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EPCOT fire

Credit: Brendan Hurley


  1. Steve

    Going down in flames. Sorry, I meant the barge.

  2. JoeBryant

    Meh, they never had this problem with Illuminations.

    But that was in a galaxy far far away.

    1. Anna

      Amen to that. Bring back Illuminations!!!

  3. Dph

    Bob, the universe is trying to tell you something. You should listen.

  4. Brian

    Why didn’t they just turn on the fountains????

  5. lola

    You would all be the first to moan if there was no show at all due to the fire ….

  6. Chris

    Sure looks massive.

  7. countesspetofi

    I had been surprised that they were planning on retiring Harmonious so soon after building those expensive barges. But if they’re really fire-prone that could explain it.

  8. Marie

    Disney has gotten greedy…. probably cutting corners and carelessness. I’m afraid we may see worse along the way. Never thought I’d say that about Disney.

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