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  1. Steve

    Not hard to see why children don’t behave anymore.

    1. Harry McCluskie’s


      1. Unk

        Having spent 14 years at the resort let me assure you there’s no level of stupidity that would surprise me anymore, there is a small percentage of guest that come to the park and the entitlement is strong in them and I for one enjoyed reminding them to “have a magical day!”

        1. The one guy in the video said it plain and simple,

      2. Dion

        She was probably PMS ing! Snapped and possibly has been ridiculed all her life. She’s probably reading
        Every single post! Lol she definitely is dealing with serious issues all her life. Is there a doctor in this forum? Lol

        1. Bonnie

          My sister is bipolar and does this ALL the time. I don’t even blink at it anymore. Healthy people simply don’t do these things. It’s not entitlement. Healthy people don’t feel entitled.

          1. You shouldn’t make excuses for your sister bad behavior by writing it off with her bipolar disorder. As much as I feel for your sisters condition, my own mother was bipolar and never acted like this. It takes a special kind of idiot to think “rules don’t apply to them” the entitlement is a learned behavior. Some ppl just se how much they can push till a breaking point.

            1. Monty

              My daughter has bipolar and is one of the sweetest and accomadating ppl you will ever meet. Her Manic episodes are self destructive. Quit stigamatizing Bipolar.

          2. William Southerland


    2. Chris Wood

      They should have stopped the ride and told the fat buffalo to get off the ride and tossed her ass out of the park.

      1. Shelly

        Why does the size of her clothing she has have anything to do with her bad behavior That fat shaming much little troll

        1. KK

          The comment referred to the size of her enormous body, not clothing. It would serve you well to take English classes, you can barely comprehend the language or type a sentence.

        2. Juris Doctorate

          Perhaps if you could manage some proper grammar when constructing sentences, your comment would be easier to digest prior to my utter disregard of your opinion.

          1. Ryan

            Ya it’s sad that people can’t even use proper grammar these days smh

      2. Aaron

        Don’t fat shame

      3. KK

        Don’t say that.
        It’s insensitive to buffalos.

      4. Bea

        Size of body or what you wear has nothing to do with your mental condition.

        1. David White

          Of course it does. Big fat women have horrible attitude problems.

          1. Bonnie

            I wish we had a way to identify these so called “people” writing these fat comments. I have put on weight up and down over the years after having children but my personality remains the same.

          2. Janon

            Ironic. You’re not even an actual human. You’re a clump of cancer cells that somehow evolved the ability to type.

          3. charm01cat

            Not usually. Ive met lovely large ladies but most karens i see are often large

      5. TM

        I feel bad for that beautiful child in her arms. Poor baby.

      6. LSK

        Your comment says more about your character than hers. Her weight was not the issue.

      7. James

        Buffalo? LOL

      8. Bonnie

        Excuse you. We don’t talk about people’s weight. You are no better than she is!

    3. Bert

      You would know Stevie.

    4. Jesse

      Looks like Disney is the new Walmart

      1. charm01cat

        Lol. True that

    5. Juris Doctorate

      Good point Steve; this is very, very true. Nothing encourages a child’s self-entitled attitude more than a parent who behaves in a self-entitled manner, thus teaching the child by example.

      1. Carla Johnston

        Very true.

    6. Deb

      Very True

    7. Ronda

      I’m amazed people still throw money at Disney..over priced and endless wait times ..greed and far left agendas … I don’t do Disney anymore

    8. Kate

      100% agree. I’m a Teacher and see it all the time.

  2. frostysnowman

    Classy! (eye roll)

    Separately, this is such a cute ride. I wish they had it in FL, too.

    1. wesley

      And mr toad’s wild ride. Both classics that should really be on both coasts.

      1. JJ

        It’s always been a stoner’s fave!

    2. Sherri

      Can you say entitled much, sad thing is she raising a child to be the exact same way. Security should of tossed her out of the park and banbed her for life

  3. Chris

    Why wasn’t she removed from the park and ticket revoked immediately?

    1. Steve

      This is just how tourists on day tickets act.

      1. Jason Laird

        I totally agree, absolutely sickening and gut-wrenching, something really needs to be done now.

