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  1. Christophe

    Wouldn’t be surprised if US parks INCREASE capacity by 20%. Gotta squeeze every penny possible out of their guests.

  2. Jeff

    I believe it is more lack of employees (cast members). When I went in May (WDW), most non F&G booths had one CM doing everything – taking orders, preparing, and running the register. In the past these booths had two to three CM taking care of guest. We had a big group of ten so it took about ten minutes to complete the transaction. Disney will try increasing prices and reducing capacity until they max out the money.

  3. Tim

    Well hooptie doo. The daily average attendance is about 56,000 people at magic kingdom. The best that can be determined for park capacity is somewhere in the area of 80 to 90 thousand people. If it is 80,000 then a 20% decrease means that capacity would be 64,000 capacity. So there will be no change in the crowd level. The only time you would see this be an issue would be during the holidays but lets face it they will allow the maximum on those busy days. This is why the crowd levels have not changed in the parks what changed is the elimination of entertainment that ate up people for extended periods of time. Without the entertainment the people had nothing else to do except to ride the rides thus the long wait times for everything. Factor in that many rides are breaking down due to poor maintenance you have more people seeking out the rides that are operating. I blame it all on Cheapek the Gold Digger for it all. He was doing this when he was in charge of the parks before stealing the CEO position. He has proven a number of times now that if you don’t agree with him and line his pockets he will fire you.

    1. Greenface


  4. Jules

    Sadly the cost to go to Disney World keeps increasing.
    They try to convince people your getting more for your money. But, I’ve been going for the last 10 years and you’re getting less for your money. Food, tickets, extra hours, wait time for rides (fast passes), hotels
    and transportation.
    Now they tell you what park you can attend. Shame things are out of control.

    1. Ana

      This is so true I am really disappointed of Disneyland I took my son for his birthday and instead of being the most magical ✨ place in the world is most miserable the wait time for the rides is ridiculous they were a lot if rides that were out of order the prices for food were outrageous it was awful I couldn’t see any of the shows because it was so crowded of people it was a bad experience for us!!

  5. Miya Leigh

    In theory it sounds good. But in all honesty they’re probably going to spike prices so they don’t have to take pay cuts due to the severely lesser amount of people. They’ll probably increase the ticket again, and raise food and souvenir prices. Its sad but true

  6. Of course the prices keep going up! So is your home food bill. Your health care. Gasoline clothing just to mention a few. Stop remembering the prices of WDW, they are gone! Everything is rising. I do not remember a day or night that WDW was not crowded. Maybe because we are older it seems a lot longer. You do not have to buy souvenirs. Nobody is holding a gun to your back making you do it. I truly believe that if your vacation is making you miserable, go somewhere else. I have saved so much money by using my own strategies. It isn’t 1999 or 2000 anymore. I am sorry for those who are put off because of the crowds and the costs. I do not know about everyone else, but, I am making and saving more money now a days. I hope you all find vacations that best suit your budgets and meet your needs. Happy Traveling all!

    1. Sunny

      Yeah keep telling yourself that. You,’ll wake up one day too. Until then, learn to read the room, and try not to be so out of touch.

  7. Invest in the Birmbounds official guide to Wait Disney World. I buy the one without the kids. You can also buy the one from 10 years ago ( ebay) to compare the prices.

  8. David

    We are not renewing our passes this year.

    1. Overcrowded
    2. High prices
    3. Low quality food
    4. Smaller portions
    5. Trash everywhere
    6. Motorized scooters running around everywhere at unsafe speeds.
    7. Etc.

    What a shame it is for this magical place to deteriorate in this fashion.

  9. Ray

    Not only should they limit capacity, they should go back to the quasi-currency “A through E” coupons so that the most popular rides aren’t rationed by one’s tolerance for standing in line.

  10. Derek

    Just got back from Disneyland and DCA. Crowds were insane, especially when DCA closed for Oogie Boogie Bash and everyone flocked to Disneyland. Not a fun experience.

  11. Went to disneyland recently, went to wdw in january ( so called offseason) the $8 i paid for 2 cookies finally peeved me off…enough is enough- been going to disney for about the last 25 years– too many negative changes, too many price changes and too many perks taken away and ZERO in return– selling my DVC now and look forward to so many great vacation spots here in the great USA!! Good luck to any of you who are just beginning your Disney experiences, youll be saying the same thing in about 10 years!

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