Comments for Pixar Director Gives Major Update On ‘Luca’ Sequel

Luca, right Alberto, left

Credit: Disney and Pixar


  1. EricJ

    Okay, I’ll admit it:
    I opened up this article thinking “Who TH said there was even going to BE one??”

  2. Mason

    I’m happy there isn’t going to be a Luca sequel because some of Disney’s woke fans ruined the film for me.

    1. Shut up

      Mason, stop making everything political.

      1. Steve

        Nick, do you have anything useful to add?

  3. Jacob Allen

    I would love for them to make a sequel to “Luca”! The movie was very good!

  4. sfcpres

    That movie was terrible. Story was weak & the animation was below par for Pixar. No surprise a sequel isn’t forthcoming.

  5. no

    grow up

  6. wesly

    I didn’t think the movie was very good and would be pretty surprised if they made a sequel to it. But Disney seems to thrive at making repeats and reusing old material so maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised.

  7. Me

    Spoiler alert: live action Luca remake was in progress until half the main cast drowned during filming the first five minutes of the movie.

  8. Steve

    Disney would skip making them gay, which might actually make sense in this case, and go straight to one being trans and the other black.

    1. Shut up

      You sound like some desperate person who had his illegal documents retrieved from Mar A Lago.

      1. Steve

        Nick, you are probably an illegal alien. You shouldn’t be commenting about Disney when you can’t afford to go to Disney, or even afford Disney+ without handouts from my tax dollars.

  9. Pj

    I love Luca, I thought it was cute

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