Police Called to Disney World After Alleged “Racist” Incident Unfolds

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Every day, Walt Disney World Resort welcomes thousands of Guests.

Disney Parks— including Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom– can bring some of the most magical experiences, but that doesn’t mean that this is always the case for everyone.

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With long lines, massive crowds, hot temperatures, and many other factors, it’s easy for Disney Park Guests to become irritable as the day continues and this can lead to unfortunate incidents.

Recently, a strange incident involving an Electric Scooter unfolded in which police were called to Walt Disney World Resort.

According to a report from The Orange County Sheriff’s Office, one Guest claimed they were hit by an Electric Scooter driven by another Guest.

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The incident occurred on August 2nd when a woman from Indiana named Susan attempted to back her electric scooter into a spot. The report indicates that the woman lost control of the scooter and hit another woman. Susan apologized to the woman, but another man stepped in– Donald from Florida– and claimed that he was also a victim of her poor driving.

Donald demanded the woman’s insurance information, and she refused. That’s when police were called to the scene. Susan said that she did not give her insurance information because of “how rude Donald was being to her and her family,” and she also believe the she only hit the unnamed woman, not Donald.

Donald told officers that Susan “smirked at him” when she hit him and it was because she was “racist.” Donald shared that he is originally from Hawaii, but both Disney Park Guests were listed as “white” on the sheriff’s report.

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Officers did not give Donald the insurance information and said that “he seemed more interested in the insurance information than anything else.”

This isn’t the first incident to occur involving an Electric Scooter at the theme park. Lawsuits have been filed in the past for incidents involving these scooters, which can be rented by anyone. Of course, with large theme park crowds and very narrow pathways around the Parks, it can be easy to see how accidents have happened.

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