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Universal Orlando Resort

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  1. Trent

    Shut up.

    1. Jessie

      Thank you. If you don’t like it do not ride it. Don’t ruin it for everyone else

    2. Kelley

      Exactly. Everyone find something to bi$%h about.. don’t like whatever it is move on.

    3. Ben

      Thats old school B&M coasters for you, nice and intense! If you don’t like intense coasters keep of the older B&M’s

      1. Treehouse

        We did this multiple times in one evening along with my 12 year-old daughter we didn’t find it intense at all not sure why anyone is say that

    4. Steve Peachee

      If your passing out on rides go home!

  2. PC in FL

    So shorter lines fro me next time I go.

    1. Rick

      More proof that the U.S. is becoming the Land of the Soft!!! Go to Sesame Place people. And let the Big Boys play with Big Toys!

      1. Adrian

        Hell even gays were enjoying that ride during pride at Universal. This article is such BS

        1. Piper

          Wtf is that supposed to mean?

  3. Joey Coma

    The Hulk roller coaster is freaking awesome and maybe the aspirin taker should go back to Pennsyljersey. Besides, everybody knows you don’t take aspirin to ride The Hulk. You take acid.

    1. El Jefe

      IMHO I think problem is shaking bc it’s so OLD. It bangs my head around in hard seats. Other than that it’s about like every other coaster.

      1. Stephanie

        yes this is what I came to say!! ditto!

        1. Will

          Same we were there a few weeks ago and the hard seats killed my ears. Also blacked out a bit, great ride though!

          1. Schane

            Please leave the ride alone. I am over 50 and have been on it many times. Don’t like it, don’t ride it.

          2. Steve

            I just rode it at 57 years old, and have been riding it for 20 years, and I’ve never come close to passing out. It’s been nothing but great, thrilling fun! Wooses!

          3. GG1964

            Ok,the people who complain about their head banging around should follow the instructions and keep their head against the headrest. It’s definitely not a ride for everyone. You pull some serious Gs on launch and the initial loops. The ride has been in operation for 23 years and just now people are having problems? Give me a break.

          4. aP

            19 years ago, Leslie Killer dies after riding the hulk. I have been on the ride many times since and still don’t understand how it caused her heart attack.

      2. That’s not what causes you to pass out on a rollercoaster though

        1. Mad mike

          Orlando is a cess pool of crime and way overpriced everything.

          1. Mad Mike 2

            Mad Mike, What does that have to do with the article? Come on man stay on topic.

          2. ST.

            Silly🤦🏼‍♂️ Fess pool.. oi

          3. Mr. NOBODY

            So is your Mama!

          4. Linda

            Never heard so many commentthat sounded so elementary. Damn people is this really what you do all day? Yep that’s what’s wrong with the world. Nobody can have a civil ADULT conversation. Lord help us!🤨🤨

        2. All ya’lls comments are spot on lol, lol, especially Joey Coma, lol, lol

          1. All ya’lls comments are spot on lol, lol, especially Joey Coma, lol, lol

      3. Will Keene

        It’s not old at all, the whole track was entirely replaced like 5 years ago.

      4. Cindy

        Me and my family ride it last week and all of us got off and complained of headache..

    2. Evelyn

      Really. This is my fav. You getting headaches or passing out is only your issue.

      1. FryMan

        Look at the snowflakes talking about their bobbing heads. What are you an infant? Lock yourself up when you ride a coaster. Tightening your core or “bracing” yourself by squeezing your restrain closer to your body. It’s like 48 second coaster ride. You’re adults for God’s sake. If you’re THAT FRAIL then Jesus Lord don’t ride the thing. 😐😐😐

        1. Kelley


    3. Ken

      I’ve been on the Hulk multiple times A DAY. Sure a good coaster throws you around, can’t handle the G’s stay off the Hulk.
      Another ride at mouse land had people complaining too, my 8yr old went twice and wanted more. My wife almost didn’t go on it from listening to others, now she has a shirt “I was born for this!” She loved it too!

    4. Aaron

      Wel that’s insensitive

      1. Reality Check

        Really? Or is it quite sensitive?

