Disney’s Splash Mountain Left Dark, Nearly Abandoned Ahead of Closure

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Splash Mountain

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Splash Mountain may just be the most beloved attraction in all of Disney Parks history, offering a thrilling experience as well as an incredible story.

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Credit: Disney

The ride has proved to be extremely popular among Guests, as Splash Mountain can currently be found at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort, as well as Tokyo Disneyland. However, some big changes are coming for the attraction, whether Guests like it or not.

The attraction is based on the film Song of the Southwhich is extremely controversial as many deem it racist. Because of how controversial this film is, a retheme was announced for the attraction a few years ago, which would turn it into a ride based on Princess and the Frog (2009).

Song of the South is a mix of live-action and animation and features an older African-American plantation laborer named Uncle Remus who tells stories to a young white boy. Groups, including the NAACP, protested the film’s initial release.

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Credit: Disney

For years Disney has dealt with the backlash and controversy of the film, locking it away in a metaphorical vault. With the movie being directly tied to one of Disney’s most popular attractions, it was inevitable that Guests would be curious about the film.

However, Disney announced a few years ago that it would be giving Splash Mountain a complete overhaul, changing the theming, characters, setting, music, and story entirely.

Now, the ride would feature characters from Disney Animation’s The Princes and the Frog (2009).

Splash Retheme
Credit: Disney

Unfortunately, it seems that because of the upcoming retheme, the ride in its current state has been left to essentially rot away. Here at Inside the Magic, we have reported on a ton of the issues the attraction is facing, but a video recently surfaced online showing the true state of the iconic experience.

This was shown in a tweet from RyanTheme Park (@Ryanthemepark), which is linked below:

When you have to use your cellphone light to see a scene on a ride because of poor maintenance. This scene on Splash Mountain has been completely in the dark for months.

As you can see, an entire show scene is left dark due to “poor maintenance.” Other issues the ride has faced include broken animatronics, missing sound and music queues as well as ride vehicles sinking.

Another video shared on TikTok showed the state of one of the Br’er Rabbit animatronics on the version in Walt Disney World:


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Of course, at this point, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for Disney to spend the time or money it would take to fix the issues the ride is currently facing. With the Princess and the Frog makeover slated for 2024, Disney would probably focus their attention on more pressing issues that the Parks and Resorts are facing.

Still, it is extremely unfortunate that the current state of a beloved attraction is so lacking.

What are your thoughts on Splash Mountain?

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