Disney Makes Bizarre Mistake with New Park Merchandise

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Space Mountain at the Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Disney must have been a little busy the day of photographing its newest product.

disney world space mountain
Credit: Disney

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Everyone knows that a trip to Disney World or Disneyland would not be complete without buying a few souvenirs to take back home. Of course, you can do a lot of your shopping online as well through the shopDisney website.

From shirts, headbands, cups, and silverware to pins, costumes, swords, and toys, Guests can find just about anything when visiting the shopDisney website or any of the numerous attraction gift shops.

And speaking of attractions, a Disney Parks collection wouldn’t be complete without an item representing one of Walt Disney World’s most legendary rides.

space mountain
Credit: Disney

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Space Mountain is a truly iconic piece of Disney history. While popular enough to be found at multiple Disney Resorts across the world, the original in Orlando still stands above the rest. To commemorate this special attraction, Disney recently released a model kit of the actual ride.

“Imagine building your favorite Tomorrowland attraction with this Space Mountain Model Kit. Imaginations soar thanks to the detailed 27-piece kit that celebrates the place where so many galactic dreams come true”, states Disney when describing the kit, “The packaging is inspired by classic blueprints and behind-the-scenes Disney Imagineering notes. It’s all Mickey Mouse-approved too. Now it can be yours to build and put on display for light-years to come.”

However, when looking at the photo of the kit online, we noticed it was seemingly built wrong.

Credit: Disney

As you can see, the middle section of the kit protrudes way farther than it is supposed to. There is also a hole in the center of the kit, which is not supposed to be seen when the model is completed. Curiously, the kit is correctly shown on the actual packaging.

Credit: Disney

We aren’t sure exactly why or how this error occurred but looking at the immense catalog of products on the website, we aren’t that surprised something as minor as this slipped past Disney.

For those worried, it may be too challenging, no need to worry! The model kit is only 27 pieces, meaning anyone can build and enjoy this product.

You can buy the model kit by visiting the official shopDisney website.

Will you be buying this new kit?

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