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splash mountain with rainbow

Credit: Disney


  1. DisneyFan

    Are you guys that slow that all you can do is regurgitate the same articles about Splash over and over? Give it a rest. No one wants this re-theme. The smart thing to do would have been to create a new ride and restaurant for Tiana, not replace an iconic attraction based on real African Folklore. PATF is just an adaptation of a German fairytale. It’s not right to erase actual Black culture like Disney is currently doing. This company has lost their way.

  2. Steve

    Mark my words, this ride will be restored within 15 years.

    1. Andrew

      Splash mountain is staying there is no bayou adventure retheme for any foreseeable future amen Steve

  3. Jayne1955

    They would have been better off making a bayou on Tom Sawyer’s island. They could have tied it in with the riverboat and it would have been awesome. How many mountains are in the typical bayou?

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