    5. Joey

      The last time I went to Universal was last month. I rode the Hulk 3 times in a row, then Dr. Doom twice, then jumped back on Hulk 2 more times. I used to be scared of the grey outs and all, but after getting cleared by a cardiologist, I realized it’s all good. It is a very safe ride, and is meant to be intense. The grey out could happen close to the end when you hit one of the last inversions, but the human body is just protecting you. It lasts a couple seconds, but I wouldn’t be addicted to the ride if it was dangerous.

      1. JD

        I went to Florida for the first time in 2019 and islands of adventure was one of the only parks I did not hit, bummed that I missed out on the hulk and everything else but I’m a hardcore coaster enthusiast and all I had to compare in terms of that style was kumba at Busch gardens, I just wish b&m made more of those models, it’s something about having the floor there that makes it feel much more intense than a floorless coaster, that said I never greyed out on kumba but I have on millennium force and it’s frankly a cool experience, borderline g-loc. I will have to compare hulk to kumba next time I go back

        1. Jason C.

          Oh man, I love Kumba. Went on it about 15 years ago and it blew my mind – by far the fastest and most intense coaster I’ve ever been on. Now if I could only lose about 60 more lbs. as I’ve gotten a little plump in my advancing age, I’d go on it again. And again. And, well you get the idea…

          1. JD

            I feel ya there! I weight quite a bit more now than I did when I rode it 3 years ago, being slimmer definitely makes for much more airtime that’s for sure. I have a feeling if I rode it again in the next year or two it would still be just as intense, the added floor really seems to exaggerate the g’s since there’s forces exerted on both upper and lower extremities. It’s a shame the sitdown model died off, I hear wildfire at SDC is the weakest of them but it still looks fun. And hey cool we share a first name!

      2. Loll

        Sorry I just had to laugh and point out that most addictions are in fact dangerous 😂 so that’s not a very good reasoning point haha.

    6. Elizabeth

      Lmao. I worked there and loved this ride!!!

    7. DPAIV

      I mean, aspirin is actually acid. Acetylsalicylic to be exact. They tried. LOL

      1. ST

        It’s LSD.. been there done that 40yrs ago.
        Fun like the ride .. but not for every one. It about choice. Don’t like it don’t ride it.
        So simple🤷🏼‍♀️

    8. Laughing Trip

      This comment wins the Internet for the month! 😂

  4. Nonya


    1. Aaron


      1. Reality Check

        I would have gone with “that’s quite vulgar”

  5. Your mom

    There’s a mouse house right down the street with rides that move at their speed. Maybe they should go there. Byeeeeeeee!

    1. Evelyn

      Hahaha..yes!! Agreed!!

      1. Aaron


        1. Reality Check

          Yes. You are

    2. Aaron


      1. Reality Check

        In some cultures, calling someone rude is actually quite rude.

        1. Rude boy

          Not in this culture. If you’re too sensitive stay off the ride and off the thread.

  6. Mark

    Literally what? Maybe Woody Woodpecker is.more their speed.

  7. David

    Everybody needs to make decisions about what is good for them and what isn’t. I’m 70 years old and I am looking forward to my next ride on the Hulk which will probably be my 100th ride,,,way too many times to really remember. Could just barely get the boys to eat breakfast at Croissant Moon before jumping on the Hulk! Yup Ham egg and cheese croissant then right on the Hulk. You either are or are not a coaster person,

  8. Thomas Mosher

    Maybe the carousel is more you’re type of ride wimp. The hulk coaster is the best ride.

  9. Lucy

    What a bunch of woosies lol I have road ones way more intense..try top thrill dragster at cedar point..

    1. Jo

      Hasn’t that actually been closed because someone was hurt on it? Lol

  10. JD

    The person who wrote this article is a moron.

    1. Steve

      You can say that about any article on this site.

  11. Steve

    Stick to Nuthouse, then.

    1. K S

      I’ve been on the Hulk multiple times A day. If you can’t take the G’s don’t get on. Sure a good coaster throws you around. Duh
      I went to the mouse land, Pandora. My wife almost wouldn’t get on from people complaining. My 8yr old talked her into it, she loved it, now she has a shirt that says “I was born for this.”
      My 8yr old went twice.