        1. Vk24

          I stood on line for almost 2 hours at Epcot years ago when the Frozen ride came out (R.I.P. Maelstrom). 2 hours with 2 kids. I saw no one misbehaving or cutting the lines. Everyone was patient and talking to others. But there is always that one, or 20, that choose to feel entitled to do whatever they want.

        2. N8ive

          Gut wrenching??? Dramatic much?

    2. Karania401 karan_avalon@yahoo.com

      Line jumping can get you ejected w/o refund

      1. Steve

        Never saw it. I don’t know what it would take based on what I have seen go ignored.

        Maybe Disney is too afraid of being called rac.ist to actually enforce it.

        1. Aaron

          Uh no

    3. Melissa


    4. Dawn

      Who’s to say she wasn’t? The video isn’t very long…

    5. Avathreyn

      Couldn’t find a forklift

  4. She needed to be banned from the Disney parks for life

    1. JJ

      I agree. Skipping the line was bad. Yelling profanities is horrible! Kids everywhere. Disneyland is about as G-rated as you can get. Eject and ban for life.

  5. William martin

    Worthless pig..feel sorry for the kid .. dad needs to step in

    1. wesley

      You are assuming that dad is even in the picture for raising the kid let alone being in the park with them

      1. RES

        We encourage line jumping by the millions at our borders. We go nuts when it happens at Disneyland. Both are freaking disgusting.

        1. WitcheeBoo

          Okay🙄🙄🙄 nice to bring something unrelated to the conversation…. It’s totally helpful🙄 next time… Just don’t comment

          1. Avathreyn

            It’s completely relevant

          2. George

            The invective on here is shameful, I don’t know whether this section was hijacked by trolls or if Americans are truly this callous.

            In my experience, Disney parks have become overcrowded, underserved and overpriced. While not acceptable behaviour, I can imagine any number of scenarios where frustration with the inordinate queues could result in an irrational outburst. Disney needs to focus on customer “ease of access” to their services over profits and jamming evermore people into their parks. I’ve spent tens and tens of thousands of dollars at Disney but finally had enough last year and don’t plan on going back.

        2. WitcheeBoo

          Sorry, that comment was targeting @RES…

        3. wesley

          You are a complete f’ing moron.

  6. Aurora

    This article is a joke. Why bother reporting an incident with no resolution?

    1. Jess

      Because it’s interesting and informative. We

    2. Renee

      She is NOT worthless Nobody knows what caused this. You’ve never had a moment of frustration or made a mistake on your life? What is sad and unbelievable is how this culture of video taping someone and then ripping them apart is so common place. Ironically all the people out there name calling her ect..how is that any different then her behavior. We don’t know what she’s been through. Be a peacemaker a deescelator. What happened to grace love and forgiveness. God please help us all to see the truth and be with this woman and all of us in our pain in this world. I’m sure I’ll get someone doing the same to me in response to my comment. I forgive you ❤

      1. Tim

        You are as much of the problem as the ones your calling out and the gutter snipe your defending. There is no excuse for her actions. It is fine to be upset when you are behaving but to get all upset when you knowingly break the rules, you deserve what you get. This is the problem with society in general.

        1. KK


        2. Kimberlyn M Dunn


      2. Allisha Ward

        No Excuses Don’t Use Scripture Out of Order…The Word States His Grace Is Sufficient. Which Didn’t Apply To This Nuckle Head. She Was 100%Out Of Line Period.

        1. Paula

          She may have been out of line, yes. But just maybe she is hot, hungry, tired, mentally drained, or maybe just acting entitled. We don’t know what she is going through. I would rather find out then film her.

          1. Margaret A Randall

            Who isn’t hot, hungry, tired, mentally drained after waiting for rides at Disneyland? Nope, everyone has to wait their turn!

          2. Avathreyn

            I don’t care what she’s going through. You don’t line jump.

        2. wesley

          Why TF are you capitalizing every word in your reply?

      3. Paula

        I just love your response. We need more of you and less of them. Bless your heart ❤️

      4. JJ

        I disagree. The camera phone is an invaluable tool for catching the actions of wrong doers. No matter how bad her day was or how she was wronged, she cannot take it out on all those people standing in line. Have you never taught children that it is wrong to hurt someone just because another hurt you? Love and forgiveness is one thing but you cannot allow a person who should know better to intentionally jump in front of a whole lie of people without calling them out.

