Guests Say Disney Needs to Make Its DAS System Easier

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Over the years, Disney has done a lot to address disabilities at the Disney Parks, making sure there are certain accommodations in place, including wheelchairs, Electric Conveyance Rentals (ECV), Assistive Listening systems, and even Disability Access Service (DAS).

The DAS system is designed for Guests who can’t stand in long queues, and they are given options to have shorter queues, but not bypass the line altogether.

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Some Guests feel like the Disney Parks should be more strict in who receives DAS, as they feel as if Guests are taking advantage of the system to get easier access to rides and other experiences. However, a more limiting system could become problematic, as some disabilities are not easily visible but are still just as valid.

In a new Tiktok by @mrgtfrench, Margaret discusses another irritating component of the DAS system, which is the process of renewing it. and how this process is not helpful to those who actually need DAS.


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In this video, Margaret discusses the process of renewing DAS and how it is “asanine.” She noted that while sometimes this process is necessary to weed out previous temporary injuries, there should be a semi-permanent option for those with longer-term disabilities. She also noted that Guests who have been diagnosed with life-long illnesses should have a permanent DAS pass.

Margaret lamented that Disney has not had an effective way to deal with disabled Guests and that it is “disgusting” to make disabled people jump through several hoops just to get the accommodations that they are entitled to receive legally.

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Commenters joined in the conversation, as several of them had experience with renewing a DAS pass. For example, @kk_noble_creations had issues with a specific Cast Member:

Or even how some of the cast members talk to you. One lady was like nothing visible?! As if I was faking I can’t stand for long. Drove me nuts.

Another Guest, @megsbabe_, was nervous about renewing their DAS recently:

Have to renew mine Wednesday hoping it’s as easy as last time but I’ve had some rude in the past literally rehears what to say cause anxiety from it..

Update: it didn’t go well cast member tried saying my disability doesn’t qualify anymore cause their terms and conditions recently changed…

Thankfully I was still able to get it updated but not without it causing a panic attack 🙃

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However, Cast Members aren’t off the hook either. A Cast Member noted in the comments that if you are a Cast Member with a disability, you must register for DAS every time you enter the Park as a Guest.

Other comments suggested that Disney should implement a temporary and permanent DAS, much like how there are temporary and permanent accessible parking passes.

Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort’s DAS policies can be found on their websites. It is important to note that Disney World’s DAS is valid for 60 days, then Guests will need to re-register. However, Disneyland Resort DAS passes are valid for the length of the ticket or 60 days, whichever is shorter.

Have you ever had experience renewing DAS? What was it like? Share your experience below!

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