Disney Fans Are Missing These Nostalgic Movie Details

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Pixar bloopers were sometimes some of the best things about the movie. Especially when you watched it in theatres. Waiting until the end of the credits just to see what crazy stuff your favorite characters would do.

It’s so amazing to think that animators took the extra time to treat the characters like actual actors and actresses forgetting their lines, making a mistake, or just being silly.

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The idea to make computer-animated outtakes was thought of at the end of Toy Story (1995). Sadly, there wasn’t enough time to make some. However, in the collector’s edition of the movie, there is a section called “Render Bugs” and it shows accidental animation mistakes.

These three movies though did have their outtakes make the final cut.

A Bugs Life (1998)

  • Flik grabs some dandelion and shouts “To infinity and beyond!”
  • Molt, Hoppers brother, knocks over a camera.
  • Dr. Flora is caught flirting with a cardboard cutout.
  • Aphie, the dog, urinates on the queens lap.

Toy Story 2 (1999)

  • Woody slips into a roll of duct tape and gets his backside stuck.
  • Inside Al’s Toy Barn, one of the Buzz action figures belches and then says that he had a bean burrito for lunch.
  • Mrs. Potato Head packing more and more random things into Mr. Potato Head as he sets off to rescue Woody.
  • Slinky, talking to his behind, complimenting it, and petting it like it’s a dog.
  • Flik and Heimlich showing up and being karate chopped by Buzz.

Monsters Inc. (2001)

  • Boo keeps missing the cereal Sulley is trying to throw in her mouth.
  • A CDA worker faceplants on the skylight on the roof of the Scare Floor.
  • When Mike is saying goodby to Boo, he messes up his line, but doesn’t realize it.
  • Sulley falls over an armchair causing everyone to laugh.

With actors like Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, and Billy Crystal, these outtakes probably came quite naturally.

Which Pixar bloopers are your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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