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The entrance archway for Universal Studios Florida, lit up for Halloween Horror Nights.

Credit: Universal


  1. Ladyredrider

    The Ripsaw falls was a scheduled annual closure for annual maintenance just like every single ride in a y park. The loss of the Halloween show in no way impacted the HHN event, we were just there Sunday after Ian. Hulk is open and running fine as is the River Adventure. What really angered people was how Universal showed on their app that they were open – hundreds went to find that they had OPENED THE PARK ONLY TI THEIR HOTEL PROPERTY GUESTS while the rest of the ticket holders were blocked at the parking garage entrances and turned away. People lost 2-3-4 days at the parks and we’re out their money. Ma y cannot return on the extra days because they do t have vacation to do that.

    1. LStewart

      That’s incorrect, I’m a ticket holder and our family went. Sounds like false information was advertised.

    2. jose

      i can tell you as someone that works there ripsaw isnt down for monthly annual maintenance, we did that back in febuary, its down cause of osha complaints by team members and wont be back up for a long long time

      1. You are just the churro guy…

  2. Rteker

    I’m betting that the flume track had been severely damaged and they have to wait for replacement tubes for the ride.

  3. Of you want to watch the video I created of the light show before the damage here you go 👀😉https://youtu.be/CV3gkADbYkY
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  4. Paula torrence

    I have park tickets for the day of the hurricane, will I be able to receive a refund

  5. I’ve been at Universal since Sunday, and Jurassic Park, and Hulk have been working normally, with both temporarily closing once or twice throughout the day. Though, Ripsaw Falls looks to have no damage externally nor partially internally. It hasn’t been operating the whole day, and got really drained to its maximum. There might’ve been an accident, as I saw someone with a neck paralyzed passing right through the attraction’s front. I will try to update here as much as possible, and it also might’ve been a water issue. Reply as you wish and that’s it for now!

    1. Also, I don’t participate in the HHN event, so I can not give my information on the show Ghoulish!, I’ll try to get some info from some friends who go though.

  6. MEL

    Beloved? Not the word I’d go with. Boring, yes.

  7. Roy

    OMG that was the whole reason we used to there go!!!!

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