      5. Priscilla

        @Renee You’re moronic for defending such moronic behavior ,stop making excuses for Karens

        1. Karen Emge

          Didn’t notice her name was Karen. Did it say that. Hum somebody on here is choosing to be a nameist

      6. Beanieboo

        She was very frustrated. They should have let her get on for sake of baby

        1. WitcheeBoo

          No! How many other mothers/families are there with kids?! You don’t want to wait? Tough shhhh@$!!! Deal with it or don’t go. Just because you have kids doesn’t mean you should have entitlement

      7. Paula Wynn

        Please tell us what excuse she could possibly have for jumping in front of people who’ve waited in line. Don’t forget to explain why her yelling “F you” in front of a bunch of children is also acceptable.

      8. Avathreyn

        Never line jumped in my life so F this fat cow

  7. Micky

    Life was so much better before cell phones and internet

    1. Jason Laird

      Totally 100% agree.

    2. Paula

      yes yes yes!!!!

    3. James

      I agreed! I’m in my 60’s now. Really missed my younger years. Nowadays it’s all finger pointing and cussing out for what?

    4. Jan Nipper

      So very true

    5. charm01cat

      The internet is the age of never forgetting. Neverland.

  8. Mary L

    Desantis would give her a raise for her conduct.

    1. Paula

      No he wouldn’t! That doesn’t even make sense

      1. JJ

        Perfect sense!

    2. RES

      We encourage line jumping by the millions at our borders. We go nuts when it happens at Disneyland. Both are freaking disgusting.

      1. RES

        AMEN TO THAT.

        1. eric

          Uh, you forgot to change your burner account before agreeing with yourself.

  9. Laura

    Oh no cussing at Disneyland! No one cusses at Disneyland!

    1. WitcheeBoo

      Hey, I cuss up a storm but when I’m at Disneyland I have some respect. I’m sure the kids hear it at home or school but they won’t hear it from me 😁

    2. Hosanna

      Tragedies are common place all kinds of diseases people are slipping away. Economy’s down people don’t get enough pay, but as for me all I can say is THANK YOU LORD FORWHAT YOU’VE DONE FOR ME.
      It could’ve been you out there with no food in dispare, or just someone without a friend or just another number with a tragic end.
      But he didn’t see fit to just let these things be, because everyday by his power he keeps on keeping you and me, And I wanna say “THANK YOU LORD FOR ALL YOU’VE DONE FOR ME.
      “Heyy, hey it could’ve been me,”
      “Out there,”
      “No food, No clothes”
      “Or just someone without a friend”
      “Or just another number to some traagic end and I wanna say”

    3. Bonnie

      This women on one of the comments below says if you’re petty, I out petty you. God I’m glad I wake up as me every day. Who has time to be petty. I’m so rational. I would have asked the woman what’s wrong and let her talk it out. My sister is bipolar and she acts like this sometimes, it’s very rarely someone just losing their temper.

  10. Buzz


  11. Auggie

    Literally why do you need to bring your transphobia onto an article that has absolutely nothing at all to do with trans people? Disgusting.

  12. Melissa

    👏🏽 thank you 😂

  13. Luus

    My sister was at Disneyland last week and said this situation happened a few times during her visit. She was in line for the teacups and two young girls rushed in from. the exit and pushed my 4 year old niece out of the way to get in. They ended up having to wait until the next round and cast members didn’t do anything to address the line skippers

  14. Kevin C

    Amazing how as the price of Disney parks keep going up, the class level of guests goes down. I don’t understand it.

    1. SPED4U

      Rich people are obviously more entitled!

  15. richyg420

    I’m going to make some fried chicken right now!👍

  16. Martha Kratz

    What’s wrong with that when you consider that at our Southern border millions and millions and millions of illegal aliens are being ushered in ahead of all of the potential legal immigrants waiting in line like they are supposed to.

  17. Joseph

    Some good parenting 101… can’t fix stupid

  18. Yeezy

    If she was black it would have been a different story

    1. Avathreyn

      As it should

  19. Ann

    Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

    Worth the Trip.