  12. Jk

    Hulk is relaxing compared to velocicoaster. I hate the ride restraint on that new ride. I feel like I’m going to fall out the whole time.

    1. Lauren

      The problem with the Hulk ride isn’t the speed or loops like many people commenting here are assuming. It’s the fact that your head bangs against the side cushions so much that it turns into a major headache.

      1. DianeMRL

        I agree with Lauren! The ride is amazing, but you feel like you’ve been beat up by the Hulk , at the end of the ride. I LOVE roller coasters and will ride any I can. We rode Velocicoaster this past Dec., and thought it was Great. Everyone has different issues with health problems. I applaud those who try and those who know their limits.

    2. Colleen

      It was engineered to make you feel that way. It’s perfectly safe.

    3. Nunya

      Really? I have the opposite issue. The Hulk and Rockin Rollercoaster ride carts make it feel like I’m going to fall out constantly. It also hangs my head up no matter how hard I brace. The Velocicoaster and Haggrids ride carts actually push against my legs and securely hold me in. My head doesn’t bang around either.

  13. Kevin

    I was working at Universal as a contractor a few years ago. I rode the Hulk 9 times in a row. After the 9th ride, was a little woozy and decided that was enough for one day.
    Never freaked out though.

  14. Ralph

    Anymore there is always someone to complain about something hulk has been there for twenty years

  15. Mel

    If you can’t take the heat … stay out of the kitchen!!

  16. El Jefe

    I noticed the OLDER a coaster gets the more it vibrates and stuff. I don’t ride Hulk any more bc of that.

  17. Rodger

    The Hulk gave me the least headache when I rode it, compared to Velocicoaster and Rip Ride Rockit. Rip Ride was the worst and I will ride the Hulk and Velocicoaster again when I go.

  18. Samuel

    Seriously? The Hulk is the one the weaker coasters at Universal. Lol. It’s a damn B&M floorless that’s pretty old and has a tattle, especially if you sit towards the end. I suggest sitting right in the front center seats or right in the middle of the train. But the Hulk is too intense??? I thought it was weak and bumpy.

  19. Jay

    Cry babies

  20. PK

    What about the Jurassic World VelociCoaster I have never gone on it was am thinking about doing it this time. I’m 72 and as far as I know no health problems.

  21. Mikey

    Hope they don’t close this ride and all the rides now because the mambi pambis at the drop tower in Orlando (world’s tallest) just folded to BLM due to a rider not listening to protocol.
    The media got in on it and made it about social justice. Go figure.

    1. Kay

      They’re taking it down out of respect. The kid didn’t have a sign to read to follow any protocol as there was none explaining height and weight restrictions. His seat was adjusted by the staff to have him fit when they should’ve known he was too big. Even if they didn’t close it down, it’s got a tainted history now. I can see it from my house and that’s all I think about when I look at it.

  22. Rach

    Im glad I read this because now I know Im not the only one. This rollercoaster gave me a headache and weird disoriented feeling for the entire day at the park- which sucks because its not like i can hop on a plane and come here whenever i want. I will definitely avoid it next time i go. When i went to the first aid for an aspirin they said it was common and just needed to avoid any more rollercoasters. Thankfully many of the rides are motion simulated but even those would exacerbate the headache.

    1. PK

      Did you ride the Jurassic World VelociCoaster I’m thinking about riding it. I’m 72

      1. Stylene

        I did. It is incredible–very smooth ride. Was probably my favorite, but it only has a lap restraint, so you do kind of feel like you might fall out. But you get good lifts!

        1. PK

          Ok so I’m 5 foot and about 107lbs so hold on tight lol. But you only feel like you might fall out no other warnings for older person

        2. PK

          I’m 72 so I would be okay

    2. Stu

      I just rode Hulk yesterday and had some graying out and my head was throbbing in the inversions. Great ride, but at 55 my body cannot tolerate the g’s like it used to. A physician friend told me changes in the inner ear as we age has a big impact, as does blood pressure.

      Makes me sad, I love thrill rides, but those days may be behind me.

