Disney Souvenir Prices Rise Along With Park Admissions

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Disney’s Park prices and vacation add-ons like the infamous Genie+ have seen recent and outrageous price hikes in the past few months. Now it looks like Park souvenirs and merch are next on the chopping block for price gouging.

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It’s nearly impossible to visit a Disney Park like Disneyland or Walt Disney World and not want to take a piece of the magic home after the trip is over, and there are just some things fans can only get on Disney property. Merchandise like exclusive artwork, kitchenware, mugs, and so on are all completely understandable, collectors items are indeed a thing when it comes to the Parks. However, when things like Mickey Ears, pins, and plush start to get out of the average Guest’s price range, that’s when the red flags start to rise.

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Things like plush and ears seeing as much as a $10 price hike should absolutely be cause for alarm for dedicated Disney fans. When the basic souvenirs start becoming as expensive as basic Park exclusives like popcorn buckets and drink sippers, the magic quickly starts to drain from the core Disney experience. This is going to be especially noticeable when the price of a stuffed animal soon reaches the price of a day of Genie+.

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In the famous words of Rumplestiltskin, “All magic comes at a price,” but the recent price increases in Disney essentials are going to have fans up in arms, which could spell out trouble for both the Parks and the company. Fans have made no secret about their dislike of recent changes under Chapek’s regime, and even the Universal parks are beginning to slowly rise into Disney’s attendance numbers. If changes don’t happen soon, a trip to Parks and resorts could become a premium experience nearly-unattainable to the average tourist.

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It’s not about souvenirs, stuffed animals, pins, or access to the iconic Mickey Ears, it’s about nickle-and-diming guests to the point that precious memories come at an exceedingly steep price. Taking home a piece of the Park is something many fans look forward to every time they visit, and there are some fans out there with massive, museum-worthy collections of Disneyana. While there might be ways around this with Disney-themed shops on Etsy and other fan-fueled outlets, true Disney merch could become exceedingly expensive if this pattern continues. With any luck, Disney will take note of their fans’ responses and the voices of their consumers will lead to a much needed change

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