anytime soon.

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