  20. Jennifer

    This is why everyone thinks everybody is entitled to a trophy! People are raising snowflakes that think they are entitled to anything & everything while not having to work in life. The ride operator should of stopped the ride & removed her. She’s not anymore special then everyone waiting in line.

  21. Tina

    Kind of a Crack up. After years of emotional abuse I finally had it at the Space Mountain. I called him everything in the book. I have to say that was one of the Happiest Days I spent in Disneyland. I still laugh about it 20 years later.

  22. What a shame she’s setting a bad example for the kid

  23. Gigi

    Didn’t Florida just get hit by a hurricane that really messed Florida up and why are people going on Disneyland was it Orlando have a lot of water still I mean cuz where are my family’s at they’re still have no power and have a lot of water so just don’t understand why would people want to go to this place I guess I don’t know none of my business but still

    1. Bonnie

      Disneyland= CA Disneyworld= FL

  24. BB

    This was definitely a very ugly Karen moment. Busy park, skip the ride and find another.
    BTW a few of the commenters here aren’t much better.

    1. Bonnie

      This women on one of the comments below says if you’re petty, I out petty you. God I’m glad I wake up as me every day. Who has time to be petty. I’m so rational. I would have asked the woman what’s wrong and let her talk it out. My sister is bipolar and she acts like this sometimes, it’s very rarely someone just losing their temper.

  25. Anita

    I bet she believes herself to be a “good Christian.”

  26. Christine Tullock

    First off why do we not have Alice and wonderland 😡 we got some teacup🤮! That makes me angry! Second I experienced this a lot at Disney in Florida. To make matters worse I just had major stomach surgery so can’t walk to long yet! People are rude and stare at me! Btw I have 5 other chronic illnesses would never give them an explanation of how my body is different and how invisible illnesses are different! All I say well your renting one from a park I can see I own mine😂 they push through me and my 16 year old like we are invisible! I say nothing! Until that sweet moment you get up to where the fast pass and regular lines come together 😂. I say I would be by (let’s say the lady is wearing orange) the ride if this lady pointing in orange like a damn carrot did not just cut all of us right here😂 almost always they make them go back to the back of the line😂 don’t play petty with me! I out petty you!

    1. Bonnie

      You’re proud of being petty? I’m disabled too. I know my limitations and I don’t do petty. Smh that’s really childish and not something to be proud of. Smh

  27. Since everything is changing with causing a disturbance gets you the gold ring these days. This is just a mother thinking she’s entitled before anyone else. Removing her from the ride is one thing but the language should of gotten her removed from the park.

  28. Betty-B

    Ok, she got on, they yelled, she got off, what’s the big deal?

  29. Nb

    Isn’t it possible she was entitled to go first ? Don’t organ donors etc get to go without waiting on line?
    The video shows two seconds and everyone’s willing to condemn someone?!

    1. Avathreyn

      No one but the mechanic fixing a ride should get to line jump.

  30. Dale A Turner

    Why is it that big women are the pushiest the, the loudest and the biggest pain in the a** to the society.

  31. Bonnie

    My sister is bipolar, she does things like this ALL the time, we’re used to it. I don’t think much of it. Disneyland and noisy places are not for everyone. People with mental disorders need to recognize that and not go to them. My sister has learned to go to quiet, uncrowded places. I feel sorry for her, I don’t think she’s horrible. I can’t imagine living in her brain, must be hell. Lines dont bother me at all.

  32. Jenn

    Karen ain’t sharing!!!! 😡

  33. Melissa

    Everyone has bad days! Says she went in the exit to get on ummm Maybe she thought it was the entrance at the time?
    Everyone bashing her in these posts really just brings You all down to a child level!

    Grow up we don’t know her story or situation!

    And I would be reading ALL my posts if it were me too!

    Call me a Karen but I am not the one talking crap and bullying her on social media!

    I mean we DID learn like in Kindergarten if You don’t have something nice to say don’t say nothing at all!

  34. Lucy

    What I haven’t seen commented on is that poor child. What a living hell she must be in. That is child abuse.

  35. Clayton

    What a cow!

  36. What a “Karen”.

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