  23. Love the Hulk but the next day I wake up feeling like i’ve been playing tackle football all day. Totally beat up and achy. It’s not a smooth ride at all. I joke with my wife that i’m going to ‘get a back adjustment’ when I go to ride it.

  24. Keith

    I rode it twice and kinda feel this. Depends some on which seat you’re in too. I rode different sides of it both times I went on it, same day. First time, AMAZING. Second time, actually felt like I wanted to hulk smash something I’d been banged around so much. Can’t remember which side did which or I’d share

  25. Joel

    I think each individual has to evaluate it for themselves. The trick is actively pressing your head against the headrest so that you don’t bang your head against shoulder restraints or snap your neck. I love it. It is my 11yr old daughter’s favorite all-time ride.

    1. Jessie

      Yes. STOP LEANING FORWARD. Press your head back and your head won’t get banged around. Simple physics.

      1. Kaitlin

        Absolutely. It has a launch in the tunnel so you really need to keep your head back or it’ll get jerked around there.

  26. Cindy

    Quite a few years ago, the hulk was shut down for refurbishing as the track needed work. Yes, your head bangs around but it was refurbished, and when we went on it shortly it re-opened, it was the smoothist ride I ever had. Unfortunately with the amount of usage, the head bouncing is back. It may need another refurbishment. Still, won’t stop me from going on, front row!!!!! Will be there Oct. 12, can’t wait.

    1. Dave

      Actually front row is the slowest and easiest ride on most coasters. If you wanna bang your head, last car is the fastest.

  27. Angela

    I have been on The Hulk, it one of my favorite roller coasters at Universal.

  28. G

    Really? It’s so short. Rollercoasters don’t really do anything for me thrill wise though. Like, they’re fun. But growing up on them, you get desensitized, lol! I have trouble with motion sickness on some of the screen SIM rides, actually. Because I’m not as used to those.

    1. Kay

      I’ve greyed out on many coasters. Usually it’s because I’m dehydrated. I don’t find the Hulk any worse than most of the coasters I’ve been on up and down the east coast. Probably the worst was Viper or Scream Machine at Six Flags Great Adventure.. but they’re closed and gone. I wouldn’t say Hulk is on that level yet.

  29. Becky

    My 46 year old daughter and I absolutely love this ride. Can’t wait until we can go back again!

  30. Jim Ash

    I get queasy on the teacups. Lol. So not for me.

  31. Rafael

    Too intense? Lmao 🤣 it’s the least intense ride in the park. If you think the hulk is too intense you just don’t have what it takes. This is a kiddy ride by roller coaster enthusiast standards. It’s not intense at all and it’s actually really fun!

  32. Lynn Carol Feinn

    I’ve ridden the hulk coaster a couple of times ,I loved it and it was intense but that’s what makes it so fun .

  33. The only coaster I will ride. Closest thing to being a bird in flight I’ve ever experienced.

  34. Thonas

    Don’t ride it then.

  35. Heather

    Wow, so many people complaining about this coaster. I LOVED it! I have only been in the Hulk once and the experience was extremely unexpected! But I immediately had to rush to the ladies room after but not for the reason you think. Lolol I got so excited that I had to go splash water on my face Among other things. Let me just put it this way, The HULK did some thing that my ex-husband couldn’t get done for a long time. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Yes a giant O……….! So I’d say I enjoyed it! Lol

  36. Don't be weak

    This ride has been around for 20yrs. It’s a sign people are getting weaker with time.

  37. Erwim

    Too many people not drinking enough water !

  38. BMathis

    Love Love Love the Incredible Hulk Coaster ride at Universal Studios in Orlando FL. Rode it 7 times in a row one morning at the park. Great fun!

  39. Gladson

    I think I’m getting old for this kind of ride. Some years ago I could literally exit and re-enter Hulk without any issue but when I rode it last month I really felt I was going to faint so I did it only once even though the waiting line was only 5 minutes long 🙁

  40. Denise

    Love the ride, we get on it for every trip!!!

  41. Jim richards

    We visited universal this passed may with our ten year old grand daugher. She loved this coaster and never had any issues.

  42. ArriB

    My kid is 9 and went 5 times in a row 🤣 y’all need to grow up and get on her level

  43. Torq

    Stick to the merry go rounds!

