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Mr. Toad magic Key shot

Credit: Disney


  1. TimW

    Orange Bird and Figment are merchandise too. Not a good sign the attractions will be added or improved. Whoever is buying them are suckers.

    1. WTim

      I’ll put you down for 2 jabroni. Don’t act all high and mighty.

  2. Steve

    Disney is a joke.

  3. Pocho Villa

    What about Disneyland? We still have the ride.

    1. EricJ

      I remember the story one Disney dad told, of letting his 6-yo. pretend to “drive” Mr. Toad’s car, and telling her “Now, whatever you do, don’t steer us in front of a train, that would be a bad thing…”

      And then later, when they were surrounded by hopping devils, “What did I tell you about NOT steering us in front of a train?” 😉

      1. Katy

        What a freakin adorable story.

  4. Jenn

    For most of us who can’t there on the ONE day they’ll be in stock-sell a kidney to get one on ebay the next day…🙄

  5. Jenn


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