  44. Harrison Butker

    It really isn’t that bad. Plenty of warnings and you can see the most intense part when you walk up to it

  45. Jack

    Wow, it’s taken this long for people to pass out…..guess the new generation is just weaker.

  46. I think I want to ride the damned thing!

  47. Marissa

    Riding the hulk, is the first and only time I said I did NOT want to go back on a ride. Huge roller coaster fan, however, the way the ride shakes uncontrollably I believe left me with a concussion.

    It dribbled my head off the rest like a basketball, regardless of if I kept it back in my seat or tried keeping it forward

  48. Irish

    Bad for people with vertigo like myself.

  49. Samantha

    The Hulk was amazing! If you don’t have any of the pre existing conditions ride this roller coaster you will not be sad. As for people saying the ride is rough, absolutely not the truth it was smooth and I didn’t have any whiplash like symptoms at all.

  50. B

    I am not a coaster fan because I am afraid of heights. But my family is fans of the Hulk. They have been on that ride so many times I have lost count. Not one of them passed out. It is true every ride has caution signs read them before going on the ride and if you still choose to ride it then don’t complain. It warns you what can happen. You are riding at your own risk and making a stink about it will ruin it for those who can ride it and enjoy it. There are other rides you can enjoy without getting side or injured

  51. Mike

    Fake story free hype. Just like heroine when they her someone died from an overdose on a 10.00 bag they all rush to buy it. Well rollercoaster freaks will do the same

  52. Josh

    These people sound B*tch made.

  53. J Rock

    I rode this 20 years ago. Are people still getting softer or it just took 23 years to write this article?

  54. Denise

    The Hulk is my favorite coaster I’ve ridden in my life. Yes, it’s intense band maybe not for everyone but I LOVE IT!!!

  55. Martie

    Wusses! It’s not even as intense as a lot of the other roller coasters. It doesn’t even come close to the two and a half G loop on your back at Six Flags in Atlanta. And if you read the one thing it clearly states that the person was diagnosed with an autonomic disorder that was triggered but not caused by the ride.

  56. Goofman430

    Wait…. so it’s super awesome cool sweet of a ride that I pass out???? Count me in…. and I’ll return to the station safe and sound??? Yes please ill take two for the road while I’m at it.

  57. Nicolette

    Some preexisting conditions, warnings are made, don’t ride. Not their fault. This is waaay less intense than Velocioaster with multiple launches and Hagrids IMO.

  58. David Jones

    Loved that roller coaster, sounds like the famed Dracken Fire at Busch Gardens Williamsburg, eventually was broken up, if you dont like em, don’t ride em

  59. A

    I had to stop riding it after they reopened it a few years back. It causes my physical pain now. Love roller coasters but the pain isn’t worth this one

  60. B

    The ride rocks, stop being a baby,,gonna have to wear some kind of “block the wussies” on me,,babies !!

  61. John

    Hulk is a great coaster and isn’t any rougher than other B&M coasters from the same era. I think people in FL are spoiled because their coasters for the most part are all so new and smooth….like how many old rough wooden coasters exist in the state of FL? Not very many… I can’t name one. Any Arrow Loopers still exist down there? 1? Maybe none? Thought so because if Floridians were forced to ride Arrow Loopers to satisfy their inversion cravings they wouldn’t think Hulk is too rough. Of course you think Hulk is rough whenever Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain (two wonderfully maintained “smooth” Arrow Dynamics coasters) are the toughest things Orlando has to offer. Yes, Hulk is intense but I’ve been on X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain in CA and Hulk is nothing compared to how intense X2 is….. just saying.

  62. Lol These People Are Sad cause That Ride Didn’t Really impress me at All Plus I’m Used to the High speed starts From Riding Jokers Jinkx at Six flags about 500 times when I was a Season ticket holder for two years & would Go there 2, or 3 days a week at least. Hulk is ok but I had more fun on I think it was called Cheetah in Busch Gardens but maybe it’s because I got my daughter to get on that cause I Told her it didn’t Do Anything crazy No Loops or Anything. Lol. Coasters Really Do Not Do Anything for me Anymore. The last Coaster that Really impressed me Because It was A Different Feeling was back in 2001 or 2002 When Batwing Came out & it’s because it lays down before you leave the station & then once out of the building a quick cork screw so you feel like your flying but that one loop in that you go into like laying down & backwards & it’s Just a very different feeling then Any other coaster at the time but Still Didn’t make my blood pump faster Sorry But I think Only Crack or Some Meth will do that for me & It still Works Even after doing it every day for the past 25 years.

  63. Weety1969

    I rode in many times for 3 days in 2007. Love that ride. One of my favorites.

  64. Velez Yemil

    One of my favorite roller coasters ever.

  65. Darrin

    As much as I respect other people’s comments or experiences there are warnings posted all over for all the rides, ive rode this ride over 20 times and it’s a great ride but not that intense, go ride Velocicoaster

  66. Lauren

    I’ve been riding the Hulk roller coaster since I was 12. I rode the ice and fire dragon ride too. Many many times with my father who was 30 years older than me. It was fun every time…maybe the problem isn’t the roller coasters intensity.

  67. Aryanna

    Dude these Bois day always be messing everything up!

  68. Mike

    Seriously. Have rode it 1000 times. Never once felt close to passing out

  69. Joanne Rodemer

    My sister and I rode the Hulk multiple times in one day and found it a bit tame compared to other rides. We loved it. And we were both in our 50’s

  70. Lee

    I thought it was an awesome ride,smooth, quick, and very controlled.
    Much better than some of the older coasters that I’ve been on!

  71. Veronica Martinez

    If you know you can’t handle it, why bother getting on? I absolutely LOVED it! My favorite ride of all roller coasters & can’t wait to go back & ride it. When you’re as short as I am & can literally fly in some because you can’t reach, I know the risks & take it on upon myself to ride them. The aftermath is just resting for a bit. I’m terrified of heights but The Hulk is AMAZING!!!! Hands down.

  72. Wolf

    Just trying to make up stories, now. Are you that short of creative ideas?

  73. Adam

    Went on it in 2001 while on holiday in Florida. I was in my mid-20s then, and I thought it was brilliant, but it was by no means the most intense coaster I’ve been on. Wouldn’t hesitate to go on it again.

  74. RP

    The velocicoaster’s intensity I believe is way higher than hulk.
    Either way, both are safe and very thrilling. There’s nothing wrong with Hulk.

  75. Day

    Lol this is my favorite ride at universal. Me and my kids go on this several times a day. Some ppl just can’t hang lol

  76. Leon

    I loved roller coasters went on the Hulk had a blast if you pass ou on this ride you will probably die on Twin Dragons ijs

  77. Nathalie

    If you have health limitations – physical, emotional etc, be honest with yourself and do not ride it. Take a tame ride instead. So simple. Just be honest.

  78. Lauren

    I rode the hulk. From personal experience, I came close to passing out.

  79. Logan

    Hulk is an awesome coaster. Crybabies to the back of the line

  80. Jaz

    The coaster is not that intense. It’s actually one of the smoothest. Sheikra is actually more intense. If it’s too intense then don’t ride it. Kumba at Busch Gardens is actually more intense and less smooth.

  81. Sonia

    I don’t like roller coasters so I just don’t ride them . My kids have ride on this one multiple times. They love it! Does that make me a bad mom?

  82. Fryeboy

    The Hulk is one of my favorite rides. I am 59 yrs old Afib heart condition. I work 50 hours a week throwing freight. All I have to say is “Suck it up buttercup” I even have my cardiologist approval. They told me to live my life. So I do. Universal Studios Orlando is our favorite place. However we are waiting for our “EPIC” Adventures to start. So hurry up I ain’t getting any younger. Lol.

  83. Ang

    I’ve been on that ride and it’s great! I love it!

  84. Paul

    Have these people rode velocicoaster yet. Omg. They’ll need an ambulance on standby

  85. April

    I absolutely love this ride as does my husband. We have ridden it multiple times in a row, actually (7 is the most, so far).

  86. Mike

    This is one of my favorite rollercoasters. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

  87. Jeanette

    I’ve never had an issue. It was an awesome ride!!

  88. Dan

    Is this really an article? This site is absolute trash

  89. Zophie

    I did feel like I was going to pass out, my world got a little dark, so I tried a trick, breathing, and it worked. There’s 2 coasters in this state that do that to me but breathing in full deep breaths keeps my vision intact. If that doesn’t work, definitely don’t ride it because there is an underlying health condition which should be checked out immediately. I originally thought something was wrong with me but then I read into it and it turns out my usual shallow breathing wasn’t getting enough oxygen to my brain on these more intense rides.

  90. Jessica

    I really enjoyed my visit there recently. I especially enjoyed the new Jurassic roller coaster. However, it would have been nice if there was some sort of cushioning on the headrest. I woke up the next day with bruising and two bumps on the back of my head. This could easily be alleviated by putting a little cushion there. Not all of us are young. And I don’t think it’s too much to ask to make a small improvement that would provide a positive impact to those who ride the rides at universal. 😊

  91. AlbumsCo.

    More for me then, been riding this all my life and it’s been a blast every time. One of the main reasons I even visit Universal

  92. SunnyDazeInFLA

    I’m 64 and have been on roller coasters across the country. I’m a longtime fan of wooden coasters, but I have to say, the Incredible Hulk is my absolute favorite coaster EVER, and I have at least 25 other ones to compare it to. What a rush! 🤗

  93. James

    The Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion is the most intense roller coaster anywhere… At 305 feet in height it may not be the tallest coaster but it is unmatched in intensity. Just ask anyone who is written this coaster on a hot summer day. The incredible hulk is a super fun coaster, but the intensity trophy goes to intimidator 305.

  94. Ramzi

    Yeah b&m are hands down the best designer. That is what they are known for is intense record breaking coasters. Furthermore there are clear warnings posted through the entire entrance of the ride.

  95. Erika

    Hulk is a baby ride compared to the Jurassic roller-coaster. Thats what I thought they were talking about.

  96. Coaster Junkie

    Sit in the seat correctly with the back of your head in the head rest, keep your eyes open, and you’ll be fine. Leaning forward while the ride is in motion and/or forcing yourself to black out WILL make you sick.

    This ride is awesome just behind the Velocicoaster!

  97. Hendra

    Im from philly , visiting orlando universal island of adventure 4 month ago, im interest to try the hulk coaster, soon begin first loop , i feel uncomfortable for side head protection, the pad should must soft , not hard like a plastic , its bumps right and left my head make me scary to let my head roll when the coaster spinning … im really scary and regrets to ride this coaster … and try to secure and not let my head bump to the stiff bad protection …. really really not uncomfortable rides ….

  98. Go Universal

    The hulk is an amazing Rollercoaster and have ridden it multiple times with my son in a row. You do have to know your limitations , but it has nothing to do with the coaster. 🎢

  99. cfr9

    its literally the weakest one they have LOL if you can’t handle coasters don’t ride it

  100. Dds

    It’s funny because neither the Incredible Hulk nor Hollywood Rip Rocket are actually “good” coasters. Considering how much money Universal spent, Incredible Hulk rides very “rough”, Rip Rocket is considered by many coaster enthusiasts as a “head banger”. These aren’t positive indicators of a fun, thrilling ride. I’ve ridden nearly every coaster across all the popular parks in the USA, I don’t find those two particularly interesting, quite the contrary unfortunately.

  101. Denise

    I’ve been on the Hulk many times without any problems, and it’s not even one of the more extreme coasters around.

  102. SEVANS

    why oh why do so many people have to be so nasty. If Universal have had complaints they will have retested the ride and closed it down. We all have different tolerances and for some this will be a more intense ride than for others. People who have ridden other rides but never ridden this then do for the first time may have a more adverse reaction than they expected. If so hopefully they will have the sense not to ride it again. Personally I dont ride any roller coaster as I dont like them, I do like to see other people enjoying them. No Im not a wuss I just recognise how I prefer to spend my time, my grandson loves this ride and never has a problem with it nor any other he has ridden.
    Come on people be nice, recognise differences!!

  103. Blue

    Compared to Velocicoaster … this is such a baby ride? How is this article a thing?

  104. Jasper Koot

    I305 be like: 🤣

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